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  1. .40kg lumps?
  2. As you wish...
  3. Bulk....You keep using that word...I do not think it means what you think it means....
  4. Darn, beat me to it...
  5. I'll take the Addy lump 86q 0.34k for 2.5s
  6. +1 just because I want to spear and shield bash a troll's face and would be funny to have a "This is Wurm" chest kick move
  7. 92ql Adamantine lump, 0.34kg - 3s 97ql Adamantine lump, 0.34kg - 3s If you still got them
  8. Yeah, you got a point...but don't they do that already? As much of a pain as it might be, I guess I'll have to deal with forums and the play phone tag via PMs from trade chat...I just really like being able to look up what I want when I want it, because the WTB here or trade stinks for my taste...
  9. I understand that, but really bulk and unmailable involved sailing because of them not being able to mail...but I get what you mean, I'm sure that there will be a lot of people that would not want this, but really if it can't be mailed then I see no reason it it couldn't involve the same idea as mailboxes...
  10. No one really travels, they sell and buy via the forums or trade chat....
  11. It's pretty simple idea, however not sure how simple it would be to code...but every game I played with trade and markets have always had an auction house...I think this would be a great additionto the game...It would maybe even stop people from posting fake auctions, or even having their friends boost up the bids...also for those that can't pay, can't pay the auction game...anyway, what is everyone else's thoughts?
  12. That would be awesome!
  13. A lot of good ideas in this thread
  14. I'm sorry about your hellhorses, however I don't think that option would have helped since you don't need to unhitch them to kill them...