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  1. Lakeside! x=7220&y=-2166
  2. Restart fixed my issue. Gl everyone. Hope its working for you as well
  3. I have faith this will resolve the issue. Noticed xan was down too. Still sticking with my ghosting theory....so server restart should fix.....fingers crossed
  4. I have been absent from Wurm a while, just picked it back up. Is there a way to contact a GM in Xan to see if I'm ghosting, and see if (if ghosting is correct) they can kick me, to try and log in again?

    closed by remote host issue


    Well this is fantastic. Warning to yall, I logged out during a very long lag spike and now I have this issue. Can't log back on. Can't play. If you're like me and have invested a large amount of time and capitol into this game, this is extremely anger worthy. I understand, as well as anyone working for the host, that these issues happen and the team is small, thus it takes a while for resolution. However some form of instruction from host side would be nice. WHat shall we do? Please note, that I am fully aware that the frustration is equal for all players and host side people alike, I was just venting. 

    Gl folks

  6. It would also be nice to know if this particular issue is caused by logging during a longer lag spike. TO my knowledge, most people experiencing this issue logged to try and get back in free of lag. Then this issue presented itself. If that's the case some form of note, somewhere, not to log during a lag spike would be appreciated. Until resolution to the issue is achieved on the tech/host side that is.
  7. Hear hear. ^ perhaps
  8. Same here. Xan. Exact issue. A bit ticked about it. Nothing stated about a fix, or what to do, which is very frustrating. Are we ghosting in game? If so can a GM kick us so we can log back in?
  9. I'll take a yule goat. Same name in game.
  10. As usual, ridiculously fast delivery and superior product. TYSM!
  11. Hello again longsword 70.47QL NB87 LT71 C79 MS82 3s9c <---How about this guy? (Warbjorn) (Xan)
  12. Welcome to Lakeside! Lakeside is a great village located near Summerholt in North Eastern Xanadu. It is an easy walk and we will happily guide you! We have a good group of 6 committed players who are on a majority of the time, and are looking to recruit a few more players! . The village is located at G25, see map, and has sea access via a village built tunnel to bay to the south. We are also part of an alliance with local players. Alliance has a friendly, help each other out, type attitude, and has access to high level chars in many of the different Wurm professions. So whether your new to Wurm, or an experienced player looking to set up with a good group of people, we are keen to hear from you. /tell Andranis or Warbjorn in game, or reply to this post, if you are interested .
  13. My bad But yeah that would be awesome I think
  14. RIght, what I mean there is why not have the option to ride right off the bat on a saddled and bridled horse, instead of having to select lead first to get the option to ride Still have lead there of course, but also that up there ^
  15. How about Food troughs for animal pens that allow large amounts of food to be stored on tile that animals eat first before tile grazing Hitching posts that you can tie off your animals to in the event a pen is not available Beer When a horse is saddled and bridled, why not eliminate the need to lead it before you ride Edited: I also think it might be nice to be able to move large crates up or down in a wagon to organize. That's just because of my OCD though lol.