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  1. -1 get a full set of fantastic horse gear or keep dreaming about it no need to low punch the kids with supreme sets
  2. Just be prepared to see a "few new faces" next time you meet old friends
  3. I do not pvp and I could imagine.. a meat-shield tanking...and a random(buffed) noobie coming by with a 2h axe.. singleshotting anyone dumb enough to stick around, that must be hilarious .... ...every time ----edit mhm.. I'd never buy such useless animal.. only use it has is to move a cart.. why would I pay somebody and get less for mah monehh
  4. @Oblivionnreaver
  5. Thanks @bdew Could this be WIKI'd?
  6. lol.. face thing was mean, I think it's cool to go immersed in RP that much to make your char look like you IRL, even as I do not RP ever(I never get attached to my characters) The part about playing too much and working in wurm so much to contantly hit the fatigue brick wall and complain about it... idk what to say to these people.... mechanic helps for your health and wellbeing and you still want to go selfdestruct mode and mash keys 24/7, fix your habits guys and girls. The names at didnt just get there in 2 days.. you'll be fine grinding 0.10 a day or 0.50, doesnt have to be 12hours straight for the 1.0 or 2.0 skill.... mhm... It's not preventing you from playing the game... it's preventing you from playing unhealthy amount of time that in time could hurt you, the game's economy and let botters or nolifers climb to top of the food chain in shorter period of time. Angel what do you not understand when someone says ... that to get there.. you need to constantly work on something for hours and hours and hours and hours... to eventually.. get there.. And if the person had any idea what s/he's doing wrong.. they'd just fix their skilling schedule.. and use some of that play time to try new things to spice their game experience, there are several things that do not use fatigue and still give you stats/skills and resources to use.
  7. @Retrograde Couldn't there be some way to get the eggs to 'hatch' safely ondeed/indoors?
  8. r.i.p. venturerock, thx for the announcement
  9. try making your own profile for the settings.. anything but the 'default' one.. see if the problem persists... and you could probably start fresh.. setting everything up from the game... do not #### with the config file this time, no manual naughty stuff.. just the game console and settings window.. also..
  10. forum died on me for a few mins once.. but than it was up.. 1 of the first nubs I met in wurm had a lag problem.. playing for seconds to 1-2 min and dc, and the guy was stuck on a loop of disconnects ..... ofc he quit soon you've probably used 'leatrix' with wow...(have u?) if not.. that could help with your latency... but with dcs... I'd bid on packet loss, instead of slow connection.. wait for support's thought on this one.. it's going to be helpful if you could mention here or to them in pm/etc... your location(country) and to which wurm server/ip you're connecting to..
  11. You're hurting the market.. and you want a self nerf? or to boost profits as you're now set?
  12. -2 AI /auto/breeding barely ever happens.. and this drops the value of the bought horses. To get a new good horse you already need to have ~high AH skill and another 5speed horse, and it's still RNG AH chars are already #####ed by needing casts to fix things that they were supposed to be skilled enough to deal with .. but oh well... demons possess horses and have to be expelled(cast to fix the horse is valued at the current market value for the healthy horse, making that fix useless to anyone without spare priest or friend to bother) And... yes @KlaaI am aware that you could buy 1 rare 5speed and breed 20-50-100 3-4-5speed fems with it and possibly get 1 or 20 rare 5speeds in a 1-2weeks; but... you still need the setup and not many people do that or know about it. Lets keep the balls off the butchering grind.
  13. Interesting topic and numbers... I predict several nerfs to this buff if this topic keeps growing
  14. Lest we forget.