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  1. Bump.
  2. Now that we have Rifts... necrobump
  3. Not very newb-friendly, to say the least. While the concept (of first 2 indeed) might be interesting, i just don't think it would work out.
  4. The art team rocks lately. This is great. Now i have a legit reason for why my deed is still a dirt square with a wooden shack on it. Because i'm waiting for the new walls! @Saroman, please, if it's possible, avoid the problem current stone walls' texture is having: mulstistory houses all look like zebras, because seams between floors are VERY visible.
  5. Good, thanks.
  6. +1 Leaving (some) gameplay mechanics a black box in MMORPG is a romantic utopia. There're two paths a game can follow - a perfectly logical natural system that doesn't require providing numbers to players and explaining how everything works, and the one where you explain everything and attach a label with a list of numerical characteristics on everything that isn't obvious. Following any other path will fail big time. But it's not just about some CR indicator, i'd go further: everything that affects CR (and other things) should tell you so, i.e. hovering over Fighting skill should spawn a popup telling you every 10 points in this skill raise your CR vs critters by 1 and CR vs players by 2, hovering over stance skills should also tell you what and how much they affect, certain conditions such as footing, position etc should also report their effect... et cetera. Unless, of course, we're playing a perfect sandbox... which doesn't exist.
  7. Can't you cast them already? I'm sure i've done numerous WoAs on armour as well as AoSPs on tools. They just don't work... at the moment.
  8. +1
  9. If anything, skill level in such skills should affect only lower cap so you would get only 50+ql (insert your number) items at 90 skill, for instance.
  10. Some men just want to watch the world burn. edit: dang, Faty beat me on this
  11. choices

    Bump for that described in the OP with some tweaks. I don't see how turning meditation perks into a whole RPG skilltree system would help anything, especially since it's uneasy to design well. To give people more choice and less 'locked in' feeling, just make switching paths quick and easy.
  12. nonononono +1 otherwise I personally don't have much of a problem with how they work now, but there's definitely plenty of room for improvement.
  13. +1 Slate slabs are stupidly complex.