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  1. HI there if someone could look here we movie: (watch with subtitles) and enjoy And the new topic is here :
  2. Do you ever wanted to join a big settlement? Here is a tip - You can join Harvestmoon . The mayor of this deed is Ultradude but i can add also some ppl. Just pm me in game using command /tell "wachmistrz" or "ultradude" - without quotes , then we add you. but if you on Release you will be have a option to teleport near settlement token or Ultra can travel to ya by boat: This village is alocated on Release D 22 Here: There are planty of buildings and structures inside this village like: -Horse, Cow , Bull ,Bisons, Hell Horses, Pens -Main Cave where we store Wemp , Cotton and mined Veins -Iron Cave where are Iron veins -Vacant Houses that you can take for free if you don't like to build a new one -Beehives -Huge fields where you can grind farming skill Here is video from vilage (Best with subtitles turned on): What we can offer: - Food -Advice and Knowledge for newbies -Place for your Home -Some weapons and tools -Wagons or carts -Aliance -You could use fields , caves or thigs inside village. Fell free to ask and join us .
  3. Hello i want to sell 32s 1s:1e please message if interested. If you buy i give you rare steel gauntlet and rare grindstone fo free* I can also send longsword 80ql 68lt for free* 32S=32E paypal or in bitcoin ? I would preffer first option but pm me first... * If you buy 32S
  4. /////////////Delivery at your own/////////////// GREEN lettering MEANS I CAN COD IT RED lettering MEANS YOU MUST Swim to exo H24 to can take it Bulk materials: Mortar 1k/2silver // 2k in store Clay 1k/1silver // 6k in store Dirt 1k/90Cooper //about 6-8k (i don't know excatly) Arrow shafts 1k in store 40c for all Charcoal 800 (low ql) in bsb (2s) Planks 880 >70cooper Lead about 1k in store / 80c Support beams 3s for 100 (want to buy everything from here?> !price 20% lower) Rares: Rare forge unfinished (6.5s) Rare grindstone 2s Fireworks 80ql 40cooper Rare small crate 1s Rare small shield 1s Rare steel gauntlet 2s Enchanted tools: hammer 83 coc 50cooper longsword LT 68 86ql 1.4s hatchet 60coc 25cooper pickaxe 69coc 30cooper wild cat pelt 94ql (2.5dmg) 78coc 45cooper saw 67coc (54ql) 35cooper shovel Woa 47ql 31Woa 59Coc 40cooper Other stuff: Low ql meat (35c for) 1k 75Ql saw for 15c 1 sleep powder 1s 117 steel gauntlets 20c good for imping ash ( i must check how much i have) Iron ( i must check how much i have atm about 500) Village: I want to sell my village also i think it's right offer beacuse you will buy village with stuff i leave in it More info: Small Sailing Boat nearly made inside village (worth about 1s) WAGON With crates (worth about 1s) Village (that cost me about 11s) upkeep per month = 1.40s Price : 3.5s Exodus 24H 3 buildings horses+ some things i don't need to take with me to coffin In village there are 2 ores iron and gold / near village is huge cave with lead Upkeep: Atm 41days when i am writing it (01-09-16r) (about 2.5s in village bank atm) Want to buy everything ??? > from all post here ? : 25 s and village with all things from here will be yours Price for all bulk item here is :17.5Silver So for 7.5s more you get all rares , things , village All rares here 12.5s At all 40s worth in 25s + village Everything that is in village and in this post!
  5. So what i have in stock atm: NAME: Quantity: Price: Mortar 2000 (will be more) 4s Support Beams 100 4s Rare unfinished Forge 1 8s Rare small crate 1 2s Lead ore 2000++ 1k/1s I will be able to transport these things in about 2-3 days I have 7k of clay in stock also so i can make more mortar Tommorow will be more mortar in stock PM ME for more info my nick ingame :riderpl
  6. Hello i want to sell 7 k mortar for 18s 1k of mortar = 2 This include free shiping to all freedom servers ( without Chaos) Contact : send me message on forum or in game
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  8. I have a lot of rares to sell ask me on forum if You need some
  9. Hello I want to sell 100 support beams for 4s Other things for sale :140grapesprouts for 1s / 170 cameliasprouts for 1.2s / 60maplesprouts for 60c / I have 6 rares for sacrafice ( 90c for all) Only pickup 19D Deliverence /
  10. Hello ,I want to sell 40 hatchets so I offer : #free transport to freedom isles if you buy all of them # heap price 1 hatchet cost average 8,75c
  11. Hello, I want to sell 40 Hatchets ^If you want to buy all free tronsprot to freedom ^3,5s for all ^I can send it (pm me) Riderpl is my nick Bellow image of it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzVZ-YraejkIc2VldVFjQjE1RlU/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hello I'm looking for work near 19d Deliverence. I can make low ql bulk materials and help with panfiling ,terraforming or something.
  13. Hello I want to sell 2k of bricks for 2s (I can descend from a price) . If you want know more contact me in game . (My nick is Riderpl) Unfortunately I cannot deliver it ,but may this don't be a big problem?
  14. Hello I want to sell 2 ships knarr and corbita you cna pick up it at deed caled arr (19d in-game map) I can transport it free to deliverence but , away from the spot price of delivery is dependent on the distance, (negotiable). /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Knarr is (are made of cedar wood 48 quality) with an anchor and a lock (outstanding quality) The price for this is the 10s /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Corbita is (made of cedar wood 42 quality) with an anchor and a lock (above average quality) The price for this is 3s /////////////////////////////////////////////////// ~my nick in game is Dedeyvonzirrael
  15. Hi, I'm interested to join your village . I'm new player and i'm looking where i can find village since i started on xanadu (and I land on deliverance it's large story). I know the mechanics of game and I would try to get premium by foraging (7.14silver in account) . If you can invite me i would be so grateful to you . In static i play wurm 9h 40m+ and i'm near your deed/settlement i want to be a carpenter/chef as you like it that I can grind skill of your choice as i get prem. I send you pm in game if i will be online.