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  1. Cloudwalking ( a white horse )
  2. rare fruitpress 4s rare grindstone 3s
  3. sale pending
  4. Hello, I want to sell a HOTA statue Scorpion (red) for 6s. Greetings, Sirene
  5. 9s
  6. Hello, I am searching for a rare sailboat or a rare knarr. Please PM me with a price if you sell one of these. Thank you.
  7. +1
  8. -1 dont like the idea
  9. Buy one premium fee, get two premium chars would be a great option.
  10. -1 because the animal transport wishes of the community is more than just that we want a horse to take with us. Some of us have Islands and want to transport other animals, some want to take their hellhorse cart with them while server travelling, one horse would help people that just want to hunt but the game is much more than only for that
  11. It really works! Just got my wanted affinity meal :-)
  12. I am in for name change, gender change and ability to buy a new handmirror from a trader. All for enough money that it helps the game and maybe the old name is visible while someone does "examinate" on another person (maybe as surname, why not).