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  1. Wanted to offer a long overdue bump. Shadz was the right choice for imping my leather.
  2. wts

    Edited price.
  3. wts

    Revised price. Serious offers by PM only, please.
  4. wts

    Most recent sale that I've seen was at least 50s at 80ql, without enchants. Perhaps its pricey, but its already imp'd and casted. Whether for PvP or PvE its a great weapon. At no point did I claim it was cheap, but I still believe it is on the high side of fair. Thanks for the comments and overall interest.
  5. I am selling one of the rare adamantine longswords that was awarded by GM during the Chaos Treasure Hunt event (1 of 20). This sword has a reduced weight of 2.25kg compared to the standard 3kg. It has several high level enchants: One of these at 80ql recently sold for 50s without enchants. I am also now asking 50s. Please PM me here on the forums, thanks!
  6. 6.25s
  7. This is my first real venture into PvP and I'm happy to say that this group is very supportive and knowledgeable. I have to say I'm having a blast, and I hope you'll consider joining the fun!
  8. Accepting offers for the butchered corpse of the venerable green dragon from today's public slaying on Xanadu. I'm willing to deliver to any outer Freedom coast. Great for that Unique graveyard motif on your deed. Get your gravestone ready!
  9. 12s for both sickles? If so, cod Fearil Thanks
  10. It crashed for me too. :S