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  1. Auction has finished. Grats to Hammer.
  2. Auction has finished. Grats to Hammer
  3. Rare Rake, Iron. 94.01ql, WoA 92, CoC 91, Gold Rune of Fo (10% chance increase effect of tending/harvesting). Start: 3s Minimum bid: 50c Sniper protection: 1h
  4. Rare Stone Chisel, Iron. 94.01ql, WoA 89, CoC 87, Steel Rune of Vynora (10% less damage taken). Start: 3s Minimum bid: 50c Sniper protection: 1h
  5. I'll send up some door locks.
  6. 1.5s each Post/pm here or ingame (Trooperau).
  7. Agreed, but I'm aware this particular rune had some issue when used on a pickaxe. So long as its in line with how digging produces emeralds I'm not really fussed.
  8. Bronze Rune of Libila - [22:04:23] A single bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) Mining on an Very Good quality vein, with 91.60 mining skill and a runed pickaxe, produces 100ql ores no problem, however any minged gems are capped mining skill (when the 'paired' ore is 100ql). Further testing revealed that, if you get a gem, the result QL is capped by your mining skill or vein QL, whichever is lower. The rune has no effect on this, not sure if this is intended or not.
  9. Maybe its the day the network techs decide to finally clean up the cabling
  10. Hell yeah, been wanting marble walls for a while now. Someone should point out that for #1 Brick wall, the clay/pottery bricks are more of a brown than red, keeping them in line with floor/roof that is already in the game.