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  1. theyre referring to the bugged passenger speed exploit that was recently used against bl i think also when rift ###### was added the devs kept saying all the items would be cosmetic only on pvp, and that there wouldnt be any of the buff effects like speed runes to unbalance ######
  2. Sounds like we might need a new thread boys. Lock incoming
  3. If loren lets his premium expire then you know it's all over lmao
  4. how most hots players feel
  5. bump +1
  6. yea because ###### pvp and especially that one kingdom horde of the summoned. who cares that even hots' enemies are banding together to support them on this totally unbalanced and unfair nerf
  7. hots players had been able to convert to playergod faiths ever since they came out, and on occasions where players had trouble converting, they would file support tickets and gms would convert them to playergod faiths After players complained of losing their hard earned playergod faith when converting to hots, the following BUGFIX was put in YOU YOURSELF STATED, that the ONLY FAITHS converting to hots that should lose their faith are the WL template ones.
  8. hots players had been able to convert to playergod faiths ever since they came out, and on occasions where players had trouble converting, they would file support tickets and gms would convert them to playergod faiths obviously you have never played on a pvp server ever since playergods were added, or even read the game's own changelogs that you yourself posted June 30, 2016 by Retrograde ... Bugfix: Converting to HOTS only sets you to Libila and faith to 1 if you are coming from Fo, Magranon or Vynora.
  9. inb4 retro says "but they can be libila priests! that makes it all fair right?" bl are forced to have no priest passives because we can only be lib which has none, while also giving wl access all the spells we do have (except rebirth) via playergod priests So explain to me how being able to be a libila priest is in any way a perk rather than a limitation of being hots, when WL already have everything it can do AND MORE
  10. WL should not have access to our spells if we can't have access to theirs. This is a completely biased and one sided decision to remove playergods from hots. WL-exclusive spells BL- exclusive spells Aura of Shared Pain Bearpaws Charm animal Circle of Cunning Courier Cure light Cure medium Cure serious Dirt (spell) Dominate Excel Fire pillar Fireheart Flaming aura Fo's Touch Forest giant strength Frantic charge Frostbrand Genesis Goat shape Heal Holy Crop Humid drizzle Ice pillar Life transfer Light of Fo Light token Lurker in the deep Lurker in the woods Magranon's shield Mass stamina Mend Mind stealer Mole senses Morning fog Nimbleness Oakshell Opulence Refresh (spell) Reveal creatures Reveal settlements Rite of Spring Ritual of Fog Ritual of the Sun Shard of Ice Sixth sense Smite Sunder Tentacles Tornado Venom Vessel Vynora's Hand Ward Wild growth Willowspine Wind of Ages Wisdom of Vynora Wrath of Magranon (spell) Rebirth
  11. Actually what's funny, only 17 of the 53 yes votes for this poll are from BL players. If the pvpers from our enemy kingdoms can acknowledge that this is completely unfair and unbalanced, and even freedomers who have never pvped can see that this is wrong, then WHY CAN'T THE DEVS?
  12. If BL can't play as playergod priests, neither should WL. It's completely unfair and unbalanced to give one side such a huge selection of new and overpowered priests to use while limiting the one already outnumbered kingdom to their far inferior spellset which also includes no priest passive effects. Also remember that time Biggibbo (BL in case you dont know retro) ascended to demigodhood? If he happened to ascend from there to godhood and have a religion, do you mean to say that his own kingdom wouldnt even be able to follow it, and it would instead benefit his enemies? That's just plain stupid design and even if that crap is what you intended, you better change your intentions because your understanding of pvp (or should i say lack thereof) is fundamentally flawed.
  13. I find it funny that Budda calls balance flavor of the day, when BL has been getting needlessly nerfed for years, while complaining about it and explaining why its unbalanced the entire time. I can go back and find you posts where these concerns were raised years ago, but it looks like you probably dont care. Libila saccable nerfed because freedom thought it was unfair when nahjo had it, and then despite all nahjos getting free faith changes, libila priests did not Libila has no priest passives, while all of the WL priests and playergods have very powerful priest passives (such as +25% dmg, free res stone, passive animals, +10% overall skillgain, +25% skillgain to fighting related skills) The strongest part of Libila's spellset (single target spells) nerfed heavily by cooldowns and resistances HotS only method of healing on boats (zombie milk) removed HotS' ability to convert to the new player gods was removed, limiting their spellset to Libila while the other kingdoms have access to every spell except rebirth WL can heal on boats, even as the boat is moving, so they can recover from damage taken. BL cannot do this WL can oakshell horses to have the speed of a naked horse, but the protection of a good barding. BL cannot do this WL can use priests that have passive animals, which results in being able to use two hellhorses. BL cannot do this WL have access to light of fo to heal them in group fights on land. BL cannot do this, as scorn of libilla was heavily nerfed long ago and does very little healing now, as well as requiring an enemy to be hit to trigger healing WL got access to all of BL's single target spells and enchants through playergods Can't get new cooking system ingredients on mycelium HotS taming penalty makes taming pvp required animals like hellhorses very difficult, and they will often go untame on you either mid combat or on the way to it. WL doesnt have this nerf Only homeserver enemy players are allowed to grief with alts or metagame on (JKH and MRH have official rules against this) I'm sure there are more ways you've ###### over hots players, but it's been a long time since I've even been premium and played so you'd have to ask the current hots players. You've already driven me away with all this ######, like you've done to many others. Hey guys let's give two kingdoms access to all of the spells, and then give a third outnumbered kingdom only 1/4 of the total spellset, because that's the way I want my made up lore to be. If you question me you're just trying to "upset balance" and get your "flavor of the day" added.
  14. still happening. a sailboat got this bug today, caught up to a knarr in a gale as if the knarr was sitting still (even though the knarr was going 28 km/h), and did this: [21:21:23] Rakki slain by Foxfire Elentari Nahjo Gildi [21:21:49] Eddiekey slain by Erinyesthegreat Foxfire Elentari Nahjo [21:22:09] Cyberhusky slain by Erinyesthegreat Foxfire Elentari Gildi Nahjo
  15. 13:10 - Retrograde: that was intended from the start 13:10 - Retrograde: hots IS libila 13:11 - Retrograde: The whole kingdom thing is simply so it fits in mechanics wise, hots isnt so much a kingdom as a group of peopple who follow lib This just in guys. HotS was never meant to be a kingdom, so lets just nerf the current most active epic kingdom further into the ground so that we drive away the rest of our remaining customers, and then maybe we can remove that pesky non-kingdom.