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  1. Since you can pretty much locate everyone now even through body nolocate, people dont want to roam at all cause the "powerhouse" of the server just locates people at random, and get hits pretty much every time. (talking bout epic btw, dont know how chaos people feel) So please change it back to what it was, thanks....
  2. you can look through every new wall type, please fix, thanks
  3. +1
  4. +1 why not
  5. bump please remove the nerf, doesnt make sense :/
  6. "Only I can live forever, Potter. "
  7. poll

    it was on live, but only for a short time....think it slipped in sometime it wasnt really a good 3rd person though, it felt weird for a reason, cant tell why tho....something was odd
  8. poll

    what the hell does this post mean
  9. poll

    i can remember that it was on live before OR in WU, believe it or not.... i never played on test so it had to be there
  10. i think the main reason why these merge discussions keep coming up, is that the threads where we talk about actual changes and work out stuff seem to just be that, talking... i am refering to "that meditation thread" for example also after you sat down with all the kingdoms and talked about all the issues the pvp community faces there were changes coming quite quickly, but it only lasted like 2-3 weeks, didnt it? after that the news were about marble planters again and nothing was said about pvp especially with this meditation thread, i think people are waiting for a news update, cause it seems like a well worked out system we got there and yet we didnt hear a thing about it anymore
  11. just like our friend @Keenanonce said...
  12. that's because it's still one of the biggest issues.....the playerbase is way too small and split up as for the "nerf them" discussion on merges, yeah it sucks but i personally dont give a crap anymore when we at least get ONE community