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  1. I don't think it is possible to love the art team any more than I do right now
  2. please send the 2 yule goats to Kasumi - thanks
  3. Clearly a setup - I'd be very afraid of whatever is hiding inside that tent....
  4. *twitch* going to have to expand the deed again to accommodate more hell horses now! (not complaining tho - will be great :P)
  5. I always knew they were in cahoots with each other! Plotting the demise of the unsuspecting human encampment below!
  6. Would be great if at a certain skill level you will be able to see which animals can still be milked when you move your mouse over them - like seeing which trees have sprouts or fields (un/tended) And the same with grooming!
  7. Marble slabs now in stock and special discount on bundles of potions
  8. send the rare champagne for 20c to Kasumi please
  9. Interested in the following items : 1x Ebonaura Tall Banner 2x Macedon Tall Banners bought Please pm me with prices and details either on forum or in game - thank you