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  2. Selling eggs, batches of 100 for 1s Current stock 500 All 99ql Free Coastal Delivery Subscription and large orders accepted (as available)
  3. Selling Two-Handed Sword, iron 84ql AD N74, LT96, CoC 82 4s Selling rare large anvil 89ql woa 77 coc 69 12s Offers considered. Contact in game as Kelody or Kenolein..
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  5. Is there a way you can not remove deceased parents from granger? It makes preventing inbreeding difficult if you don't copy the parents to notes before examining them later.
  6. I have spoken to members of my alliance and we request our deeds be added. Buckeye Heavy Metals and Bearshark Overlook have been gone a long time. Silvermink Ranch and Crystal Lake Gardens are mine. Fortress of Death - Reaping Crafters Community - Katna Serendipity - Miquela
  7. 1st floor of the Inn and Community Center finished. Still a lot of digging required in the upper sections.
  8. Crystal Canal Academy at Crystal Lake Gardens and Terraces Welcoming new and returning players A new home at the south end of Crystal Lake right on the Canal. More info and pictures coming soon. No labor or tax required to join. Housing options and craft facilities are under construction now.
  9. The marble brick pavement is wavy, like packed ground or dirt. Looking closely, cobblestone appears the same though not as obvious with the jagged appearance. The marble slab pavement looks flat. This isn't really an issue with cobblestone, being jagged. The dead straight lines in the marble brick make this very obvious and I'll have to change my floor if it's intended. I was also disappointed the new pavements weren't carried forward to building floors, but not a bug.
  10. The silo idea is grand, but a little more involved than my suggestion. There's also the question of averaging qualities. The log pile is just a specialized bsb.
  11. A container that can be secured like a bsb, and maybe locked, holds 600 logs, only logs. Four or 6 posts at the ends, with a couple beams across the bottom. Show just the beams when empty, a small stack of logs when less than half full, and a large stack of logs as it gets close to full. Of if possible, small stack, medium stack, and tall stack when completely full. Being the same size as a loaded bsb is fine, crates are a better option for shipping logs, Just small enough to be relocated by wagon. I know crates work well, but they are ugly and can't be secured. My shipyard looks more like a warehouse.
  12. Huge tub or large storage unit don't prevent decay like a crate or BSB.
  13. I know if you run multiple clients, the last client closed saves the file. If you change a key, close that client, then close a client you didn't save that key on, the save is lost. I haven't looked to see if my files have grown, just my experience from using the BIND command.
  14. Sealing a wine barrel with a peg, ended up with a red window and something about <null>. I didn't copy the info thinking it'd be saved to an error file I haven't located yet. Repeated seal with no issue.
  15. Do you know the figures for fish?
  16. Get rid of unwanted low quality veggies, bsbs of unused bunches of grass. Also a way for new players to make money. buying chicken feed 50c/k
  17. Knarr - 6.5s 43 Crates - 4.3s 12.9k dirt - 11.6s Total - 22.4s I am selling it all for 20s (more dirt available) Sold, will bump if renewed.
  18. [13:55:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  19. Seryl Breastplate 26ql 5.2kg Bidding Starts: 10s Bid Increment 50c Buyout: 20s/18e Reserve: none
  20. Mykoal won. How would you like it shipped?
  21. 21 hours left
  22. Still a few left
  23. I am selling a collection of tools I have gathered over the past year that I no longer need. (none rare) All metal tools are iron unless specified. Set of horseshoes (74ql WoA75 74ql WoA70 74ql WoA66 74ql WoA66) 2s Butchering Knife 31ql CoC37 - 15c Butchering Knife 78ql BotD53 - 30c Carving Knife 50ql Woa xc Clay Shaper (oakenwood) 50ql BotD47 - 20c Clay Shaper (oakenwood) 50ql BotD46 - 20c File 90ql WoA64 CoC60 - 45c Hammer 87ql BotD x c Mallet (cedarwood) 49ql WoA 53 - 15c Pickaxe (steel) 25ql CoC 62 30c Rake 57ql WoA 68 CoC 76 - 35c Rake 79ql WoA51 CoC41 - 30c Rope Tool (oakenwood) 51ql WoA67 CoC66 35c Shovel 39ql CoC 56 30c Sickle 22ql WoA33 CoC47 15c Small Bucket (cedarwood) 52ql BotD38 - 15c Spatula (oakenwood) 50ql BotD46 - 25c Spatula (oakenwood) 51ql BotD52 - 25c Spatula (oakenwood) 51ql BotD54 - 25c Spindle (pinewood) 51ql WoA50 CoC42 - 15c Pickaxe (steel) 68ql WoA75 CoC73 - 40c Pickaxe (steel) 71ql WoA61 CoC57 - 35c Stone Chisel 66ql BotD46 - 20c Butchering Knife 71ql WoA55 CoC71 - 40c Saw 74ql WoA74 - 25c Pelt (rat .2kg) 90ql BotD 55 40c (can be improved to botd 70+ for 10c more) Just an FYI, mails may come from Kelody or Kenolein.
  24. Not a tunnel but the lamps in Crystal Canal are blessed. I'll Work on adding some to the bridge and the other side. Lamps on pavement can be blessed and relit and do work. Does anyone know if lamps planted in mines before reinforcing will work if blessed after the floor is reinforced?