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  1. 26s
  2. next 5 highest ql rift crystals cod to tuanta please
  3. I appreciate that the devs listen to our comments and suggestions. I would offer that the wording of the WSA could have been better written to solicit suggestions rather than a firm stance in past tense of an upcoming change and we just have to lump it. This: Could have been: It's come to the attention of the dev team that the mailing cost of 1c no matter the volume is too low. We would like the playerbase to offer up suggestions on a possible fix that would raise the mailing costs to an acceptable level but still allow the trade of liquids. Just a suggestion
  4. why not add a static charge for liquid volume that makes sense, is 1c too low yes I think so. Should it be 45c per small barrel, no I can not see a good reason for that. Something like 5-10c per small barrel makes much more sense. You are wanting to charge 45c for 20c worth of milk. There by killing that market because no one is going to buy it at those cod prices. It is always sad to see someone push something like this through because they like to lower QoL or bash emerging markets.
  5. I would pay 100-120 or so I think Novaflash wanted too much for it (imo).
  6. This can be closed.
  7. I think CC AB does that, they keep us updated on what they are working on. They solicit suggestions about things. (They do not always use it but they ask for it). Ask your company if they also shared their internal marketing strategies with their clients? Release dates for those same strategies? Target demographics for their offerings? I currently work a very large IT company and I can say for a fact we do not share any of that information with clients/customers. We do share work iterations where it pertains to the client and we interface with them for release support and other things they actually affects customer as per their contract. I think you are comparing 2 very different things. The OP came off as if he was entitled to the information (to me it read that way) when in fact he isn't. That would have put anyone responding to it on the defensive anyway. He could have come up with some marketing campaigns or strategies and offered to help or give ideas or even solicit ideas from the public that whoever is working on said advertisements could have drawn from.
  8. You have been reassured, at least once. If that is what you are asking for. It has been done. Your posts come across as if you are entitled to something more. Which really none of us are. We pay for a service that is it. Several people on the team have assured us that it is not going anywhere. I do agree more advertising would be nice. But CC AB needs to target the correct people who will end up as long term players. Not just any Tom / Richard or Harry who won't invest the time or money required to get good in this game.
  9. Welcome to Wurm. Just a side note: Being a social game, you probably could have asked in freedom / trade chat for someone to send / sell you a shard for coppers. I would have been happy to send you a shard I had to travel to find in a dead deed mine that I had no issues mining myself and did not see fit to complain because it was a no brainer. Also I used a few baking stones in the past in rl. I am not sure if any of them were marble. I know I used slate one and granite. They work awesome.
  10. +1 Animal transporting - I do not really care how it is implemented at this point anything is better than dragging err leading 4 at a time. Especially when they get stuck in building corners and unlead themselves or we get disconnected and they wander off.
  11. I have been using pingplotter to keep an eye on the router I posted above, it spends about 12-15 hrs between 2k-3k ms. From my workstation. From the vpn connection to paris (images will not insert correctly.) This is the only way I can play wurm online.
  12. Do you still have the rare cloth set? If so, please cod to Tuanta. Thank you.
  13. Fairyshine, if you are on windows you can try vpn unlimited (it gives 6 days trial) install it and then connect to the Luxembourg, Roost-Bissen server and open wurm and try to play. If you can play without lag and disconnects then you probably are having the same issue I am. I can bypass the problem using the vpn but it is seriously nutty having too. The other torrent friendly servers might work too but some of them route through the same router I was having issues with. France and Luxembourg work fine for me.
  14. We usually have lag on xanadu but normally its minor to bad, but lately its been decent on the server. Until this last week or a bit more. Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 22 ms 20 ms 21 ms [] 3 55 ms 55 ms 56 ms [] 4 51 ms 51 ms 51 ms [] 5 174 ms 182 ms 236 ms [] 6 176 ms 174 ms 174 ms [] 7 172 ms 172 ms * [] 8 174 ms 174 ms 175 ms [] 9 170 ms * * [] 10 172 ms * * [] 11 * 172 ms 176 ms [] 12 172 ms 172 ms 172 ms [] 13 172 ms 172 ms 183 ms [] 14 171 ms 171 ms 171 ms [] 15 3025 ms 3056 ms 3089 ms 16 3093 ms 3145 ms 2996 ms [] 17 3048 ms 2992 ms 3036 ms [] 18 3021 ms 3042 ms 3061 ms [] The red marked on seems to belong to Tata, from what Gavin has stated it looks like there isn't much hope in getting it corrected.
  15. #1 Rare fork 3s #2 Rare knife (cooking knife) 3s #3 Rare spoon 3s if you have 1 of these left, please cod 1 of each to Tpikol.