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  1. i think the main reason why these merge discussions keep coming up, is that the threads where we talk about actual changes and work out stuff seem to just be that, talking... i am refering to "that meditation thread" for example also after you sat down with all the kingdoms and talked about all the issues the pvp community faces there were changes coming quite quickly, but it only lasted like 2-3 weeks, didnt it? after that the news were about marble planters again and nothing was said about pvp especially with this meditation thread, i think people are waiting for a news update, cause it seems like a well worked out system we got there and yet we didnt hear a thing about it anymore
  2. just like our friend @Keenanonce said...
  3. that's because it's still one of the biggest issues.....the playerbase is way too small and split up as for the "nerf them" discussion on merges, yeah it sucks but i personally dont give a crap anymore when we at least get ONE community
  4. What would the WO community think about getting Improved Improve into Wurm Online? This literally is just to list it's pros and cons...cause I myself don't see any cons Mod I am talking about:
  5. choices

  6. its not tbh, i want to let people see that it's not the case of just simply applying and that most of the stuff that retro writes seems to be just plain ###### @Armyis part of the Warthunder team now and doesn't have time for Wurm anymore, but the fact that PM's or emails like these haven't even been read after several months is alarming to me, and should be alarming to you... #riggedvotes
  7. This is NOT a bashing, sorry if it sounds like one... Either way, alone 2 people I know made applications to volunteer as a Dev but didn't even get an answer, at all. One of the guys known as @Army tried even 3 times, but after not even getting a simple answer he obviously stopped trying. This guy I am talking about coded custom content for several PvP servers and in my eyes is a god, so what you stated, to just simply apply, is ######...sorry. Let's not even talk about the second guy, cause he is the main target of forum mods. He posts bugfixes MONTHS before they magically get into the game and doesn't even get credit for it... just got this screenshot btw, ye...just apply....pffff sure
  9. seems like you missed my last post aswell :>
  10. neat thing, but can we get a change so that we can put stuff into it while its loaded on a boat?
  11. question is in topicname only 12 fit in a raft, is that really the best?
  12. cheat as in? +1 to suggestion