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  1. Around Christmas - it was a 12 days of Christmas special, 12 different animals with cool names spawned, one on each day. They spawned at the starter deeds of each server.
  2. bump!
  3. One of the main problems with the AH system currently is that there are more reasons to stay at 50 skill than there are to go above it. The chances of negative traits are a serious drawback to ever grinding it any higher, and I think this needs to change; it should be desirable to have skills higher, not lower. A good way to do this would be to add motivations that are available only at higher skills. My idea is we modify it so that names and traits that currently can't be passed down have a chance at being passed on by parents at higher AH levels. 1. Horse names or parts of names have a higher chance of passing down to offspring at a higher AH level. 2. Males can pass on conditions such as champion, greenish, etc. as well as females with a small chance at first, increasing with AH level. 3. Christmas animals can pass on their names (bird, French, piper, etc.) only at a very high AH level. 4. Over 90 AH cared for animals never die of anything (currently they drop dead for no apparent reason, even if it's not often)
  4. I'd suggest modifying the system so it didn't look for too many animals on one server, it counted all the animals on all the servers and looked for too many animals in total. If that happened, the server with the highest animal per tile ratio could have its spawns cut back for a bit, or whatever they currently do to control animal population, until the numbers were correct again.
  5. That makes sense re the high quality products, but if 100ql products are the only way to make primary colours, it makes primary colours excessively difficult to make. Perhaps we could consider either lowering the quality required to give 255, 0, 0, or making 100ql materials easier to get. It's easy enough with high mining to get high quality metals, but a 100ql cochineal, acorn or woad would prove much more elusive...
  6. That's a good idea re the vinegar, but it would probably have to work in conjunction with ingredients not contributing other colours, or being able to strip colours individually. Otherwise, say for blue dye, you'd lower all the values until only a blue value remained, add more woads to get a higher blue value, then have to lower all the values again to strip any new red and green. The blue value would gradually increase if you did this multiple times, but what happens when you finally get the blue to 255 and it still has red and green values? You could lower red and green to zero again, but to get the final blue back up to 255 and red and green 0, the last time you added a woad it would have to contribute no red or green, or you'll never get there, you'd just have to keep decreasing values and adding again, but you'd never reach 255, 0, 0. Maybe there could be different things to strip different colours? Like vinegar strips red, bleach strips green, etc. Though it may just be easier only to have ingredients contribute their own colours.
  7. +1 to everything except not using this mechanic to allow animals to cross server borders. An upgrade in animal transport over water, both between servers and within servers, is long overdue, and it makes more sense to make one update that solves all animal transport issues at once.
  8. I'm not sure why it's literally impossible to make dyes in primary colours, but I think this needs to be changed. It's fine if creating primary colours is hard, and takes a lot of time, skill and materials, but it seems silly to make it completely undoable. As things currently stand, there are two factors that prevent us making primary colours. The first is that there is a limit to how high the RGH values go. I think I heard somewhere it was just above 200? Since for any primary colour you need either red, green or blue to be 255, 200 makes it impossible. The second factor is that for some reason, all of the different coloured ingredients don't contribute only their own colour. For example, a cochineal is for red, but if you make red dye with a cochineal, the dye still has green and blue values. Either we should remove this, or make it possible to strip certain colour values from a dye, as you're not going to get primary colours without two of the RGB values being 0. I wouldn't even mind if the whole system was made harder to make up for these changes, but I'd really like to be able to make primary colours. We'll also need woad planters, as mentioned in another post, as woads are the only materials that are practically not available even to people with high skills.
  9. I've got almost all the Christmas animals, I just still need one of the French hens - please let me know if you have one and are willing to trade / sell!
  10. Tich, when you say unique animals, you mean things that have only one spawn on a server at a time, right, like dragons? Not animals with conditions such as champions? We could still bring champion pets across servers, right?
  11. Oh really? I never knew that, I thought they inevitably died after a while. I know they can't die of hunger either, they can starve but not die. So the only things that could cause a cared for animal to die would then be disease or being attacked, correct?
  12. I know that caring for an animal makes it live a long time - years. But it doesn't live forever. Cared for animals die, even if it is years later. Could we remove this please? Personally I'd feel a lot better if I knew I wasn't going to log on one day and find one of my cared for animals dead. It's not so much of a problem for animals you can breed, as you can breed more of them before they become venerable, but for animals that you can't breed, it is a problem. Dogs and deer with conditions no longer spawn, and most of the people who have any of the remaining ones (myself included) have males, which you can't breed. I have a male slow dog which I dearly love, but I know that someday it'll die and I'll never be able to get another one, unless the caring for is changed so that it won't die as long as I care for it. There are also now the Christmas animals, all male and therefore unbreedable, which are also slated to die without hope of getting another unless this is changed. Another factor is that many people have horse names they particularly like, and care for a horse for that reason. When that horse dies, getting another one with the same name, colour and qualities is virtually impossible. For all intents and purposes, that horse is lost forever.
  13. They spawned at starter towns on the 12 days leading up to Christmas. If you're lucky you may be able to find some still alive out in the wild, but I know a lot of them were killed. Let me know if you find any frenches or golden rings, I still need those two! I have most of the others, so I could trade for them
  14. No, you can't dominate them You can't tame scorpions irl either, but the game allows that, it makes no less sense to allow it for spiders.
  15. I've already posted there, so far I haven't found anyone selling. This post is more to get information, though if I do find someone to trade with I won't complain! But it looks like no one wants to trade, so my best bet is to find out if the animals I want still exist on other servers, then go there myself if they do. So I don't think this post would be appropriate for the want to buy section, unless I'm buying the information, but I hope people will just tell me if they've seen any without wanting money for it