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  1. here is video if have question just ask me help what i can.



  2. Eject what you mean Skellies dying? you summon skellies with wand and they die? or you use sorcery summon skellies and they die? I have skellies on my server and zombies and a lot of others and they don't die so I'm curious what are you using them for and how you spawning them? Are you at max population? do you have them coded in to be able to be on pve map if that is what you using?
  3. the thing is you don't need mod to put walls upagainst cave walls this was added in the feature it's self now other things this mod does will have to be updated but the WU feature it's self does allow for walls against cave walls.
  4. according to the code it is complete CAVE_DWELLINGS(85, "Cave Dwellings", 128, Features.State.COMPLETE, Features.Wurm.BOTH)
  5. Taxidermy is live more to come as I get time to add. Have fun with the Trophy's and making your home more decorative. World Trader no longer sells snowballs do to all the melting and his place getting wet.
  6. Lack of Coffee. Get a cup of JOE and you will feel bright as rain.
  7. You didn't read post above this one Done found it it is the feature 51 being enabled that causes the issue. Something they done to in in a recent patch.
  8. Ok I found the issue and where you'll need to see what you changed at CC on the 1.3 patch. For now those who are having the issue turn off Feature 51 Combat system changes for creatures. This is the issue some where you'll changed something in this feature and for those of us who have Our servers set to use this feature are having the issue turning it off and on several times to double check and this is the issue. Until it gets fixed recommend turning off 51 Combat system changes for creatures.
  9. The crazy thing is when I run the same Files on my pc either using the server launcher that comes with the client or if I download the stand alone server and run it it don't happen the mobs do dmg. Now on my hosted server threw pingoerfect same files it has the issue. That's got my mind boggled at the moment.
  10. 3/13/2017 Added horned helmet of gold & plumed helm of the hunt to World Trader World Trader is now selling snowballs from his stock for 2c each. Added Charcoal Veins to the world. Use the new common.jar in model pack.rar
  11. anyone have a file list change for It was a quick hotfix. It came after the hotfix so if we can find out what files change some of us can look into it see if something got move by mistake.
  12. Lets get a lot of info so we can track this down cause it is not a mod. Server type..... Do you have Personal Home server: Do you have Hosted Server Company: Do you have Standalone PC hosting your server: Do you have Personal server rack hosting your server: What type server... PVE: PVP: Test: Epic Curve: Moded: Not moded: Modloader: Personal moding with no modloader use: My Answers are Hosted Server Company PVE Personal moding with no modloader use
  13. Yes but no modloader or modloader client. I do my own in house moding with straight code. This is why I say there is no way it's a mod it would be impossible that people who use modloader are having the same issue. This only happens on a hosted server not if i run it on my pc video is clear. If it was a mod then it would do it on my pc too.
  14. Like I said my mod is 1 solid mod there are no single modloader stuff What Changes are on this server: Lot of none dyeable Items are Dyeable. Butcher mobs to get coin: better butcherskill +QL of knife determins amount of coin you can get off mob that it will drop. new Banners added. new Shop Signs added. new strong barrel added same as large barrel just better model. new top and bottom cabents added. Models may change in future. Hitching post added with different model than the one given to the mod community. new double bladed sword added. Does better damage than the longsword: can be duel wielded: syerill, adamantine, and glimmering steel, as well as iron versions. animals can see up to 8 & 10 tiles away. all animals swim but spiders and firecreatures. Treasure chest spawns all unloacked with extra goodies that can be found inside as well as coin. added other coins in forage table. added all tabards to crafting table. added all pmk wagons in crafting table. added all shoulder gear to crafting table. added all towers to crafting table. allowed to mine 32 deep on stone in water: this helps with cannals and boats not getting stuck trying to enter. increased load distance. large crates now hold 600 and small crates hold 300. the dog was beefed up to be a better hunting pet: worth having now. horseshoes have had a major increase in there speed buff. red dragon scale armor, drake hide armor, craft potions, and mask have been added to the world traders Affinity potions where added to world trader cost 35s each: has 1 click use per potion and can have as many affinities as you can afford there is no limit. some extra stuff upon character creation you might need a pelt was included. banks now hold 100 items instead of 5. all hota statues can be crafted. all banners and kingdom flags can be crafted. there is only 2 bartenders on map they have inf refresh for you. If you want to travel that far to eat. Guard towers can now be placed 30 tiles apart rather than 50. New illusions added to potion drink. Avatar Characteristics where lowered so they can move a little bit faster. exp and action timers where set to 3x they will not go higher.