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  1. I'm curious now, will a trellis go past overaged to withered? And if so, what happens to the trellis? Overaged doesn't bother me, easy enough to prune at harvest time. Withered, however, is a massive annoyance.
  2. Something like Tundra might be a good balance, let it spread naturally, direct to destroy, can be made with 'small' amount of transmute fluid.
  3. Warning: Wild idea ahead Remove all priest restrictions (except RP based faith loss actions), but make it so they require a certain number of Parishioners for certain spells. A Parishioner is a non-priest premium player who joins the congregation of a priest of the same faith. A player can be a member of a single congregation at a time, with a cooldown for swapping congregations to prevent abuse. So Bless might be a 0 Parishioner spell, Genesis or Cure Light a 1 Parishioner spell while Disintegrate might be a 5 Parishioner spell. Numbers kinda random but its something different, though maybe outside the scope of that the Devs are looking for. Parishoners would probably get some sort of god-specific buff for their service, since they are giving up on the 0 parishioner spells the could get.
  4. Spell: Create Woodscrap Creates 3-5 woodscrap for those who cannot cut trees or dig fuel and just convenient for the others. As far as I know all priests can turn scrap into kindling, so lighting the fire shouldn't be an issue once they have the fuel. For extra flavor, have each god create a specific type of "impossible" woodscrap (rose, lavender, etc.) A favor cost of 25 and difficulty or 5 or 10 would put it immediate reach of new priests.
  5. Currently Floor Boards require 21 planks and 2 large nails, which is a huge amount of actions and material for something who's only purpose is paving. Reducing the materials to 4 or 5 planks and 1 or 0 nails would bring it's effort closer to that of other paving slabs.
  6. +1
  7. -1 I rather like the wiggle box. I'd consider a +1 only if there was a very easy visual distinction between active and empty hives without need for a mouse-over.
  8. Yes, the intention is you could only place them on the deep which they were attached to. I had completely forgotten (or never noticed) the ability for citizens to add upkeep with the body option. It would still be useful for banking or for non-citizens to donate to upkeep.
  9. An extra, craftable settlement token where banking can be done and money deposited or withdrawn into the settlement coffers. The real settlement token has all the normal requirements and restrictions and is the true heart of the settlement still. A simple visual distinction could be made by having it be a sundial on a short block instead of a medium pillar. The intention is that it could be placed underground for the dwarves among us, in temples so priests can deposit their spare change and anywhere else creative people come up with. Most likely Freedom only, since this would probably badly mess how fortresses are designed.
  10. I'm looking forward to paving some underground roadways to brighten them up a bit!
  11. Would love to have a normal-sized statue of each god, they would look great in temples.
  12. +1
  13. choices

    I feel a lot of abilities could benefit from being "Uses per day" with the uses increasing by one every level after you get it. Good examples would be Refresh or Get Info.
  14. I'd love to be able to get an upgrade over the rags I'm forced to wear when I take my armor off (aka different "naked" skin.)