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  1. Verified what Kelody said, I got one char logged in, but now can't get the second one logged. Servers no longer show. Whatever is changing the location of Wurm in the DNSes has gotten to Google too.
  2. A DNS server issue would be the case if it was happening to just 1 area, this seems to be happening to everyone. And the Wurm Team should be able to do something, even if it is to call the proper officials to get it fixed. Don't let them off so easy.
  3. I'm not sure what is going on, but don't count on being logged in much longer. Take a look at Niarja https://www.niarja.com/
  4. There's a problem logging in to all servers right now, let's hope they fix this quickly.
  5. All servers seem to be down right now. Don't know why some of you are still online, but this needs to be fixed quickly.
  6. I attended the rift event last night on Indy. I got killed and an alliance mate decided to pick up my corpse and carry it back to my village, instead of letting me do so with my alt. I had set release corpse so my alt could do so and spent way too long looking for it before the alliance mate told me what he did. Due to some stupid mistakes on my part it was almost a day before I got back to my village. When I went to get my items, I got the message that I was unable to loot my own corpse. I tried a lot of things, the only way I found to break that was to do release corpse a second time. I should not have had to do that, it's my corpse.
  7. The title just about says it all. When I got my eggs this weekend I thought of these, and the longer I thought about them, the more I liked the idea. We could make them from silver or gold, and make them decorations like Easter eggs are now. And someday (soon (tm)) when we can put things on tables or shelves and they will show, they will look quite nice. I'd still put up with them on the floor right now if they are oversized like Easter eggs.
  8. comic relief

    Wow, that was easy!
  9. Please add another herb, dill, so we can have dill pickles. And pickled cucumbers are pickles, please work on the name. We could also make a nice grilled fish meal with dill. Filet of fish, sliced lemons, chopped onions, chopped garlic, and chopped dill. Wrap and cook in a campfire.
  10. Just a short trip offshore for me, so plan on me and my alt, Handsomestranger. It's his turn to get the title.
  11. +1 I love silly fun. You could also add a gold achievement for eating 100, and the title Hannibal the Cannibal.
  12. With the introduction of bees and the fact that they need flowers to produce honey, I have noticed that the countryside is becoming devoid of flowers. I suggest that you make them spawn faster so we still have some to collect. After all, once you make a field of flowers around your hive, trees start to spawn and you have to cut them down and replant flowers .
  13. I'd like to see more variety in roofs besides type of materials used. Currently we only use hip roofs. I'd like to see gable, mansard, and gambrel roofs, among other types. Here is an example of what I mean: Please give us this option, and if you are already working on it, please let us know the status of the project.
  14. The sickle idea would be useless for pottery. +1000 to this idea.