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  1. Updated price.
  2. WTS 2x imping ql seryll lumps. 3.5s for the pair. Reply or message offers here on the forums. Thanks!
  3. .75 for the short sword bracelet? Cod Fearil if so, thanks
  4. Would you do 75c for the short sword bracelet? CoD Fearil if so. Thanks
  5. wts

    3s for the Rare Large Metal Shield?
  6. I'm glad to see the designs have been well received!
  7. Stag sold. Thanks for the quick responses!
  8. Dragon Hota sold! Stag on hold pending sale.
  9. Dragon Hota on hold pending sale...
  10. WTS 1x Dragon Hota statue (35s) and 1x Stag Hota statue (15s). Both emit red light. Price includes delivery to coastal freedom isles. If one buyer is interested in both, I'm willing to knock a couple of silver off the total. If interested, send me a PM here on in game.
  11. Oh, please send: Right Stylish shoulderpad, gold 75ql 3.5S I didn't notice this before.