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  1. Be nice to be able to tame more than one creature at a time while out and about. Would make fighting with bears and other creatures along your side more interesting since fighting with one tamed bear is really weak. Have a group of dogs attacking a mob with you or protecting you. Kind of useless still, but why not. It's a sandbox. Make the limit based on your taming skill. Can tame 1 creature up to 39 skill. Can tame 2 creatures at a time after 40 skill. Tame 3 creatures at a time at 60 skill. Tame 4 creatures at a time after 80 skill. Was thinking about this after taming 1 bear and wanted to tame 2 to bring back to deed, but have to make 2 trips just for this. Taming right now is pretty useless anyways and mainly only for a mount so allowing us to tame more than 1 creature at a time would help add a lot to taming without actually making a lot of changes to it.
  2. 5c
  3. 55c
  4. 55c
  5. The most frustrating part of this is not knowing to bring a personal lamp and getting completely lost in the mine since can't see 2 tiles a head of me.
  6. Still need to protect your kingdom on Chaos to keep your PMK (graphics) active. That's the part that I hope brings more population to Chaos. Don't get a free ride to Chaos to start a PMK and get a tabard for your freedom alliance. Have to protect it.
  7. If they closed off Chaos from the rest of Freedom then it will die. I'd leave and go play Epic. More land, mobs, things to do and it's own eco system not mixed with Freedom already. And it's just a portal hop away. Chaos is too small to be locked into it's own. Log into this server in the morning and population is 6 people. Freedomers are more willing to try Epic than Chaos because it's easier to get there with the portal also.
  8. There is something called general respect and it sucks that people think since it's a sandbox all human morals go out the window. Like it's an excuse to be a ###### person. I think if you are a ###### person in the game then you are probably a ###### person in real life. Hey lets go play a sandbox and F people over by earning their trust and ruining their game experience. It's all good. GM's shouldn't be involved, it's a sandbox. Why the hell do people want to play a game where they feel helpless by getting screwed over and it's okay since it's a sandbox.
  9. I don't understand how Chaos is part of Freedom servers, but can't represent our Chaos Kingdoms while on normal freedom servers. Wagons, flags, etc carry over from Chaos and would like to be able to wear my Chaos tabard on freedom. Tired of wearing the same tabard when not on Chaos as everyone else. This should be part of the PvP change. Would get more people interested on going Chaos and maybe starting a PMK. Normal Freedomers want custom Tabards and Kingdoms? Then give them a chance to go to Chaos and create a PMK and earn the right to represent. Just don't hand it to them though. Only thing we have when doing Rifts and other events while not on Chaos to represent is dropping tents. Then have a bunch of normal green freedom tabards around it and don't have a clue who is in what. Seems lame. This would boost recruitment into Chaos as others will see these pimped out Kingdoms all over and want to join up. Why is Chaos part of Freedom then. It seems like the Dev's (I guess mainly Rolf) have shunned it from the rest of the world and making Epic seem better. They get multiple servers and cool stuff. We get...............the finger. Make Chaos worth more than just one server separated from the rest.
  10. We have gorillas on Chaos that are in need of bananas. Where's the bananas? This ish is bananas!
  11. Annoying this isn't changed bump!
  12. I've been doing this a lot now on Xan. How I've been hunting and got me in some really busy spots up north. Clear them out and TP to next area. Two out of 3 times on Xan I'm in the middle of the water though. So lots of logging off. Xan has too much side oceans for it's size. I'll try on smaller server next time hunting freedom. And I agree this isn't something I'd bring to Chaos. Was just toying with the idea since seems like fun with friends at same path and level. Don't see many freedomers using path of insanity. Unless they can group random TP. lol
  13. Always hoped this could be fixed. I don't do lawn corners anymore from this issue.
  14. +1 again and again.