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  1. No, that would be silly. The projectile hits everything it lands on. Landing projectiles aren't tile based, they'll just hit everything at the point of where they land (in a slight radius around depending on the projectile size). As said in the OP, there will be public testing of all of this set up this weekend - so if you have fears about something go on and test it out. There's still a few things that need tweaking and fixing, so its not the final iteration of this.
  2. choices

    I went looking for the post where I said this wouldn't be a near future change, but apparently I never actually posted that. On the timeline of things this was always planned to be incorporated into new UI designs, so would be coming in around the same time - though with how long that stuff is taking I'll see about working out a slightly jankier version to go out sooner (jankier in that it would have a very basic ui for deciding paths and abilities gained, instead of a pretty one like the examples posted a few pages back). Give me a couple months to finish work on other stuff already underway and I'll start moving this to the top of the list.
  3. I think this depends on a lag thing. If your client connects and doesn't get house data from the server before your collision starts running, you'll fall to the bottom. I've tried fixing this in the past, but haven't had a serious look at it in a while - I think the last I looked the client wasn't properly freezing movement and gravity as it's meant to till the server sends the command saying that everything is sent..
  4. Thanks for the feedback, but looking through the code I don't think making them as effective as normal swings is a good idea. Considering these special moves occur outside of normal swings, basically bypass normal defenses of normal swings and only having one test value from Raktaktak above, it doesn't really paint the full picture. I'm open to upping the damage from them, or looking at all of the stamina costs to lower them, but definitely not as much as you're hoping for in your post above. For damage specifically, ignoring the other effects of special moves, damage is not always going to be the same - so taking the values from a single use of Raktaktak above isn't really indicative of anything - you may have just got a bad roll on that attack (calcing it out, it looks like you rolled about ~36). Based on the spreadsheets I used when I went through all of this, Raktaktak's max damage is 25000 before armour, which is already above your normal attack above at 24000. That's a possible 25k that ignores normal blocking from the defender, and is generally a guaranteed hit if you pass your attack check. The stamina cost might be high, but that move also gives a CR penalty to the defender as well, which is calculated into the overall power I used to balance against other moves - as well as the stamina cost being reduced as per all other stamina usage by your Body Stam skill and any other bonuses to stam use reduction - making it too low would mean those with high stam use reduction would be able to do these moves over and over with no end.
  5. The change that fixed bugs that allowed HOTS to be non-Lib was months ago. It's nothing recent, definitely not in the last few updates. I agree the other god changes should have gone out sooner than now, but pretending this is something brand new does nothing.
  6. There was no change today?
  7. There is an internal development plan and roadmap, unfortunately I'm the only one that has full time to work on everything, and currently working on about 4 or 5 different projects. Ongoing pvp changes (including god changes, epic changes, and general pvp changes), are a thing that will be coming out bit by bit over the first half of this year - but at the same time the majority of my time is going towards the new client and UI changes which is at a higher priority at the moment.
  8. A balance run over everything is planned. I'm not rushing out small changes that has a chance to make things worse just because a thread was decided to be made and shared around today.
  9. I'm not rushing out a change just because it's PvP Flavour of the Day.
  10. As has been said, this will be changed when we fully go over gods and priest changes.
  11. It's not a new thing, and the gains are pretty low for the amount being sacced - not going to be changed anytime soon.
  12. Sorry, this is a good point. Forgot about some of the new liquid types having a tiny base weight. Will put a cap on the cost relative to weight (~10c/50kg)
  13. Thanks for the report - confirmed in code - will fix...somehow.
  14. That was me with the newspaper post anyway, don't give Retro credit for my well thought out, top shelf sass. He can't come close to my level of sass. The Facebook posts that were talked about on the last page of this thread were in response to someone asking about why they were used, since they'd only go to people that have already liked the page - not past marketing campaigns. With the 1.3 release we had multiple ad campaigns running across multiple websites, and we invested at least a whole dollar. Future targeted campaigns will be run when it makes sense to based on update cycles and using the data that we already gather, and we'll invest like, at least 2 or 3 dollars - maybe 4, we'll see..
  15. Specifically for Facebook, the way it works is when someone who has liked the page sees the post and likes it, that then (has a chance to) show up on that person's friend's timeline, saying "xxx liked this post". That way you reach a large pool of people that may not have heard of the game, but knows someone who has - generally the most likely people that would also enjoy the game, and take their friends recommendation at higher value. It doesn't always work this way, but that's the idea behind social media stuff at least.