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  1. Oh my goodness... so many cry-babies. 60 difficulty channeling spells have the potential to double your skill gain or action speed (thats my experience with them, i dont know exactly calculations). People are complaining about losing 1/40 tools? I would only say that items with rarity should ignore the hard 1% in the code, but not regular items. +.5, Idc about rarity value in economy, just enjoying my time. So +1 to Rare->Fantastic items ignoring the 1% and -1 to regular items ignoring the 1%
  2. +1 I loved the tree collision idea, it emphasized the use of cutting down trees and building rodes. After taking a break from wurm and coming back i did not realize tree collision was removed and simply rode through forests with ease. The only purpose of a road now is to provide direction, not for convenient travel. Lets make roads great again!
  3. Willing to buy a convert to follower and then in future priest. Will pay if needed but im not rich. open to offers of trading as well
  4. tbh I just want an oak dredge. I would also like more steel/bronze/copper tools but I'm assuming there is a reason behind it. Anywho, Suggestion here is just to add 1 shaft to a dredge so we can add whatever wood type we want rather than just having birchwood.
  5. Read The Following Notices: Steel tools coming soon! Contact: Yiraia Deed: Moonlight Shadows in Exodus (s18) Blacksmithing Iron Tools 5c 50ql 7c 60ql 10c 70ql Horseshoe Sets (Iron) 12c 50ql 20c 60ql 32c 70ql Bulk Lamps 20c:5 lamps (50ql) Only iron unless supplied different materials. Imperial street lamps are not included. Additional discount on lamp may be included if order is large. Improving is also an option. Read notices and pm me if interested.
  6. if you get knocked off a horse and several people come towards you while you are stunned, you can consider it insta-death o.o... +1
  7. +1, anybody who doesn't understand simply has too much gear to understand the struggles of those who don't spend a lot of time or money in the game. When I cast charm every hit cancels my action, and the timer allows for around 4-5 hits. I have an easier time taming a wolf with 1 taming skill in comparison to charming it. Sorry our armor doesn't eliminate the possibility of getting damaged Mclovin and Soil
  8. the action to align yourself could take the amount of time required for the compass to settle
  9. When I go on journeys, which is rare now but frequent a while ago, I have one pet peeve. I can't do my homework while I move on a straight rode because I can't align myself perfectly with the rode. I always have to tilt a lil side to side and split my attention from my assignments. It would be nice if we could right click a compass and choose "Face [direction]". that way, when you have a very long road or bridge heading east, you can right click your compass with any activated item and choose "Face east" and then just press the key you have to auto run forward. Without it, as I stated before, you end up side tracking off the road, and get lost. Yes I've tried "Going back" but when there are several roads and there is nothing to distinguish the difference, I get lost.
  10. When a game has content its the players job to experience it. Without multiple characters and socializing(i assume you mean trading), you have to craft until you are a high level, then become a priest for several months. After several months of training, enchant the gear you have and then de-priest to use them again regularly. Then when the enchants wear off, repeat. I hope your solution to this problem wouldn't be "Just ignore the other half of the game. Either stick to high ql, or stick to high enchants and limited items." A hybrid character would fix that.
  11. +1 to hybrid characters. The only reason to reject this idea would be difficulty adding a new type of payment for a character. Having a character that cost twice as much to maintain premium, but only consider one person would actually be worse than having 2 players, 1 priest, 1 crafter. If the hybrid character can only do 1 action at a time, this would simply be a method to get more money from those who don't have the computer to run two accounts at the same time. Yes, people have computers like that. In fact, I know somebody who has 1 crafter, and 1 priest, but can't play both because of lag issues. So... Do it for the money!!
  12. Sorry but I have a life to attend to. When I'm not playing wurm, in in classes. I usually only have 3 hours to play wurm on week days and then plenty of time on the weekends. When there are locks available in a game to keep containers safe in pve, I use them. Sadly crates didn't fall under the category. I understand if you don't need to lock your crates, but look at the cons and then think "If this doesn't negatively affect much, and it positively affects people other than me, must be a +1". Only Con i see is that people who like to steal goods from abandon places would most likely not get things from crates anymore.
  13. When you decide to go grind woodcutting and leave the crates around, you do :p. Don't have much space back at home
  14. Something small. There are plenty of crates inside our deed and it would be nice if they can be locked so people can manage certain personal crates, and for all the public use crates to be renamed by all. As of right now, you can only name what you unload. It becomes very VERY annoying when you have an neat crate room, and you have to load a crate, then unload the crate just to rename it properly. I would assume a small/large padlock would be good for a crate (small or large)