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  1. Simple solution There is a sprite rock that can be found all over the place. Just turn this sprite into a low poly model and make it a mineable object of a few iron rocks and remove it from the forage table. Branches solution make a right click option on a fallen tree to collect branch and drop a random 1 to 3 branches and remove it from the forage table. Removing some objects from the forage table and throwing them some where else where they make better since to be collected from can help the forage table a lot better.
  2. not familiar with github so here is a updated version with orange trees added to the drop down and rocksalt and sandstone viens. Feel free to add it to github changed the version to 2.8.3 change that at will just want it to not get confused with 2.8
  3. Here are 3 new creative maps for everyone getting board with the default creative map have fun. steps to do. Attention Code Club feel free to use these maps if you like for official wurm unlimited. 1) Create a new creativemap with a new name. 2) Copy the 5 .map files from the jar to your new creative map replacing the 5 .map files there. 3) open the sql folder and use the rebuild.bat 4) Once rebuilt update the server with the update button. 5) launch and have fun. In this jar are 3 folders with 3 new maps all with png's of each map ore topo etc.... Ireland Okland Portside
  4. I had a server with citidel for conan and i had data base corruption out of no where and had to redo my map least 3 times and when i quit hosting I canceled threw paypal like you suppose to but it didn't stop them from sending me emails wanting me to pay a monthly fee for a service i canceled and should not have received a bill for. From all the post from people having support problems from them on hosted wu servers it appears they can't handle it and you should seek another provider at this time. I don't talk down about service providers but looks like they are just not staffed to handle as much of a load they have taken on.
  5. Go to ping they have people around 24/7 and they don't ignore you.
  6. Changed title to be more specific on what I'm talking about. Thanks for pointing that out ccdfern.
  7. it sounds like a firewall issue timing you out at this point. You have the default settings for steam and you using your ipv4 address and so only thing left is a fire wall is timing you out. lets check one more thing before we say it is the fire wall for sure. What version of java do you have?
  8. Whats your Server External Ip port Server Internal Ip port RMI Registration port RMI port Steam Query port what type of fire wall do you use? Windows firewall or do you have another type of fire wall?
  9. what is your Server Internal Ip Address?
  10. The easiest fix is to make a popup system that has 6 random questions and you have to answer one correct to continue. These can be 6 security questions added to an account that helps secure your account to prevent someone just stealing your account. Then you wouldn't need this cool down. If you answer the question wrong you have to wait a hour before next popup. this way you couldn't macro selecting the right answer and bypass the check. something of this nature would be better to stop macroing rather than punishing people who actually have the time to grind like that. Edit I don't play wurm like that but in 1999 there where days i'd play ever quest 24 hrs straight and alot of times for first 2 years i played it 16 to 20 hrs a day between a 12 hr shift job. I think I would have stomped up a storm at soe if they had a system like this back then.
  11. yea molds should be introduced now use planks and nails to make pottery brick molds which can be used now to fill with clay then kilned into finished bricks later down the road these type of molds could include better smithing needs like iron bars from liquid metal. maybe liquefying metals to make harder metals then made into bars etc.... for stronger better armors/metal doors etc... But for starters clay needs molds which can make several pottery bricks at a time. Hard stone brick types shouldn't be changed but bricks like clay need to have molds. Later if the need to make cement bricks come of age you can have the mold setup already there. Cement poured floors etc... Basically the mold can help increase the number of bricks helping take away from all the extra timers caused by the amount of clay one has to dig to make a single brick. It would even it along side stone type bricks. I come by this cause right now i have timers set to 7x on my server in wu and it is taking a long time to process all the bricks and I couldn't imagine the agony it would cause on ones nerves on WO where timers are default what 1x? You want to encourage players to build not drive them insane and away. Encouraging bigger structures by players would be the direction you want to go not by making it so intense they only make small buildings then give up. Only a select few have the time or patients to set down and mass produce the amount of materials needed to build mass structures. easing up on some of this will encourage others to not be warded off from doing the same. In the future just lowering the brick and mortar amount by 5 so it only taking 15 brick and mortar for stone walls would be encouraging others to build bigger. Mortar for example you should make it so you add x amount of clay to a large barrel then x amount of sand then click on barrel and select mix. Then you take the amount of time it would originally take to make all that mortar and shave 10% off it and it now is a 1 timer count. You've shortened the time saved a bunch of clicks created a illusion of realism and really not destroyed the effect or process just changed it a bit, it kinda is like the timer when planning a bridge instead it is a mixing process. Me and budda talked in WU channel one day about windmills and such actually fitting wurm now. I would even go as in the future some type of wind powered windmill not only for grain grinding but ability to hook up a barrel with rigs that will auto mix mortar or churn milk into butter etc... but this is just ideas that can fit all snug together over a stretch time of development. Pottery bricks just take way more time to make and deal with than any other brick and pottery brick walls are very nice walls and should be encouraged to make in WO and WU.
  12. This is me an a million players with our wallets in real world money trade
  13. problem is because everyone treats wurm as a money grab it is boring and a turn off. Example 121 action timers to make a single pottery wall is such a boring task. dig 10 scoops of clay = 10 actions, dig a scoop of sand = 1 action, turn to 20 mortar = 20 actions, pottery brick dig clay use hand to make brick then fire it in kiln ech brick weighs 5kg each clay weighs 2kg, takes 5 clay digs to make 2 bricks, so 50 clay actions then 20 brick actions = 70 actions then add to kiln fire. Now make wall another 20 actions totaling 121 actions. Not everyone wants to burn threw there wallet so they don't have to make a item in a game. Millions are not lazy and prefier to do it them selves and they get super board when to accomplish a single wall it take x amount of time and 121 actions. Who does it hurt stream lining and evolving wurm oh yea i'm sorry your chance to make a buck and strip the fun out of a game. And people want to know why WU took so many people away from WO.
  14. Making bricks can be a long boring process that can turn many people away from WO or WU who play with out gm powers. So why not evolve wurm a bit in the art of making bricks. Instead of making a single brick at a time industrialize it a bit by making brick molds. example make brick mold then fill brick mold with x amount kg of clay then but mold in kiln till hardened. mold produces 6 to 12 bricks based on how much kg of clay is allowed in the mold maybe the mold has 8 or 10 slots so you use that much clay to fill the mold. stone bricks should remain the way they are now cause they have to be chipped into brick but clay can and should use a mold system.
  15. double check your ip you connect to sometimes it changes by the service provider and you are not updated they did just open cmd window do ipconfig and double check that your ipv4 is still the same and hasn't been changed. if it has use the new ipv4 reminder the game client does not auto update your ip if it did change it will still store the old don't ask me why.