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  1. A lot of fantastic work, but..... Will existing road/highways/patios/etc remain as they are? The look and design being dependent on the current graphics. New looks are greatly appreciated but not at the loss of the looks we currently have....
  2. Xanadu Improvements --- this explains why corpses rot before you can get to a token. Is it also why snowballs decay before you can get to a larder?
  3. I started to make a path, not through the tundra. Just north of it, leading to the rift.
  4. not at all lol makes it easy to get to
  5. I, too, think you should be able to cook a batch of rice, then measure out the required quantity for a serving or dish. When cooking rice for the family I know I don't have to cook one serving at a time......
  6. Sounds great! A "gypsy" wagon would be nice. Or a chuck wagon.
  7. Funny. I worked in IT for close to 40 years. And my "customers/clients/fellow employees for whom I was working on something" were quite concerned with projected results and timelines. And my "supervisors/managers/team leaders/project leaders/bosses" seemed to agree that they had a right to that sort of information. Not necessarily the details of how I went about my work, or which piece specifically I was working on... but at least a reasonable projection of when it would be done and the benefits that would be produced. In order for the model that was presented, " Developed around the idea of player influence ....", " Trade in-game items and services for virtual or real life currency", " Another way of making money in Wurm is through trade with other players.", to work new players need to stick around, but before that, they need to find Wurm. Those who joined, having the assurance that these things would happen, surely deserve some respect and consideration. Alienation of the player base, the source of income for the enterprise, does not seem to be a positive step to keeping them on board. Speaking for myself, I have downsized from 7 to 3 deeds. Just sayin'.
  8. Been happening for a couple of days now.... I fully expected to see a restart message.
  9. [02:42:15] A new Rift has been reported! [03:01:07] <Morhedron> the new rift is at O-13. northern edge near the center. just off the road a short distance
  10. Perhaps "wasn't affected by the lag" was not the best way to phrase things. Let me put it this way. Even when farming 1200 tiles crops would ripen in 4-6 days. Now, when only framing 100 tiles it is taking 8-12 days.
  11. Yeah, and I can't see continuing to pay for all the deeds I have when I can't get to them. Guess I'll just have to downsize.
  12. I'm only farming 1/5 of what I usually farm, 100 out of 500 tiles. In the past I've farmed as many as 1200 and the growth rate wasn't affected by the lag, which was overall a lot greater. If this is lag related .... well .... who knows what'll happen.
  13. Speaking for myself.... no. But then, I haven't had them in the past either. This is a change in the way crops ripen regardless of other factors like having animals grazing on them.
  14. Yup. This is bad. Triple the time to ripen and very uneven in when tiles change stages. A very few start to grow quickly (but still take very long to ripen) and other tiles linger as freshly planted for a week or more. Very poor. I was counting on farming and if it stays like this.... well.... not sure what I'll do. Farming is practically useless in this condition for supporting my deeds or my priest. Seems to be another tick in the doomsday clock for me. I have multiple deeds and can't effectively manage them as I am forced to stay on the farm so I don't lose crops that may ripen while away. Very, very unhappy about this.
  15. Please adjust my deeds: Crater of the Dawn 2357, -5226 Crater of the Dawn Outpost 2269, -5179 Crater of the Dawn Famrs 2230, -5192 Crater of the Dawn Claymation 2028, -4931 Crater of the Dawn Shipping and Receiving 498, -3875 Crater of the Dawn Warehouse One 1757, -4044