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  1. I just managed to log back in.
  2. Maybe it's just you and me? The website says 'All servers online' ...
  3. All the pretty horses. *g*
  4. Hey, yeah, I had just reached the nearest guard tower when the crash happened. Let's hope.
  5. I was just running away from a hellhound ... great. :/
  6. Hello, I know that 30 masonry is needed to build stone houses, but I was wondering if you can repair or improve the house with 20 masonry afterwards. Also, is there a similar skill gate to creating guard towers (it doesn't say so in the Wiki but I thought I'd rather ask)? Thanks
  7. I made it! I was really just one tile off and after removing the dirt it was possible to mine upwards from inside the mine.
  8. But shouldn't it be easier to break through if the rock is thin and there's a tunnel behind it?
  9. Same here, tryst. I've given up for the moment, too many hours wasted already.
  10. I wasn't able to see the fire at all from inside the mine; now I've freed two more tiles of dirt (some of which were so steep I couldn't stand on them at first) and I still can't break through. Maybe my calculations were wrong but the area isn't level and I don't know which level I'm on (depth). Could it be that I'm too far below those tiles? I tried mining upwards but keep getting the same "buried alive" warnings. I wouldn't mind being buried alive as long as I could open the freaking tunnel ...
  11. I'll try that, thx.
  12. Hi, I started a mine in one place (by digging down) and am now trying to break though to the other side (of the small hill). From inside the tunnel I get a warning that there's a lot of dirt and I would be killed if I continued mining. Then I tried it from the outside and I think I found the right spot, so started digging and hit rock. But now I get the message that the ground sounds hollow and brittle and can't continue either. Isn't there a way to just keep on digging and end up on the other side of a mountain/hill until you hit air? Thx
  13. I didn't kill the wolf, I wish I had (I saw the combat log, at least I tried). Thanks for your help anyway guys I guess I'll just let it rest.
  14. Walnut forest? It gets more and more interesting. Thanks for looking! Although I think the wolf will probably be decayed by now (it was on the 28th).
  15. We (me and faty) checked the most probable locations already. The last settlement in my log was Mountain View, but I was attacked 17 minutes later without going through another settlement and died from my wounds shortly after. It was probably somewhere in the area between Mountain View (next to Bearfoot Vinyard) and Antioch or even as far as Hazedome. But the area is big and wild, even though I usually try to stay on roads when I travel. I might have gone lost and ended up somewhere around Peris(?) as well, I sometimes forget which road to take to travel east in that corner. But I can't remember that particular death at all which is strange. Thanks for everybody who helped so far, this is kind of a fun quest on its own.