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  1. All mailed. Thank you!
  2. I heard they aren't on the to-do list now... I suggest to put them there in the ASAP category! It's very important to have bridges matching new buildings.
  3. After a few days of intensive searching they finally found Rolf's forum password under one of keyboards and now trying to deceive us, posting under his account. The truth is out there.
  4. Can't queue using battering ram. Not sure whether intentional or not, but certainly out of place at least on PvE: [15:50:17] You cannot use the battering ram right now as it is already being used.
  5. So who's that 'mother', hm?
  6. And only 1 person (same name) trolling everybody both here and in the suggestion thread.
  7. To me value of yellow potion is having some fun. I think it should be sold on traders for a few coppers however. Like 5c. By the way, is sneaking up on enemies (in item pile or pheasant or flower pot shape) a thing?
  8. Done. Thank you for the purchase!
  9. Awesome, thank you, Bdew. I tried discovering everything of this on my own without code diving, now i see why i failed. 24 variations and probably bugs lol... btw about Wiki, i am afraid official policy is to exclude everything not confirmed in game
  10. [21:09:22] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you for the purchase!
  11. Unfortunately, it seems unfinished or bugged, possessed puppets only say few new lines that don't make a story.
  12. Sorry, forgot to cross it out. Any other, maybe? Sent!
  13. lol also unrepairable tools, please
  14. If only you could use rock shards as backfill.