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  1. i like this map. do you have the original files like the heightmap that i could use to tweak it for a private server?
  2. next time it happens - ill post log. i just plugged in my steam controller (since i dont use anyway) and it recognizes it as a 'mouse'
  3. can the 'hax' version be increased in resolution?
  4. I remote desktop into one of my PCs and it has no keyboard or mouse connected to it - essentially a database storage. wurm will not load because it does not detect mouse.
  5. Dang, I just made hundreds of slate slabs. Luckily, concrete was easy to make!
  6. @Kegan I don't think iron fence is ugly.
  7. On the calysto server i was able to purchase sorcery items.
  8. Timelapse 6 seconds apart 4,036 Screenshots Imported into Adobe Premier Each Screenshot is 0.03 seconds
  9. Awesome!!!
  10. 1. Can you remove the casting penalty for wearing armor? 2. Can you add recipe for tannin with charcoal instead of acorns?
  11. Can you add the crusaders tall banner and other flags? disregard, it has flowers on it.
  12. PSA: When you place it in console or in autorun you have to do it without the quotations..
  13. Just own it, bro. You're the toughest squeaky mother ###### on the server. Swallow that RED PILL
  14. That's from the Lisinopril