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  1. I don't really get all the technical talk... All I know is that my computer throws a fit if I try to run more than one Wurm window at once, but I'm not sure how much of that is the internet and how much is the computer. It freezes and goes not responding, and refuses to turn no matter what I do when I'm trying to do two windows. It's easier to walk backwards.
  2. If I get all of those things will I be able to run the 8 windows without having to change the internet?
  3. Probably building, unless I can find a ready made one that fits all of my requirements, which is doubtful. But the make of computer doesn't have anything to do with the internet speed, does it?
  4. I'm looking at getting a new computer sometime in the next few months. One of the main reasons for this is that my current computer can only run one Wurm window at a time, which is infuriating when trying to work with priest alts as well as my main. I've been told that I need to get a larger RAM, which I intend to put on the list of requirements for the new computer. My question is if I want to run multiple Wurm windows, will I have to upgrade the internet as well? My current speed is up to 4mbs per second. Assuming I had sufficient RAM, how many Wurm windows would I be able to run at once with that? My long term goal is to be able to run 7 or 8 so that all my priests can be online at once gaining favour and doing sermons, but for now I'd be happy with two, possibly three at once. Should I upgrade the internet for this when I get the new computer?
  5. I think the tortoises would have to be bigger if they were to be rideable - it would look a bit ridiculous riding a normal-sized one!
  6. A possibility that may be easier than making special animal boats is to modify the 'recall home' meditation function. You tame a pet, right click and recall home (if you have that ability, obviously). It gives you the option to send the pet to your deed, or to send it to a deed on another server. If you choose a deed on another server, a message is sent to the mayor of that deed asking if they accept their deed as the home of your pet. If they say yes, the animal teleports there.
  7. Someone mentioned that it would take extra calculations and coding to account for the width of a champ tortoise's shell if players are going to ride them. I was thinking maybe we could bypass that by having riders sit crossed legged on them like when meditating. We could not give them a minimum body control to ride, but have a chance of falling off at lower body controls.
  8. I'm all for increasing the spawns of tortoises and sea serpents! Even if they didn't, though, I'd still be willing to sail around searching for champion tortoises with reveal creatures until I found one, even if it did take a long time.
  9. How could you not want one of these?
  10. Thanks for the +1s Hopefully both changes will be made eventually. I have all the animals, so if you need anything you can let me know, we'll just obviously need to get the server border thing changed first.
  11. I've got a bunch of bred tortoises on Exodus I'm happy to give to anyone on other servers who wants them if we can get the change pushed through that animals can cross server borders. You can +1 the post here, and also take a look at the champion tortoises post if you're interested!
  12. I've got plenty of all of those on Exodus. I'll be happy to share if we can get the programming changed so that animals can cross server borders :) You can +1 the post about it here: