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  1. +1 Since we can't get taxidermy why not let us make a statue of every mob in the game and then some? And use more than stone or marble.
  2. Ladders would be a great addition to the game. Could be used for 2nd store housing where you don't want a 2nd floor but want the walls 2-3 stories high. Use ladder for raising mine higher also.
  3. Can you add ships to Deed Planner? I want to relocate a ship I use for storage on deed and have an idea, but want to see how it looks first. Can't find how to place a Caravel or a Cog on the 2nd store of my house.
  4. I'm not a cool also and feel you on what you mean. Use Beeswax and wrap your food with wax paper. I make 8 bangers and mash and last me about a month when I wrap it and store in larder. I think 1 wax sheet can make 10 wax papers. Priest can make also, but can't make wax seals. Only wax paper. Another step, but at least only cook once a month now.
  5. By chance is this the same with lamps in your inventory? My personal light takes damage when it's off. Don't know if it's related to the same kind of bug code.
  6. I'll double check them all today and make sure repaired and post if they take damage again. I posted today because one had decay on it on deed, but I honestly don't remember last time I repaired that one flag I repaired today.
  7. Same with Kingdom Flags on deed. They take decay ticks all the time on my deed. I would think a flag would be decor and not decay, but it does.
  8. Got it...thanks. Please close!
  9. WTB - 40 Silver at $40 USD
  10. For past couple of months getting champ points has been pretty sketchy. I'm posting this issue, because it doesn't seem I'm getting all the champ points I should be getting and wondering if others might be having the same problems. My understanding is when you kill someone in PvP on Chaos you champ points. You also get bonus champ points for killing kings (leaders) and other officers I believe. Couple days ago I was on a bunch of kills and death tabs proved I was on the kills. I started with 14 champ points before the fight and after being on 5 kills I only received 3 champ points. So I went from 14 to 17 points. Should I have gotten 2 more points out of this? I've tried the "wait for an hour and you'll see the points" and now it's been 2 days and still at 17 points (3 points from 5 kills).
  11. Life is Feudal is the only game I've found that is almost exactly like Wurm Online. It's still new and has a lot of bugs in beta though. I've played the "your own" version and it's pretty damn good, but I stick with Wurm for now.
  12. I should be there.
  13. +1 Fishing missions would be cool. Anything to expand the missions. If has to be like 160 items, make it a fish that doesn't require 90 fishing skill.
  14. +1
  15. Or a limited idea is to have a /loc command that would tell you how far away you are from a starter town. /loc [01:02:03] Linton is extremely far away a head of you. lol