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  1. Lol better hope there don't imp supreme and a bump just because
  2. He was/is hated by good luck on the sale...I do miss his sales here on the forums, the comments were normally entertaining
  3. What's the weight on the addy!?
  4. If you would be so kind as to send a sample my way COD to Mykoal
  5. Did you a least take them out to dinner first, before you ###### them? lol Sorry, but the seryll price dropped to 4 to 5 silver, even 3 silver a few months before the Rifts started to open...and now with the Rifts, ql don't mean anything to the price....also, before the Rifts and anniversary gifts , .4 lumps of addy and glimmer was seen being sold for 10s, however, I didn't see anyone buy them at that price...A lots happened in the last 9 months or so....
  6. how much are you looking to part with those seryll lumps?
  7. I'll entertain 8s!
  8. Let me know how that goes!
  9. Why .4? You got me curious
  10. I get off work in 3 hours. ..
  11. Good thing today is payday. ...
  12. Sorry, but rare lumps can only be combined with other rare lumps and I have found no benefit of using them to improve...I too will offer 3s for it...I pretty much buy at 1s per .1 of glimmer or addy. ..
  13. Right away should be clear, since I have bought nearly 15 of them from WTS and WTA. ..If I didn't buy it for 23s or 25s, it's because someone else saw it first...
  14. 13s