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  2. +1 Maybe next update after walls we get more statue material choices. So far I use marble for everything since stone looks bleh. Great news on the wall update. Keep people busy for awhile. Can't wait to see all the new dynamic looking deeds.
  3. Damn just saw this post and was thinking they just changed to allow us to do this. Shame we can't.
  4. I'll buy Rare Rake and Rare Shovel for 10s total. If you agree send to "mewantcookie".
  5. I'm in the same boat. Waiting for these games in development to get out of alpha/beta that seem interesting. Kickstarter games do suck though. They just take our money and give us hope that they will give us the updates we want, then we wait and lose hope and give up...later find out game won't be released as originally planned and turns into another game you have to wait for. Is wurm pvp a kickstarter by chance?
  6. With all the issues on selling and buying accounts, was hoping Code Club would think about doing their own Escrow for account sales? Then Wurm Online can make a percentage on the transaction also (incentive?). Wurm Online controls the account ownership so makes sense for Code Club to host the Escrow so the accounts can be locked and traded without relying on the trust system between people and paypal. A huge part of WO is buying/selling accounts and I think Code Club needs to embrace this.
  7. Is this PvP update going to be like an "Over Haul" or just a few small updates that we'll just keep complaining about and then feel like Chaos didn't matter as much again? I'm getting myself too hyped up on this and want to make sure I can stay hyped. Change and fix the PvP lore would be the main thing. Not like they've written books about Wurm lore and can't be changed. Seems you guys can change the game and the lore without Rolf now. You honestly need a dev (not a gm) playing as a regular character on Chaos and being active before they will know what to fix. Have them go on some raids and fights and see the issue people have. Go under cover and join a kingdom and don't tell them you are a dev or any part of the Wurm Team. See how we really play the game then fix it. We don't always have issues with game mechanics, but with people giving up on the game or doing certain types of fights because of how the game is setup in general. See those issues and figure out what to change to engage people more. (Only saying this because I've heard Rolf used to do this.) It's a sandbox so it's not like other games where we all PvP the same under the same rules or physics. We make our own rules and all play differently. My biggest gripe is some people don't want to fight because they don't want to lose their high skill they grind. Not a lot of people taking chances. Some just stay on deed and even tell us they don't want to fight and just craft and do Hota. That's about it. I think they only on Chaos so they can sell items for real money. Doesn't make the GAME fun at all when people focus to make real life money from it. Guessing on this and have no proof. I've figured out to be able to do anything fun on Chaos you have to buy an account from someone. Most all accounts that matter in Chaos have been traded, sold or purchased. There are no new accounts to be afraid of. Not everyone is into Buying their way into Chaos and that is probably the biggest issue in Wurm PvP. To me at least.
  8. +1 Failed taming a pig last night twice in a row after taming a horse. Really? Only on Chaos..... Hope it's part of that PvP rework (better be an overhaul).
  9. +1 Very nice. So far only real thing for wood chips is making paper.
  10. All champs should drop 99ql items. It is a champion. Champ Troll 99ql club, Champ Lion, 99ql pelt (and other items) when butchered. I would like to have a HUGE champ tortoise shell though.
  11. suggestion

    That was more of a suggestion post I just made. lol
  12. suggestion

    -1 Just my opinion. To me 1st person emerges you deeper into your character and you feel like "You Are" the character. They should deeply improve "mouse look" mode to actual work like an FPS shooter game. By doing that hopefully eliminates the need for people wanting to go 3rd person. I use "mouse look" mode while walking around and always wish I could do more with it. Glad space bar is default for this. Makes it easier to switch. Only reason I see wanting a 3rd person view mode is for when you are staring at a forge all day. At least can look at what your doing and see the actions that way and don't get burned out in the same position looking at static pictures. Other than that 3rd person is I play a lot of FPS games and would love to see more FPS "Mouse Look" options. Like for combat, if you are looking and pointing at someones right arm and attacking, then it would target the arm on the target paper doll. Or aiming for the head, then it targets the head on the paper doll fighting window thing. Everything in this game right now is...... Click.....Wait....Click....Wait..... Click arm...wait.... go to the bathroom while fighting because you know you'll be standing there for 3 minutes anyways waiting......... Went to the bathroom this morning and forgot I was afk for another 10 minutes...Came back and I found out I killed 2 trolls. Pretty boring there. Trolls should have killed me since I wasn't able to be engaged in the fight since I was in the bathroom, but oh well...that's wurm.... Click...wait.... I know this game can't do instant actions, but there are so many more ways to make us feel like we are more engaged. Like fighting in a rift is honestly one of the most boring thing I've done in WO and don't do it anymore for awhile now. I click 3 buttons most of the time I'm there. Target, Attack, Aim, attack, aim head....go to the kitchen grab a snack...still fighting aiming at head so go do something else....around the house. The added animations is a Great way to add more depth for us and thanks for those so far. I haven't noticed any difference in Chaos though except for pushing and drinking water. I want to see someone on the ground when I shield bash, but haven't seen it yet. --- Mainly PvP related here below ----- Good example. They added first person view in Grand Theft Auto 5 which is awesome when driving and fighting. I usually stay in 1st person while playing now. But I do go to 3rd person view to look around walls and corners and try to see angles I can see in 1st. Even in GTA5 online you can see around corners in 3rd person view which gives an advantage. This would suck in Chaos. Switch to 3rd person view to look around a wall then switch back to 1st person and go fight. Can't remember the other game that had 1st and 3rd, but 3rd person view means you can see a great deal more than the person using 1st person which gives an advantage.
  13. LMAO. This is great read. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  14. I'm still getting a lot of lag while playing on unstable client. I use the same graphic profile with stable and unstable, but unstable gives me 1 second lag every 5 seconds. I'll try lowering my graphic settings, but then.....why? Looks bad. No disconnects which is awesome though, but not playable with the constant pausing. Weird happens on my Windows 10 machine. Intel Skylake i7 16GB DDR4 Ram Nvidia 1060 - 6GB Ram on card. (Plays GTA5 and Battlefield 1 on extreme graphics no issue.) (I know Wurm is a different beast though.) And Debian machine too. AMD Athlon X4 8GB DDR3 Nvidia 250