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  1. This could be from hard ware failure. When a mother board starts to go bad it can cause this to happen or when a hard drive goes bad. It could also be a power supply not giving off enough juice and failing on it's rails. This can happen to a cpu as well. Parts die over time in your machine they don't always just up and quit and die they can still run and perform but not at full which will make it hard to discover many times. If you run your pc a lot or never turn it off and let it run all the time it always has a load on it and at some point it will die. The more you use your pc the shorter the life span of it's parts. Most pc parts have a life span of 3 to 5 years based on how much you use the pc. If you use it a ton and game on it all the time then when out of no where you have issue running a game don't blame it on the software every time. Some times you might see it happen after a patch this doesn't mean that it's the software it could just be bad luck that something new is being used in the game that was never used before which is asking for additional performance from your machine which now the event triggers. It would have never triggered before as long as this was not being asked for from the pc and it's hardware. The persons first responce will always be I never had this happen before till the update. I'd recommend testing your hardware cause sounds like to me you having stutter issues are having hardware failure. I can run 5 clients maxed out full graphic loads all on one machine while surfing the net and watching movies on another screen. I recently had to switch out mainboards after 3 and a half years on my board cause the system started to hang here and there on specific games making it appear to be the game and there recent patches but it was the mainboard shorting out and not giving the efficient power to all parts to allow the game to run proper. The pc would crank up run fine unless I wanted to run a specific software that needed to use something other software didn't use. All while the mainboard was shorting out it still let me run Wurm just fine and yes I'd run up to 3 clients but it was only when I started to play Black desert online did I start to see the issue arise soon as this happened the problem started to get worse cause now I was using resources on my machine to run this game that wurm and other games didn't use so now the failure surfaced and allowed me to fix the real issue. Now the pc runs fine again with no issues. I have been building my pc's for over 20 some years now always custom built and you learn this over the years but you can not always tell when a part is going bad there is no warning or clear signs and with as many alpha games out today and patches to games and software it gets to be difficult to determine when the hardware starts to fail.
  2. I'd suggest they write in the code so other animals can use the color system like horses and hell horses but there own color system. Various cow, bull, and calfs colors Various spider colors Various wolfs including snow wolfs in winter time snow leopards in winter Various rat colors Different strengths different speeds etc.... I've showed in the past that they do fit very well in WU example below Stuff like this makes a huge difference in WU when roaming around and it would in WO as well.
  3. ControlsFX Error: ControlsFX 8.20.8 requires at least Java 8u20 This is your issue. Try deleting your lib folder in wurm server then re install. Some times when you install over a previous copy of a program it don't delete every thing and keeps some files and just replaces any existing file it is checking. Chances are you have ControlsFX 8.20.8 and ControlsFX 8.20.8-resources and ControlsFX 8.40.12 in that lib folder so it is picking the first one it comes to then running it then getting that error that lib folder shouldn't have all 3 of those files in the server folder. In my lib folder the ControlsFX 8.20.8 and ControlsFX 8.20.8-resources is no longer there after the recent patch only ControlsFX 8.40.12 now exist.
  4. #dumpmarkers should make a map with the new highway system not in WU yet.#dumpcreatures makes a map with yellow dots showing all creatures on map as a yellow dot #dumproutes also new highway system not in WU yet. #watch Thebignasty 'cheeting throws up on support tab as a ticket #10000 05/Jun/2017 06:38 Thebignasty : Watch (New) GM 'cheeting
  5. Level 5 gm power on WU can move tokens any where on a planned deed. Not sure why GM's on WO couldn't do the same.
  6. This is my map. You can see all the tiny dots on land are thousands of animals all over. harder to see the sea but there spread out real good. I'm not having that issue on my new map with sea creatures looks like I had done added both global and local move code to the sea creatures before this map was started.
  7. I didn't add any code all I did was give all creatures the global roam code that CC already had in game that was used only for the gods and sea creatures. Haven't looked into all the move code but from the sound of it the global code follows a different pattern. Local and global move code combined seems to fix the creatures on the main map. All tho the sea creatures only have global move code same as the god, I will do some testing and add local move code to see if it stops the sea creatures from going all up north on the map. Will take a few days to let the map update and do any random changes from them maybe a week or too will keep you posted. It might be that with local and global they are getting movement they don't get with just one causing them to be more random and not end up in one spot. My original map was running for a year never had the land mobs do this only sea creatures. Never paid attention to it till seeing this post but after just checking yea the sea creatures had only global roam code. Global and local is just a byte code number that leads to the real code which I've really not looked into. So if the creatures having both fix the issue then it's as simple as just giving global to the mobs who don't have it and local to the mobs that have only local.
  8. I don't have this happen to mobs on my map. I added global code to all creatures only creatures that actually still do this are sea creatures. I've not looked into the roam code but sounds like they keep repeating a pattern that eventually they all wind up in same location. Kind of like roaming in a square then head north roam in square head north eventually all animals would wind up north if there is no alternative directions.
  9. Like title says any fence can not be built in the middle of the new arched walls east and west side so high up not sure of the limit it stopped but at the 14th floor of the light house the ability to build any fence is gone. can still build it on the normal arched single wall but not on any of the new right, left, or middle T.
  10. Make sure the map is a png format then copy the name "your map name goes here".png then open the mapping.txt file with notepad or notepad++ then do a search for Ocrea paste your map name then it works in game for you. example my map. map.ocrea = gui/Maps/ocrea.png Original map.ocrea = ArkStuff/gui/Maps/Foreverlands.png my server with my own custom folder I store my stuff You can place your map in the same place they put there maps or make your own folder but then you have to add the location like I did.
  11. If you map rock layer does not come out then at some point your build got corrupted in the build best thing to do is rebuild it again. Some times this can be caused by dropping dirt one to many times or undoing and redoing tree placement it causes info corruption on the maps. FIX: is rebuild the map it's important to not close the program till you are sure the map is working reason is the new 2.8 version does not save a river build in the action map because of this if you rebuild the river build will not be built upon a rebuild of the action file. so do not close the map builder till you have tested your map. Maps bigger than 2048 do to the long process of them can get a corrupted map and a rebuild of the map is always been the fix. Sometimes if you do to many dirt drops it is important to edit the actions and remove some of the un needed drops to help the build not get corrupted. 2.8 works fine and always has. Java has always been a ram intense language there for the bigger the map the more ram the more chance you have for corruption. Most programs don't use as much ram for a single process.
  12. 11 more tapestries to add in later as well.
  13. 5 more wagons just joined the round up on Foreverlands Server.
  14. Royal Lounge chasise upgrade on foreverlands sometime in next day or so.
  15. bump updated info on Foreverlands