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  1. Let fruit juice be used to make berry gin. Add Strawberry wine (at least was told it wasn't possible). Right now, the only uses I've found for fruit juices are ice cream (needs snow, not very useful ) or fruit-aid (not very useful),
  2. I am selling a collection of tools I have gathered over the past year that I no longer need. (none rare) All metal tools are iron unless specified. Set of horseshoes (74ql WoA75 74ql WoA70 74ql WoA66 74ql WoA66) 2s Saw 86ql WoA85 - 40c Saw 82ql WoA80 CoC71 - 50c Saw 74ql WoA74 - 30c Rake 88ql BotD70 - 45c Rake 57ql CoC76 - 35c Rake 73ql WoA77 CoC50 - 35c Rake 79ql WoA51 CoC41 - 35c Pickaxe 84ql BotD78 - 50c Pickaxe (steel) 68ql WoA75 CoC73 - 45c Pickaxe (steel) 71ql WoA61 CoC57 - 40c File 76ql WoA72 CoC65 - 40c File 90ql WoA64 CoC60 - 50c Carving Knife 70ql WoA62 CoC54 - 40c Carving Knife 74ql WoA98 CoC52 - 60c Stone Chisel 81ql WoA88 - 40c Stone Chisel 66ql BotD36 - 20c Trowel 62ql WoA54 - 20c Large Anvil 69ql WoA50 CoC57 - 35c Large Anvil 65ql WoA74 - 30c Butchering Knife 71ql WoA55 CoC71 - 45c Butchering Knife 31ql WoA50 CoC37 - 25c Butchering Knife 80ql WoA89 CoC77 - 60c Butchering Knife 78ql BotD39 - 35c Sickle 22ql WoA33 CoC47 15c Sickle 73ql BotD60 Lifetransfer46 40c Awl 48ql WoA47 15c Pendulum (iron) 62ql Deep88 WoA73 50c Rope Tool (oakenwood) 51ql WoA67 CoC66 40c Spindle (pinewood) 51ql WoA50 CoC42 - 25c Clay Shaper (oakenwood) 50ql BotD47 - 25c Clay Shaper (oakenwood) 50ql BotD46 - 25c Spatula (oakenwood) 50ql BotD46 - 39c Spatula (oakenwood) 51ql BotD52 - 35c Spatula (oakenwood) 51ql BotD54 - 35c Grooming Brush (oakenwood) 62ql WoA46 CoC38 - 35c Grooming Brush (pinewood) 51ql CoC52 - 25c Small Bucket (cedarwood) 52ql BotD38 - 25c Mallet (birchwood) 85ql WoA85 CoC83 - 50c Mallet (cedarwood) 49ql WoA 53 - 20c Pelt (rat .2kg) 90ql BotD 55 40c (can be improved to botd 70+ for 10c more) Just an FYI, mails may come from Kelody or Kenolein.
  3. Thank you for hosting. Well done.
  4. Seryl Breastplate 26ql 5.2kg Bidding Starts: 10s Bid Increment 50c Buyout: 20s/18e Reserve: none
  5. [13:16:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  6. [13:11:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  7. Carving Knife sold via PM. Saw 86ql WoA85 - 40c Large Anvil 65ql WoA74 - 30c [12:46:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  8. I prefer the large matt finish of the house blocks over the glossy bridge looks. It'd be nice if both were available in both places as a marble ramp alongside a marble house would look drastically different. On a related thought, how about houses that don't need bridges to get carts to the second floor, ramps as a house floor tile.
  9. I know someone that will be very happy to hear slate can be used for housing and very disappointed it's not the least bit black or dark. Compare the slate shingles on the marble house to the slate house right next to it. When it comes to fencing, I hope they add an option that is a good companion/connection to bridges. The current short stone brick wall is 25% taller (and near impossible to see over) from bridge walls.
  10. I thought the village message board a great idea, kinda like a mini-forum for people to leave messages for offline players. I don't know about others, but I don't carry a paper and pen when I'm visiting neighbors and friends. Maybe the board can be stocked with them to become useful. I'm all for realism, but communication is hard enough in a global world without adding more barriers. Let alone finding a new player with the skill and tools to make the paper and ink. I know there is the recruitment board, but I'm not looking to recruit, just leave messages to others. On top of this, paper notes can not be edited.
  11. My suggestion is what you recommended. The option to use paper/ink as "fuel" is more a compromise. I'm not suggesting the player remove a paper, write a note and paste it, but having paper required either to create or activate the board.
  12. I downloaded OpenAL direct from Creative ( and the sounds have been better so far.
  13. I recently upgraded my PC and the sound in game shuts off if I queue actions too quickly after the former queue finishes. I looked in settings but there doesn't seem to be any options that'd fix this(# of concurrent sounds, etc). I am using hardware openAL. I will try software but I'd rather find a hardware solution. Running windows 10.
  14. +1 for animal transport +1 for cross server -1 for trying to link the two.
  15. Sounds weren't perfect before the upgrade (clean install) either. They work far better on my laptop. The old motherboard used a much more widely use Realtek version, though I'm not sure the model. The issue isn't so much fast actions not triggering sound, but losing all sound if I added more to the queue after I had created a couple planks. The sound would cut out for 2-3 planks before returning. Even a sound currently playing would stop in the middle (which might be the issue) and go silent.
  16. Drivers didn't help. Sounds come and go. I turned on software rendering and they work, so I'll just leave them like that. The hardware is Realtek ALC 1220 on an ASRock Extreme4 motherboard.
  17. I installed drivers and the issue might be better. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that. I've been out of support too long. I think part of the issue has to do with the sawing sound itself. My character makes planks faster than the intro to the saw sound. Using a character with less skill has less issues though still not getting sound every time.
  18. It is my own custom build. ASRock motherboard. I don't have USB Sound but use onboard. I will look for a new driver and post what version of sound hardware it is using.
  19. When I create a keybind using the console, the next time I load wurm the keybind is gone. This is a recent change; it worked fine up until a week or 2 ago. I thought it might be an issue with multiple clients running, but it happens with only 1 client. It happens on both my laptop (normal client) and desktop (unstable client). It might be related to me copying keybind files from my laptop to my desktop, but that shouldn't effect the laptop. Changing and saving keybinds in the launcher works fine, but there are a few commands you can't set there, as well as duplicate keybinds can't be set there.
  20. I am trying to learn the most effective ways to enchant weapons. I know there is no one method, just trying to figure out the pros and cons. Please let me know if this list is correct. Nimble and WoA/BotD don't stack WoA currently doesn't work on weapons in WO (I read a post about it being fixed in WU, unsure if correct) CoC(and CoC part of BotD) has no conflicts Lifetransfer / Frostbrand / Flaming Aura / Bloodthirst / Rotting Touch / Venom don't stack. Mind Stealer has no conflicts Demise has no conflicts - 1 variant only.
  21. Posts from WU regarding parents suggest that even if parents are killed, their IDs are still in the offspring data. When breeding, the IDs are checked, but unknown if the status of them is. This also applies to wild creatures, as they all have the same (or none) parent IDs and why breeding 2 wild creatures seems to yield more bad traits.
  22. Not in game. If there isn't a console/chat command to do an action, it can't be bound to a key.
  23. I am selling Devonshire for a friend. It is a large deed on Crystal Lake (N16) just south of the Cave Canal to Inner Sea. It is less than 5 minutes from The Howl and Freedom Market. It has a large mine, heavily reinforced, mostly on deed with an Utmost gold vein. I am not sure of other veins. The size is 70x41 and the upkeep is 5s 74c. It has a few buildings, large shore line, and a colossus out front. The deed will have 30 days upkeep at the end of the auction. There are a few animals I can leave on the deed if desired. Most of the furnishings and items can stay if desired. I will try to get some screenshots to post later today Opening bid: 10s Bid Increment: 50c Buyout: offer Snipe protection: 30 minutes after last bid.
  24. bump, last day