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  1. I was +1 but apparently some people adore the animation, and it doesnt bother me that much to vote for a non wiggely hive. So i dont vote now ;).
  2. Caption: Hey UK players, in WO we are driving on the right side of the road!
  3. Rare tree can be made into a rare keel section or rare mast.... which can be the material to make a rare ship.... just imagine.... you dont want to remove that, right? -1
  4. As far as I remember, if you build a 3x3 house without windows, place him/her in the middle tile, you should be safe. I would also do a garden with a locked fence around it to be secure ;). Better store items in alts that once had premium. But still... a shame that people really wander deeds to find those eventually open doors or misplaced merchants and steal other peoples stuff :-(. I mean a well hidden merchant is clearly not meant to sell stuff in public.
  5. My old slate slabs who now with the new walls would be converted to slate brick pavement is not be shown in deed plan anymore.
  6. Did you know, that you can make folders in your inventory to organize it? I have a folder called "tools" and "armour" and so on, which you can expand to see all insides or close to have anything invisible just the organizers showing. So inventorys can be very nicely organized without the carry of extra bags which add weight anyway. Simply go over inventory, right click, add group and then sort your stuff ;-).
  7. Applause to the map you did! I am waiting with excitement to see it with buildings. And when it opens up to public we should as a bunch stand on the Brit bank before we spread all over the map... and playing yoyo or doing other silly stuff to draw attention... or selling black horses ;). Btw you can always go for free to Ulima Online forever server which allows free playing on the original maps. I have a soft spot for Moonglow and Fire Island... Moonglow was the Island I spend the most time as a newbie mage grabbing regs which did spawn on the earth back then. On Fire I had my first log cabin and tamed Dragons from the balcony running inside when they did firespit to hard on me.
  8. Which map did you generate? Moonglow? Occlo? Serpends Hold? Magincia? Buccaners Den:-)))
  9. I love to be tourist and look at other peoples creations. So I did enter some WU servers, built myself a rowboat or a large cart abd travelled around. I would like to visit a server like Malena is planning where probably every part of the land is thoughtfully decorated or untouched but not ruined with old abandoned pavements or endless mass producing animal 1x2grid pens. So if its opening up... please tell us ;-)
  10. Applause for this update! Puts a lot of people back into gear to build on their deeds again
  11. Friendly bump for friendly people
  12. Damn it was a unicorn in a sheep costume!
  13. Merging servers would not help with travel times anyway. If you know how to cross servers in an intelligent way, there is no faster travel as between small servers. Imagine someone from lets say Lormere Xanadu would want to visit someone from Glasshollow and the only way would be sailing around the server or travelling overland. No two deeds on small servers even from middle server to middle server of another one would need that high amount of travel time. So if you want fast travel times... live on small servers. But It would help the community a lot to have global alliance chats!