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  1. I'll take the 2 rakes : 90 coc and 91 coc CoD to Cambriaa
  2. Fullhouse pizza x2 please! CoD to Cambriaa
  3. +1
  4. WTB 1 Merchant Contract - PM me in game or here Cambriaa
  5. Windqueen!
  6. I'd like to order again. 10k Garlic to F14 on Pristine - Deed Greywolf Harbor Thanks!
  7. Worked great! I asked for several affinities for multiple characters and they all worked except for one (bugged for channeling). Will def order again in the future
  8. Hiya! I'd love a tasting kit please Send to Cambriaa
  9. Haven't paid too much attention to the forums lately, but I have a bunch of tortoises and breed them from time to time. I can breed a few more for you if you'd like. PM me in game or msg me on the forums
  10. Bump for Merumbra
  11. Awesome! Sign me up please, Cambriaa
  12. PM sent
  13. Thank you very much! Super fast delivery, will for sure order again
  14. Hiya! I'd like 20k Garlic please. F14 on Pristine - Deed Greywolf Harbor. If you could bring a bsb or fsb and COD the key to Cambriaa that would be great, thank you!
  15. Congrats!