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  1. Bump!
  2. +1!! There may be some complications with pvp, but certainly for pve
  3. Let's add minotaurs to wurm! They can spawn in caves from Minotaur Mazes as their lair, able to be dominated, and can't exist outside caves (won't walk out, will stop being led, etc.).
  4. +1 yes please!!
  5. +1!!
  6. -1 please no. Let's get rid of night altogether, darkness sucks.
  7. +1 including colossi of all the new brick types!
  8. +1
  9. I wouldn't suggest that they be allowed to leave the sea, apart from the ones that already can like seals and crabs, etc. If they could be tamed/dominated, I'd love to dig an aquarium for them and keep them as pets or breed them in the water. If people would prefer land champs, though, I'm not that fussy - I just want more tameable animals! Particularly champion dogs and tortoises Making spiders and lava spiders tameable would be almost as good as dolphins and octopi...
  10. Since we've had so many awesome updates to caves, deeds now have the option of doubling their size by letting villagers create homes and keep animals underground. I think the deed caps should reflect this, and double as well. So for example, say a deed has a maximum of 50 citizens and 20 animals (arbitrary numbers) without doubling the deed upkeep for more citizens, let's make it so that they deed can have 50 citizens and 20 animals above ground, and 50 citizens and 20 animals below ground, making the total 100 citizens and 40 animals
  11. I don't think there would be any problem with more sea creatures if they could be tamed or dominated. If that's not going to be the case, then absolutely, only land creatures. It may be nice to change it so that the current sea creatures can be tamed/dominated, to give them a better role in the game
  12. +1 yes please!! We need more champions Champ hell hounds, lava fiends and hell scorpions would be awesome, though if I had to pick one new champion animal, I'd throw my weight behind champion tortoises And a definite yes to champ dogs and deer, please please please...
  13. +1