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  1. Haha that sounds like a very fun story. I would understand not wanting an updated map for PvP, but for PvE I don't think "Oh darn I'm gonna be late for the rift" Would turn out to be a fun story.
  2. umm -1.. +1.. I cant tell. Whats the volume?
  3. +1 But you aren't gonna win here. This was suggested before and everybody simply doesnt care about animal husbandry players making a good profit. they just don't want to see gelded animals being sold instead of breeding pairs. Theres a difference between what people what, and whats best for the game And people here (the posts im seeing in this thread) don't want whats best for the game
  4. The largest part of wurm making the land whatever you want it to be. There are areas where hills are being removed, additional dirt is placed to expand towns into water, Turning tundra, marsh, and even sand into dirt to live in a "unique" place. Whats the point of a compass if you don't know what is north XD and the woods are filled with nasties for skillgain, or for noobs without mounts to die. animals are currently no threat to anybody that can maintain a good movement speed. The only bits of land that are highly accurate are mountains... for now at least
  5. Like minecraft? stepping in a place and having the map update in a radius around you. OOOO Cartographers. WTS Map of North Xanadu marked with good hunting spots
  6. Im no programmer, but wouldnt this mean that every time a character creates a new map, the game checks EVERY tile and creates a brand new map for each player? This was my original idea and thought that it was much more demanding than a map update every restart, when nobody is on.
  7. +1 Foliage makes a huge difference when decorating a place. I want my place pretty too!!
  8. -1 to new animals, And i think deer lairs already exist. I saw a mission one day that asked to slay a champion deer traitor (possibly staff spawn?) But +1 to any new animal functions. Many games no longer appreciate the idea of good AI
  9. I would consider it cheating if it wasn't in the most important post of every island forum
  10. by deeds, do you mean visually seeing the structure? or having the deed mark with a name on it? Either way im not asking for a map ingame that shows all deeds, only one that shows the land currently. My main issue with the current map is that in plenty of cases its highly outdated. There are landbridges, huge terraforming projects in the ocean, and people changing deserts, tundra, and marsh into grass. The map that is available now is only reliable if you look at the form of a big lake+where the ocean is, or if you look at the mountains around you and guess which one you wanna move towards. Map dumps weren't a thing I wouldnt really care and just deal with it, but theres obviously a better option just not implemented.
  11. Why do you need good ql bricks? I made 50ql walls out of 10ql materials. The amount of pottery bricks you'd have to make to make a bridge would be the same amount it would take to make a stone one. pottery bricks are as easy to create as stone bricks (without enchants), gathering the materials is difficult .-.
  12. +1 Would this make boats like Corbitas slightly faster when moving against the wind?
  13. ... What are you... trying to say... I'm just saying that this mechanic is already available. And that the addition of a liquid storage bin is just asking for this to be completely removed. I can't think of any reason to have barrel racks, amphora racks, or sealing kits if there was a "bsb" for liquid. Shoving food in an fsb and having it never decay already feels weird and messy to me. The process of sealing individual amphoras, or even easier - barrels, brings a bit more joy to me. It doesn't right saying "Alright boys! unload the beer" and having it come out of some bin instead of a barrel.