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  1. if your vein wall is missing and you see threw the wall your common.jar is not the same as your server. That is a tile class and if they both are not the same it will be invisible.
  2. I'll try to make one in a little while try get one out today.
  3. Extra ram is good because java is a ram hog always has been and don't look like it will ever stop. Try adding global to your creature types. I did this from the start and i never have had my animals all head north. Been a solid year an map is full of mobs no matter where you go, some areas are more populated than others but this is caused by a mixture of den position placement, SpawnTable amount/chance/spawntile and even age limit plays a roll. The only mobs I have that do this now are water creatures which I have not looked into as you can see on this creature map I just generated. Land mobs are working great just seacreatures have the issue. If you need a video on working with the spawntable let me know it is better to use the spawntable rather than dens when spawning them animals, specially the ones that don't spawn on a pve server. as far as the poll check I'd keep it at 1k if it don't cause lag count but if it does try lowering it 100 at a time till it stops. link to img incase you can't see the 50k + of creatures you can open this one with a paint program and zoom in better
  4. Just curious was eqing the icons on my client end and came across the manure icon. Was it once a thought to add in then got dropped or is it back on the table seeing the icon gives me hope you plan on doing something with it. Example farming like jookie did with Xsyon he made you water plants fertilize debug insects to get better yields. Now before you say thats to much work this is the WU panel not the WO panel so WO players keep out of this topic plz.
  5. Something I had on my pc in a file i worked on a while back
  6. In game they don't look like plastic nor do they hit like plastic try one.
  7. go to control panel open java then in there under the general tab you'll see a button called view click on that to find your wurm icon click on it then click install shortcut and you will be set.
  8. HellHounds, Hellhorses, HellScorpions, LavaSpiders, and LavaFiends now are imune to lava damage. you can now do this from carts and wagons Cut Grass, Cut down, Chop up, Dig, Flatten, Pack, Pick sprout, Destroy pavement, Repair, Forage, Botanize, Prune, Level, and Flatten at 99 carpentry can plan huge castle structures 5 times as big as the biggest house Can plan 5 wide brick and marble bridges.
  9. no. The default if i rem was 1k even for players but you can drop it down it don't really matter on player positions tho cause it will only find what players you have on and do those the rest are null. But for objects and mobs you will want to make sure there at a reasonable number. If you have 50k of mobs you might want it to check 500 every poll rather than 1000 and it is also based on what your cpu can process. like items which can be massive you don't want the cpu trying to poll massive amounts of items while trying to run the server. It's the same reason behind some of the commands for checking it warns of could cause lag. #checkItems - error checks the positions of items. Use with care - lag prone. If your server has 30 players and you add every item they make it has to sift threw it all and can cause lag based on how many you let it do at a time. You know there will always be more than 1k of items in your data base or 1k of animals cause default mobs is 10k. If you exp any lag i'd just tone down animals and items a bit till it stops. That will be the point your cpu can handle with out performance issues.
  10. posted here cause not sure how devs see it. Let them decide if bug or not if so then they can move topic. It might be how they designed it or might have just over looked it.
  11. I noticed after adding in a few volcanos on my 4 land masses that there was a surplus of lava spiders and lava fiends being deleted from death. So i added the locs back in my log files to check on them and sure enough found out my valcanos was spawning lava spiders and lava fiends and they was being killed by the lava. Odd cause being a lava creature you would think you would be immune to lava damage. So I thought about it even hell animals should be immune to lava there hell creatures fire brimstone etc... So I decided to code them in so they was immune to lava damage. Question I have why was they not immune to begin with? I think this is a bug and should be fixed.
  12. Soon the beta option just opened back up but it is empty on steam but it opened back up today so the beta will be here any day now. beta might last 2 weeks if i recall then it go live.
  13. look in your wurm.ini file that is where that info is you are looking for. You don't have to disbale your mods you want in thats not whats going to cause the lag spikes it's the checks and default if i recall is like 1000 at a time lowering it to about 500 should fix all your problems with lag spikes.
  14. This lag count is just your cpu can't keep up with the checks your asking it to do. There are checks on items etc. if you have changed them increased these in the server settings it can cause this lag count you see based on if your cpu can keep up. Just decrease the number it is checking on the pc you run the server on and the lag spikes will decrease. Example NUMBER_OF_DB_PLAYER_POSITIONS_TO_UPDATE_EACH_TIME=500 NUMBER_OF_DB_CREATURE_POSITIONS_TO_UPDATE_EACH_TIME=500 This is where you get that spike from, your cpu gets a lag count every time this is checked cause it is not fast enough to do the check with out lag and it is based on how many it can check with out lagging. So this is not caused by the game but how many checks you have it calling and how much your cpu can handle at a time.