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  1. Nope, still neglected.
  2. A like for Spellforce.
  3. It's also pretty bad with lamps. Probably saves from some lag though.
  4. http://exodus.nesgamepro.com/ Stonewall(Andromas) of course! Black Pearl (poke Brocules for the tour. he has Shire there as well), Boppingtonville, the Sandhill lagfest(Pepejot&Tris), the Zoo of Jolly Porkies (Dameblanche), the Great Green Colossus (between Toc Storage Depot and Hufflepuff on the map), Centrum Universi(Cyborg), Shadow's Blessing(Belfesar), islands and peninsulas of Lake Serpentine... upd.: The crater of Mt Tundra and the tunnel under it Picturesque waterways from i25 to i17 (south of Iron Mountain) and that narrow canal from Lake Thornfield south through a cute little pond and under the famous rope bridge
  5. It would be useful in case you'd want a paved tile between rock tiles with no grass inbetween.
  6. hey
  7. Rice should be allowed for baking in the same way any other grain is, i think.
  8. The map must evolve.
  9. Still alive under this pile.
  10. ***CTRL + F5 to see updated pictures with discounts*** ***+ DISCOUNTS BY REQUEST*** ***FREE 10c category pelts with any purchase*** Just help me get rid of this, please. If you're buying a lot of stuff, feel free to offer lower. с - Circle of Cunning w - Wind of Ages b - Blessings of the Dark All armour is enchanted with Aura of Shared Pain All armour is enchanted with Aura of Shared Pain \ FREE RECIPES: unfermented rum - 11x rare goblin liver and onion - 0x
  11. There was some tiny update just now, and after it: (Happens with any set of settings including default)
  12. Idk I was looking forward to making a trellis farm after those healthy changes, but not anymore. So much for usefulness.
  13. +1 But if they make piles easier, it will become more difficult to grind the skill on higher levels.
  14. Yes, it's improved with carpentry tools... Would you like it to take steel for imps?
  15. +1 half the volume would work even if it only fits with a rune
  16. I'm sorry for this attachment, but oddly enough fixie was the most convenient way to share this from this pc. Anyway, this is how my chars see each other while meditating. Sometimes it doesn't happen, sometimes happens only on 1 client. Nothing in the console.
  17. Why shouldn't that be a thing? Treliis need to be built, imped, you also need to forage for seedlings first.
  18. 2 PCs with different settings: every time I disembark onto a bridge, I'm stuck. Tried a couple bridges and a couple vehicles. Relogging for /lotime helps.
  19. Exported deed plans have all new material walls displayed as wooden arches and fences as wooden plank fences. Also bridges disappear.
  20. Exported deed plans have all new material walls displayed as wooden arches and fences as wooden plank fences. Also bridges disappear.
  21. +1 so that i wouldn't have to explain my disapproval. jk, the idea is good. I would be even for linking different faith priests without spell-specific restrictions, but this is something.
  22. No, it's just about numbers. Essentially this is pretty much what OP was asking for, but in a simpler way: instead of casting new spells to perform certain otherwise restricted actions you just spend favour directly on those actions themselves. Some actions, like improving, for instance, can still stay restricted, but everything beyond this is simply a matter of numbers. Natural favour regen and that from prayers are too small to count. Let's say you needed around 200 favour in total to make mats and build a stone altar. In case you're in the wild it's is worth a couple good gems or a whole field of cattle.
  23. Help me paint it all red.