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  1. It could be set so that brands automatically delete upon moving servers. Owners could just rebrand when they get to the new server.
  2. Dominate does work on scorpions, but yes it would be great to have that for spiders. I don't particularly care whether it's taming, charming or dominating, just as long as there is some way to lead and breed them.
  3. Please could we make it so that we can tame the sea creatures? If we could tame dolphins, octopi, whales and sharks, and dominate sea serpents, that would be awesome. Also can we tame spiders and lava spiders? They're the only animals that spawn as champions that you can't tame or dominate, and I'd really like to see that change.
  4. I had a champion goblin that turned up on the traitor mission list. I was really pleased because I want to build up a collection of traitors. Now the mission is gone and it's no longer a traitor. This has never happened to me before, all of my other animals have stayed traitors, though those were on Chaos. Is this a bug, or has the programming changed to delete traitor tags after missions? Is it different on different servers?
  5. It's nice having an animal that's cared for by someone else, with one glaring problem: if it's someone you don't know (personally I have a few animals cared for by people I don't know), they could log on one day and decide to stop caring for the animals they don't have anymore to clear their caring for list. A venerable cared for animal can die within hours of someone stopping caring for it, so you probably won't get a chance to care for it yourself, unless you happen to be online and examining it the moment it's no longer cared for; most likely it ends up dead. I suggest we make a caring for override option. If you have an animal that's already cared for, you can care for it as well, overriding the original caring for. If the other person stops caring, it won't die because you're caring for it, and if you stop caring for it, the other person's caring for still stands, so you won't be able to use it as a way to kill other people's animals.
  6. It's bizarre, so it turns out I was wrong and the crocodile I could charm wasn't branded, and unbranding the animals seems to let me charm them, but I shouldn't need to do that, should I? If I have permissions set so that my alts can tame, charm, use deity spells, etc., right? There was also this strange thing where I tried to charm one of my branded tortoises and it let me do the spell (though it didn't succeed because the tortoise attacked me). I logged on my main as well to attack the tortoise so I could charm it, and suddenly it was bad for my karma and I couldn't do it. Seems a bit inconsistent, but unbranding my animals is working for now, though it is annoying I need to do that...
  7. I didn't try with the cave bug off deed, but the cave bug and crocodile are both branded and both have the same permissions (my alt is ticked in all the boxes, manage, ride, etc.). Plus now it won't even let me charm that same crocodile again - I tried - or any of the other animals on my deed.
  8. I've got a deed owned by my main, and all my alts, including my Fo alt, have permissions to do anything on deed. They have individual permissions, and are also members of the village, and village permissions are set the same. According to all permissions, any of my priests should be able to tame/charm/dominate, as well as cast deity spells. What really confuses me is that it was working just a little while ago. I used my Fo priest to charm a champion crocodile. About an hour later, I tried to charm a champion cave bug and I couldn't. It said that would be very bad for my karma and was disallowed on the server. I hadn't changed my permissions at all. I checked, and they were still all the same. I tried with other animals, and I can't charm any of them now, but I don't get what's changed or how to change it back. All I did on my main was feed some animals and do some farming; there's no way that should have magically changed the permissions, and even if it did, I checked and all the same boxes are ticked that were ticked when I charmed the crocodile. All of my animals are branded, the crocodile is now untamed, I had enough favour and permission to manage all animals on deed. The Fo alt can still do other spells like Genesis. I've tried reclogging and ticking some other boxes in the permissions just in case they needed to reset, but nothing is working. How on earth am I supposed to change whatever it is back so that my Fo can charm again?
  9. Bump! Pretty please, I'll pay a lot
  10. I've been wanting to make an obelisk ever since I moved to Exodus a couple of months ago. I've been checking the missions every day, but so far there hasn't been a single one for an obelisk, whereas I must have seen dozens for spirit gates. Please could we have some obelisk missions as well?
  11. When creating or expanding a deed there are a number of things that won't allow you to do so, such as aggressive animals, other buildings, other deed perimeters, etc. I have large deed that I've recently expanded, and both in creating and expanding it was a nightmare, because the first problem that always comes up is aggressive animals. So I'll spend ages hunting down all the aggressive animals in the area and removing them. Only after that do I get a message saying my deed overlaps with someone else's perimeter, or there's a one square building somewhere that I don't have permissions to. Then I have to redo the parameters to get around the obstacles, and spend even more time getting rid of aggressive in the new area. Please could we have things like buildings and other deeds display first when you survey an area for your own deed? Then we'll know right away if we can deed the area we want and won't waste time clearing space unnecessarily.
  12. I get that, and I know it's a long shot, but it just seems really unfair to me that having an interest in animals is made so much harder by the deed ratio than anything else. A weapon smith can have hundreds of weapons, a farmer can have hundreds of crops, a builder can have hundreds of houses, all of those on deed with no problem... but a breeder wanting hundreds of animals had better have a lot of money, or it's not going to happen...
  13. No, I don't keep all that I raise, just those for my breeding and animal collection. Here are my calculations: 130 for every animal of every condition, x2 because animals sometimes randomly die for no reason, so there needs to be a spare at all times 10 breeding bison for 5 speed 8 breeding unicorns for 5 speed 8 breeding cows/bulls for 5 speed 16 breeding horses for 5 speed (1 pair of each colour) 10 breeding hell horses for 5 speed 24 of all the other tameable/dominate-able animals that don't have conditions x2 because of random dying 10 black sheep herd Napoleons: 8 New year's narwhals: 7 Great horned goose: 3 Butters: 10 Aquaphobic swans: 12 15 herd of 5 speed horses for my alliance to take from 15 herd of 5 speed hell horses for my alliance to take from 12herd of 5 speed bison for my alliance to take from 10 herd of 5 speed unicorns for my alliance to take from (for when they can wear gear) 10 herd of 5 speed cows/bulls for my alliance to take from Extra champion dog pen: 15 Extra champion deer herd: 15 Extra tortoise pen: 10 Random other animals that wander onto this gigantic deed and mess with the ratio: 50 Future Christmas animals: 100 Total: 650 I don't have all of these yet, but my collection is coming on along well and grows all the time. I have thought of keeping animals off deed, but that has the two huge disadvantages of requiring constant repairing for all the fences, and being susceptible to being bashed/picked by other players.
  14. I need space for 650, which totals to an upkeep of nearly 20 silver. With a more reasonable deed ratio, I could have a deed that cost 3s per month and still have plenty of space for all the pens.
  15. Why not? What possible reason could there be for it not happening?