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  1. It is intended, if you are in that 5 tile range you get info in your combat log confirming what they are doing. I'll fix that to give the message on archery hits outside of the range too. Arrows disappearing isn't intended, no, that will also be fixed.
  2. Check your combat log. Edit: Actually that log might only show for a 5 tile range, if you're arrow-ing you're probably further away. Will fix it so you see the messages.
  3. That would be one way of doing it, but that's not guaranteed to get existing animals off of slopes they're on now. They'll be stuck moving sideways on the slope only, not being able to go up or down - so you still want to give them some possibility to move up and down. It makes sense that given the choice they would choose down, but that leads to the pit problem.
  4. Most of the changes shouldn't have a huge effect. The only one that might have any effect is the tile ranking that fleeing creatures will do, which is why I want to try it out on a smaller live server first so we can get some profiling data on it. Bred, branded and cared for creatures that are on deed will have special code to make it so they don't flee. As for creatures on slopes, that one is a bit harder. As said by @As_I_Decaythe last attempt at that made them favour going downhill over uphill which got a lot of creatures stuck in pits, natural or otherwise. I actually used to have such a natural dip in the land near one of my deeds years ago that would regularly get 30+ wolves stuck in it. The difficulty for this comes in when deciding should they move up, and when should they move down? Having them check a large area to get the overall slope of the land can get quite expensive, so they have to make their decisions based on their immediate area (like a 4 tile radius or so). Even after making those decisions, it's still possible you're left with them favouring one direction over the other - so you'll either get hundreds of mobs sitting on mountain peaks, or in natural pits in the land - and that's not even thinking about what will happen to them at coast lines (like at the bottom of a steep cliff). I am interested in finding a solution to it that works, but it won't be coming with the above changes.
  5. I've added some options to a poll on this thread - if everyone can vote there for what they would prefer. If the options need more clarification, let me know.
  6. Just to add on to what Retro has said about the updated Uttacha - The reason they are starting out on epic first is because Valrei mobs are the perfect candidate for the updated combat style that these mobs will have. Due to how it all works, I'm less confident in having these changes come to mobs that spawn in the thousands until it has been properly tested on other mobs than spawn in smaller quantities. Epic was also the cluster that got the old updated creature combat (the one that made trolls hit every 2 seconds, and is disabled now) - so this is mostly a refresh of this for now. Once I've gone through the Valrei mobs, the next likely candidates will be uniques across all servers, and then Rift mobs later down the line. So these sorts of changes will be coming to all servers eventually - but we're starting with valrei mobs on epic.
  7. Speed runes are for action timers only, they don't work on horses or weapons.
  8. There have been plenty and we're still here. Just on this point - there are plans to work on mob dispersal that will likely come around the same time as the AI changes, however the time you're talking about when we first looked at the mob dispersal maps on Xanadu (and a few tweaks that were made), it was quite clear from those maps that mob dispersal was working largely as intended. The south of Xanadu at that time (and likely still now I'm assuming) was largely full of deeds and roads between them. With how the spawning works, mobs are less likely to spawn in heavily deeded areas just because there are less valid tiles for them to spawn on, couple that with spirit guards and tower guards that are normally in built up areas, plus those areas naturally being more traveled by players that will kill any mob they see when travelling, and you end up with areas with a lower density of mobs. Moving away from deeds in any direction towards more wild and unoccupied areas saw a denser number of mobs (as expected) just due to less people ever travelling through those parts.
  9. Which is the reason we're working on the things I just talked about. We already have a large influx of new accounts, most of them just don't stick around. Getting even a small portion of those to stick around with these changes will cause a larger long term growth.
  10. Wurm is a long term game that gets occasional spikes of players every now and then. Special premium-only events and new maps are the two main things that tend to cause spikes. If you look at the actual long term graph of premium players from the last 13 months, you can see the current numbers are just about the normal numbers that we have for most of a year, ignoring the two spikes for the anniversary last year and Christmas. (This is also ignoring the regular ~3k+ players we have on WU currently). Spikes are fun, but they usually tend to be made up of a bit of alts, as opposed to all new players. New players are where our current efforts are focused and we have a huge potential market that already find this game, sign up for an account and briefly log in on GV before logging off and not coming back. We firmly believe this is because of three main things - the quality of the tutorial, the quality of the UI, and the very first things you see when you first login. This is why all of these things are our major focus for this year, because fixing (or just improving) these will cause more of those players to stick around for longer, maybe actually complete the tutorial and know what the game is about, then head off to the main servers to play properly. All of this is based off data that we have and use to see where we can improve things. Other ideas brought up in this thread are great and may cause a slight increase over time, or small spikes every now and then - but fixing this glaring issue that we see through the data we have is the thing we're focusing on for now.
  11. Nah, bridges that travel through time. We'll just make each part decay as a different rate.
  12. Ranting helps literally nothing - the only reason this is being fixed is because a couple of people found the steps to reproduce it at will.
  13. Just an update: now that we've actually had a couple of people send us info with the steps they found to reproduce it - we've been able to reproduce it at will on test and local servers. Fix for it will be soon. Thanks to those that managed to find those steps and send them to us.