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      We are experiencing some DNS connectivity issues with the login server, unfortunately this is out of our control. We will let you all know when these issues resolve. 


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  1. @Calisthraeither that 2 commands or try the other workaround from the spoiler on top here.. If it's just 1 host/ip.. that should fix the problem, I'm too sleepy to check what else is hiding behind that ip(like hosts.. that might be needed to list there also..) Having google's dnses is pretty much how it eliminated the problem for me.
  2. nevermind.. --edit easier way.. just do this to fix it In console just paste that, and and you're done
  3. I'm using google dnses here.. no problem logging to release(dont have other alts to check other servers) you could try google's dns / and check if that works for you..
  4. This below could fix your problem
  5. stable client I logged when I saw the topic, wrote back after I logged than. Seems fine here... Might be dns problem, whatever it is.. devs are going to fix it soon
  6. Release seems to be fine.. logged just fine.
  7. @Nomadikhanwindows still spreads the work~, either way.. unpark your cpu cores, warm up the room. +1
  8. lol... If the game ever needs another ~useless animal... +2 for this one
  9. It's ok~ If you want more.. ask for slider for the rendering of decorations/etc.. @Retrogradedid mention some rendering settings here.. Best you could ask for.. is a setting to risk it.. on your own.. default settings shouldn't change IMO.. unless performance isn't an issue anymore.
  10. Update your video drivers, restart, give it another try, should work than.
  11. Crash/error logs, or anything?
  12. So many mechanics on the forums.. sadly.. it's not a vehicle problem, figure a way to replicate the glitch, report in detail, and it's going to be fixed as you read somewhere around all the imaginary car problems.
  13. That's a pretty big pricetag, you could probably do fine paying 1/2 of that, or less... Double/tripple check system requirements for wu servers... @Eject
  14. set your local ip(whatever you use behind the firewall) here.. or ..'m not sure if the server is going to accept any ip.. or ask for one specific.. to start https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ --edit in other words... you have set already... does the server start and work now? if not.. try with double/tripple/... check to be sure that your pc is using 0.66 right now.. and it should work if that page was your forwarding setup. if the server runs.. but you're unable o connect to your real ip(what router uses..), try to connect to your LAN ip.. behind the router if you can.. that's a sure sign that everything but the portforwarding works.