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  1. That is weird, scary place to spawn too, you are definitely in the middle of the ocean you are out of stamina . The safest thing to do would be to open a gm ticket i think it is /support offhand but you can type /help for a tab of / commands to verify. If you want to try something on your own you can /suicide or swim and drown if possible and try to respawn - you are already in a void basically so it can't get much worse. Your starter gear will respawn with you in your inventory, just be careful not to drop anything. If you don't respawn in the tutorial then it'll be a good idea to open a ticket at that point and request to be placed there. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  2. You could vessel and use 10+ ql gems to fill your favor back up when it's low to minimize the downtime as long as you stay over 7.5 - vessel requires 7.5 favor, costs 5+ on success and returns 2x stored
  3. Hi Benie- An important preventative measure to keep in mind is repair often - repairing itself causes additional damage especially at lower repair skill levels, and the more damage on the gear the more damage it will take due to effective ql reduction
  4. Hi Mel- Try deleting all 'Sun' folders under your users\you\appdata folder after uninistalling Java. I have seen something similar sounding recently where Java spawns many processes and consumes all availability resources. Deleting the sun folders and reinstalling was the fix. You can confirm if that's the bug you are hitting by checking task manager while the issue is happening, but it's worth a shot anyway. Otherwise, id say run a malwarebytes scan.
  5. Hi Ojos- You will need to stick with it and get through these trials and tribulations in order to understand why Wurm is, in my opinion, one of the greatest games ever made. The frustration that you are feeling now is normal and due to years of games that are lacking any skill or depth of mechanics that you are required to learn or significant challenges that you must overcome in order to progress and succeed in the world. You will need to reprogram the gamer part of your brain in order to do this, and the rewards will be great. We have all overcome newbie status in this world and have moved on to bigger and better things. Some of us could see past the pile of corpses to brighter pastures more easily than others, but trust me when I tell you that you are not alone and we have all gone through this learning [and dying] phase. We are still here for a reason, and if things didn't get better we most certainly would not be. Find your motivation in the glorious light at the end of the tunnel which is the promise that things will get so much better. If you are struggling in a certain area, respawn somewhere else and give it a go there. Anything that you have accomplished near your tent is insignificant in the greater scheme of things, and while this may feel discouraging this fact along with the fact that you are facing real challenges and not being spoonfed content or achievements will later be what keeps you playing for years to come if you are able to persevere. Use the wiki, it will become your best friend. Use guard towers to handle the deadlier enemies until you are able to face them. Use the water, many mobs can't follow you into it. Beware, bears will follow. Use this amazing community, we have all been through it and would love to help you out so you will stay and become a part of it.
  6. The closest thing I've found is called RPG MO check out albion online too see if it appeals to you, it's in beta with starter packs