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  1. not a bug, keep trying, you just haven't succeded yet, its a very small chance
  2. you were just a bit too slow, already bought it, thanks tho m8
  3. hello out there, I have monies, anyone want some monies?
  4. Someone sell me 2g please!
  5. pm me, only buying from sellers with reputation and previous trades.. will be able to reply around midnight CST thanks!
  6. prob hard for you to reproduce if you don't pvp, it usually happens when a larger amount of people in local
  7. Priority #1 this needs fixed
  8. Embark bug???
  9. Jukimo has been sold, thank you all this can be closed now
  10. ^^ let me know if you are interested, some of you know what hes rockin
  11. Bring back old nolo, currently just favors mob gameplay where small groups can't do anything undetected
  12. As a player with 70 catapults I can safely say that I can do more dmg alone then 2 90+ masons repairing because I can hit 3 walls at once for 20 dmg each with high ql ammo...
  13. I would say the biggest problem the game has now as far as influence goes, is the ability to build a random tower somewhere and drop a deed not near your current influence/capital. I will say tho that there are way more important things to be looking at then this, such as: De-sync, client stability, the embark bug where your client freezes you untill you relog, and many many more "Game Breaking" things.
  14. "wogic" PS. Keep your GM spawned trowel and other items that have slowely made the game less "sandbox", I don't even play
  15. hugs and kisses