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  1. 2 hours to go til this rift opens. Leather City Rift Camp is up and running. We got building up with archers spots, a forge, Vyn altar, and for added flair a catapult for rp. Lots of trees to cut down here still.
  2. The latest Rift location is at 12/13 N,O Timer from this post is 15hrs South East of Crater of the Dawn Famrs
  3. I have the recruitment ad up for Lc as we could use villagers that enjoy a bit of relaxing gardening and do the occasional orchard picking. Wear sun hats! Now I take pleasure in welcoming our new additions to the family of villagers Mahree, Dagarth and Rodolf. Nice you're with us and live long and prosper The New Apothecary is finished and so is Mayors Mansion. Currently building the Leather City Inn for visitors passing by into Western region of Xan. Come see at our mountain ranch
  4. There is plenty of room on Xan and I think there is a rise in positivity on the Western side. I see development happening in roads bridges and deeds. I see nice deeds that have been abandoned as only an easier means for new people to come in and bring their vision. Happy deed hunting no matter what world you choose
  5. Recently, I've posted again for new villagers to join Leather City on the recruitment board. I've had a few answers to that..ty Few have joined with others who are presently abroad for priestly studies. Hopefully they will return soon. Welcome back Leather City's Sheriff, Eridil after having a month long breakage with technical issues. Missed your presence here. New build - The Apothecary to hold sick villager who like to roleplay that and to have plenty of herbal remedies and bandages for wounds from nasty battles with mobs Western Union Alliance news is Cecci and Keyos is looking for assistance with the Lavender Bridge build. Dirt and sand is being dumped. It's looking wonderful so far. Amazing spanning bridge that's going to connect the North from Lavender Hillside and Sunset to J10. Good job alliance members!!
  6. Hope Xan is up sooner than later. I've got new villagers who joined in to check on
  7. Leather City currently has a message on Xan's recruiting board with need for new talented and active villagers to join us. Temporary housing is available at our inn that is under construction. Hopefully that will be completed soon as she makes flooring slabs(as I write this) Something nice is town has marked out a few house plots for villager builds. I like to travel around and visit new towns and always welcome new citizens to join in with camping. Tents and camp outs are fun!
  8. Hi Psalamon....I like to come and get you for impalong

    I've got a room for you if you like and everything set up


    So tell me when! :)

    1. jasminth


      oh add me or Eridil as a friend

  9. I'll be at the Shrimpalong. Can help in carpentry, shipbuilding, tailoring, blacksmithing tools
  10. Thanks so much for this update New deed on Hermit Island named Green Hart Respite is located at 64X, 60Y: T25
  11. Very worthy of heritage signage. I sailed through today. This canals made it such a shorter sail to Crystal Lake, sweet. Wide open for passing with two sided wagon paths, so worth to see, a wonderful tunnel/canal project guys.
  12. Hey Wurmhole! Big thanks your way on making the Darq Passage possible for us sailing folks ::thumbs up:: How about a little prediction that one day Darq will be as passable as Fog. Wouldn't that be fantastic!
  13. For a place to begin, I initiated a conversation within Western Union Alliance Clan Chat(July 2016?) between myself and Barricade about too many and numerous tile collapses that happened in the canal. I was enquiring if the Alliance could help fix the canal guessing that many of our alliance use the canal. Barricade agreed and he began repairs over the last couple months, thanks Barricade. An idea that I had was that Alliance members could set aside a large crate on their own deeds and lable it "Darq Donation" then either contact someone in alliance to pick up, or sail to/drop off @Western Union Alliance Warehouse which is situation by the West Canal entrance. I don't know if anyone tried this idea, but I did and it worked out great for Leather City where I'm mayor. I delivered/installed 46 mine supports, then leveled canal floor. Darq Passage Canal What I'd like to see next is: ~ Barricade post letting us know and describing the work he did on the canal to leave a trace history for our Alliance and other sailors in the area.
  14. Here's a few images from the past Summer Leather City's newly added a open crafting area and forge for friendly travelers and passing Western Union Alliance members Town brewery addition Selfies! Eridil and Andros ready for action and suited up, they both take a moment for a pic together More to come as we're building(totally excited) my new mayors house...Ooohh, I can't wait! We also gave names to our towns inn drinking hole calling it, Rembarnts Saloon. Then across from that is the new cooking facilities, Spaeder's Deli. Both past precious citizens
  15. It takes a lot to run a town and I can tell you this because I'm Leather City Mayor. Pleased to say that we are seeking new and returning citizens to take part in the growth of this growing high elevation town nestled in a mountainous region. If you enjoy forests and mountains with plenty of mountain hiking and deep caverns, some fishing consider joining us. Our town council officials are on most everyday(when rl isn't calling) ready to talk and assist with any needs. English speaking and writing. Skype is optional We have openings for all kinds of crafters with spacious workshops available, plenty of forges, a saloon and deli for meals/drinks. Readiness for the new cooking updates. Begin your stay in the brand new town Inn while you explore what the regions holds and getting to know your way around. Msg Jasminth, Leather City's Mayor or Eridil, our local Sheriff Thanks...peace out! For images check out Freedom Isles; Xanadu; Recruiting; "Leather City, Your new home"