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  1. Sounds like a nightmare. I may have to avoid this one.
  2. Doesn't look especially accessible. Any idea on good routes?
  3. I had a tent, but no opportunity to deploy it.
  4. I sailed there, took the long route, did a bit of exploring along the way. I parked up my boat, watched the local chat fill with players, watched my client crash, relogged to find I was had been killed by something trivial in the 90 seconds I was offline, did the corpse run, and arrived literally one minute before you closed the rift, and ragequitted.
  5. Good stuff.
  6. For people who don't know what H15 means... http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=3370&y=-2418&z=7
  7. Hi all. I made the canal at the south end of what I believe is called Ageless Lake accessible by big ships. http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=5230&y=-3319&z=5 Previously, the south end of the tunnel had a forded coastal road that prevented corbitas (and I assume cogs and caravels) from passing through. So I dug out the ford and put a bridge in instead. I was ably assisted by Smogplayer. I've tested it with a corbita and it's passable now. I assume caravels and cogs can get through too.
  8. Always happy to help with public infrastructure projects, but I draw the line at surface mining
  9. I dumped a barrel of veg near one of the altars last night. I doubt I'm going to make it for the opening, so treat it as a thank-you for saving my horse a few weeks back.
  10. I'll bring a barrel or two over before things kick off in that case.
  11. I'm a bit new at this... does saccable include chopped veggies in this case?
  12. Annoyingly, even though this is right on my doorstep, I think the timing coincides with an unavoidable IRL appointment. But if anyone needs help setting up the area in advance, ping me ingame and I'll come over.
  13. A new rift just opened near me, so I thought I'd share the details. It says it opens in 47 hours so I guess that would mean: The location is http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=4416&y=-3508&z=6 It's easily accessible via the road north through the old disused deed on the coast. I'd go help start clearing the area but it's mobbed up right now.
  14. Righto. I'm working on my own coastal road south of Pumpkin Fields (lake south of you) so I feel your pain. I'll get to work on the veggies and will ping you ingame when I'm ready to deliver.
  15. Thanks Rusk. This project looks like it's within relatively easy sailing distance of me. If I understand correctly, chopped vegetables will help this endeavour. I don't fully understand why that should be the case, but it's something I can supply. If I just dump a load of barrels of them near the project, would that help?