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  1. I have had this issue when I run the game windowed & it gets minimized. It happens in both stable & unstable. It is a 3 or so year old laptop with intel graphics only ( and it barely plays the game. ). I can post logs here as well, if it will help. I have always assumed it was because my computer really shouldn't be able to play it.
  2. I have this same problem. Any time I click "Submit Reply", the button changes to "Saving" and doesn't go any further. I get the same issue with PM's. The only way I can check to see if the reply or pm was successful is to browse away from the page & go back. Another "issue" is that I will refresh the forums and have a topic turn bold, showing that there was a new post or thread since the last time I went there. I'll click on the bold topic and no threads will show that they have new, unread posts. Sometimes the lag between the topic showing a new thread/post and the thread showing that there's unread posts can take 10 - 15 minutes. This issue is random unlike the posting issue.
  3. I need to make a stop on Xan tomorrow or Friday. If you still need to be converted then, I'd be happy to stop by. I'll send you a /tell when I'm set to head out to see if you still need one.
  4. +1
  5. Or worse, finding a specific needle in a stack of needles.
  6. If we do that, I won't be able to use my h keybind set to "Sorry, but the guards in this channel are on vacation. Please try local instead."
  7. Thanks. No bridges right now, but I hope to add it. No problem. I have the pristine twitter feed bookmarked & I just went through and removed all of them that disbanded from 3/6 until today.
  8. I will get these updates done today. I've been busy IRL and haven't had time. Edit. Should be all set. I have also removed all disbanded deeds since 3/6
  9. Caption: "Dammit, I'm a fighter not a doctor."
  10. Could I get the Steel Pickaxe (c78) for 25c? If that one is sold, I'll take the highest coc Steel pick you have. Please COD to Limbeck. Thanks!
  11. Caption: "And I thought they smelled bad on the outside..."
  12. +1 as long as wemp gets the same treatment. instead of the flat leaves.
  13. Sacrifice it to Vynora
  14. comic relief

    "This is the perfect place to stop tonight. I will come back refreshed tomorrow instead of tiring myself out tonight."
  15. It seems to have a lot more color and is harder to read. That's about all I can see different.