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  1. You can't prove anything
  2. With the increased range and firing speed it was opening it up to just stacking 20 of them in a small range and bursting anyone down - the damage they dealt was always balanced towards only one firing at a player at any time, so it was either fixing this or lowering their damage and risking turning them into useless decorations again.
  3. Someone always manages to find a way around it...lol Np, will be fixed in today's update.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u207tjfoqqu3ewf/javaw 2012-04-12 20-03-04-99_xvid.avi?dl=0
  5. Not yet, trying to knock out a few other things first. Will be a fair amount of changes involved with that, so might not be for a little bit - though depending on how changes go with that it may later add into changes for archery too.
  6. No
  7. A catapult with 30 winches and 85 degree firing angle will throw a projectile as high as 450 slope. A fully loaded trebuchet can fire up to 1200 slope high.
  8. If you land the shot near the top of the fences you'll have more luck till the update.
  9. Test updated: Fixed up the message for what buildings you hit. Added fail message on cata/treb. Lowered the damage variance for battering rams, a fail will now deal 1/5th damage instead of none. Capped damage given to projectiles when they land - should now be the same as whats dealt to whatever you hit. Fixed cata/treb projectiles not hitting fences sometimes. Lowered difficulty for using the battering ram - fences are also now lower difficulty than walls. Planned floors/walls should now be properly ignored by cata/treb. Rewrote how the checks worked for roofs and floors - should fix the issues had with firing at roofs. A projectile that clearly passes through a roof now should hit it and land there. The box it uses for this isn't exact to the model, so if the projectile is going over the roof, try lowering your angle or power slightly - landing closer to the bottom of the roof than the top of it will be more accurate. For the new fences and walls not taking damage, that was likely because test wasn't updated to what was on live. If you can test it again now and its still giving you the 'you won't deal damage with that' message for normal bashing tools (pickaxe/maul etc), then let me know.
  10. Arches can't easily be added to the checks for rams as they use the same checks as most blocking code on the server (movement, reaching through walls, firing through walls etc). If bashing and catas isn't enough I'll sit down and try and figure something out, but it'll be much faster to either up bash damage or tweak the splash radius of catapults first. I did tweak how the angle variance from the skillcheck on catapults works, which makes the variance a lot smaller (max 1-2 tiles different at high power and angle - angle of around 45 has low variance on its own anyway because the difference between 30 degrees and 45 degrees is not much), so that might be playing into how accurate catapulting arches feels. I'm open to upping the splash radius if it is too low at the moment though. For arches underground they have the 3x bonus to bashing, as well as the normal 1.5x bonus for bashing underground that all walls have (this wasn't changed, I don't think it was ever 10x), if the 1.5x bonus is a bit small we can up that some - though that'll be for bashing only. Rams have their own 2x modifier for underground, still capped at 20 damage max. Catapults underground I'll likely be playing with in the coming weeks to see if I can get it working reliably - watch this space. Will try trick Retro into spawning the new resources and some lamps for you lot. Crumbling shots depend fully on the damage multiplier they are dealing. So if they hit the 20 damage cap every time, they will likely crumble. I'd suggest testing out different qualities and weights so you're not wasting 80kg each time - with the damage modifier also being dependant on final velocity you may need to rely on weight less than previously, so a 40kg or 60kg chunk of rock shards might be enough to hit the 20 cap. I'll look at changing this though so if they hit the 20 damage cap their damage is also capped at some point. Will double check the fence splash damage, they might only be taking from the center point of the fences at the moment instead of the full length. Can you try firing at a point that'll land near the center of the fence to see if it takes damage then? Thanks for the help Darklords and Rocky.
  11. Sorry I replied in another thread where he had brought it up, yes it was fixed.
  12. Yeah everything is still on test, that doesn't really stop.
  13. If repairing is too fast compared to catapulting, we'll tweak it - I've said this already. I'm not changing it based on untested fears though. Winching speeds were already decreased across the board to take a bit off the hit of having to winch more than previously to go the same distance. "Bugs galore": All fences and walls are bashable. You didn't actually mention anything else in this long list of bugs you apparently have, so I can only assume that's the only one you could think of. No doubt some will be found now that it's live and there are many more people actually playing around with it, which we will fix as they come up. As Gary said, they previously took line of sight from the base of the items, which is why they wouldn't shoot from a second story or over walls or anything. They'll now check line of sight from (approx.) where they fire from on the model, so should be able to shoot over some fences etc.
  14. That's a bug, just fixed that thanks.
  15. If it becomes the new 'obvious choice' for pvp, we'll increase damage they take.