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  1. Up
  2. Edit: Double posting on these forums is really getting ridiculous.
  3. Yeah I wasn't sure what call to make there. I'll switch those two skills back. Thanks!! Edit: Epic Digging and Paving scale again. It's not perfect (Digging kinda halfway scales for example), but it's good enough for now.
  4. Fixed. No longer epic scaling on: Fighting, Faith, Lockpicking, Locksmithing, Digging, Meditating, Paving, Prospecting. Let me know if I missed any (I feel like there should be more).
  5. Thanks, I forgot about that. Will take care of it tonight.
  6. Thanks, I forgot about that. Will take care of it tonight.
  7. Yes. I'd like to have filters that remember your settings. I'd also like to have a "my preferences" page for registered users that can permanently override different themes and selections. For now you can bookmark the individual cluster/server pages.
  8. I fixed it and you can now delete individual skill dumps again. I didn't make any real changes to Niarja, but I did perform what's called a "Major Version Upgrade" to some of the underlying software. I had to make some minor changes to functions that have been deprecated (that is, removed from the newer version of the software). So let me know if you run into anything weird. Other than switching themes (you have to refresh the page after clicking the button) I think everything is working normally.
  9. I did look into this. Trentasaurus' information is suspicious, but completely possible. It looks like he/she is inactive, so for now I've hidden their skill dump from the website. They can speak to it if they return. I think that's the fairest thing to do. I didn't make any changes to the website code, so I'm not sure what you mean That does appear broken! Taking a look.
  10. Updating some stuff. Might be down very shortly.
  11. Up
  12. Skill Compare will always be for fun, but I do try to move obviously incorrect dumps. I will run some tests to see if that combination of blacksmithing and smithing can be accomplished. Edit: A REST API to get character skills is the dream, but probably not worth Wurm developer time
  13. Didn't notice that, thanks. Skills like that might not be possible. Not sure yet.
  14. I know that the population graph is showing 0 even though there are actually people logged on. I'd prefer to rely on the regular URL so I don't need to change it in response to circumstances. Populations will show up again when the DNS issues are resolved. Hailene - I'm working on how skills are ranked. It's not working properly right now. I'd rather have it something like this: SKILL | RANK 100.00 | 1 100.00 | 1 99.99 | 3
  15. You're also making an assumption about their subnet. This would break my setup, for example. It's fine to do this for a bit, just add some of this info to the OP so people who aren't used to doing this don't end up breaking things they're not equipped to fix. Thanks.