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  1. Who here #TeamFirTree
  2. Activate scissors, right click body
  3. I haven't tested it, but if the battering ram timer is 30 seconds, and you only have 30 seconds of enemy drag protection, then i believe this would mean that an enemy can drag it as soon as the bash action finishes. May want to test this or perhaps lengthen the no-drag timer to eliminate the possibility
  4. I tested this extensively and could not get it to happen. I think it uses the methods that check if the person is visible to based on gm power, rather than stealthedness, so the check never passes. I believe it also checks that the attacker is in combat and the victim is not, but this can never happen bc combat for the victim starts as soon as you target them, and this check is performed afterwards during combat for both of them. It's been a long time since I looked into it so I could be wrong but we tried all sorts of stuff to try and trigger the damage effect and event message but nothing worked.
  5. Stealth is too broken to even warrant using in most cases. Is only even somewhat reliable if you remain completely still Although I'd like to see the stealth mechanic overhauled, I believe there are more critical PvP mechanics to be looked into first. +1 to stealth overhaul but not to be prioritized over more pressing matters
  6. Yep same thing here Got [Drunkard] and then drank .01 out of onion filled flasks once per minute using wurm assistant timers until I got [Alcoholic], then spent somewhere around 24 hours in-game time spam praying hoping to get the addiction removed, but the chance to lose it on praying is so low that I just lost it naturally over time instead. Would be nice to see our actual values for alcohol and addiction though because it's all just guess work and estimation atm based on how many times you drank while already having an alcohol level, minus estimated time spent online or something like that Just give us our stats. I had to miss PvP when I got the drunkard title too bc I was like sorry guys I can't move lmao
  7. i use P for guards my keybinds for everything are extremely different from the default bc when i set stuff it usually later gets added as a new keybind, like paperdoll and stuff
  8. I mentioned this to retro and he said I was extrapolating and to not do that. You should go on test and do a full scale raid to prove your """theory""". At least that's what he told me to do
  9. theyre referring to the bugged passenger speed exploit that was recently used against bl i think also when rift ###### was added the devs kept saying all the items would be cosmetic only on pvp, and that there wouldnt be any of the buff effects like speed runes to unbalance ######
  10. Sounds like we might need a new thread boys. Lock incoming
  11. If loren lets his premium expire then you know it's all over lmao
  12. how most hots players feel
  13. bump +1
  14. yea because ###### pvp and especially that one kingdom horde of the summoned. who cares that even hots' enemies are banding together to support them on this totally unbalanced and unfair nerf
  15. hots players had been able to convert to playergod faiths ever since they came out, and on occasions where players had trouble converting, they would file support tickets and gms would convert them to playergod faiths After players complained of losing their hard earned playergod faith when converting to hots, the following BUGFIX was put in YOU YOURSELF STATED, that the ONLY FAITHS converting to hots that should lose their faith are the WL template ones.