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  1. Fixed the pink and purple mounts, ready for them to be traded for! Come join us this weekend! Examples of the mounts are in Moor's rest at the spawn point.
  2. Easter rewards going in now. Do /support to trade your Evil Easter Bunny Easter Eggs for rewards! 10 Evil Easter Bunny Easter eggs = easter bunny decorative container 50 Evil Easter Bunny Easter eggs = pink or purple unicorn 200 Evil Easter Bunny Easter eggs = pink or purple drake mount!
  3. Hi everyone, small update this week due to need for another update on Monday Morning to implement all the Easter rewards and turn off the Evil Easter Bunnies. Find the news at https://mythmoor.com/news/
  4. Caption: "Unicorn ate my glove, had to cut it open to get it out"
  5. Chaos terror's are fun
  6. Chaos Terror slaying today, must get past the white drake widowmaker first to spawn the chaos terror. Come join the frey, if you are not currently playing on Mythmoor but did in the past, come join us they may need the help. Time for event is 3pm EST
  7. Rather than give you the direct answer, to help you in the future in case things change. My answer to you is going to be to look in the client, pmk.jar, mappings.txt will show you what each kingdom has (other than wagons, should assume all have a wagon)
  8. Here you go, play spot the missing wagon If I am counting right you are missing 3 apart from the ones you have and the base kingdom wagons (which I assume you already had).
  9. Server has been updated with new features and some changes. More info can be found here https://mythmoor.com/weekly-news-4-7-2017/ Come enjoy the experience of Mythmoor today!
  10. I think it is intended as a pvp thing, when you summon them they have your kingdom. As such they would likely attack anyone from another kingdom (untested)
  11. you can hook the bounty command in your creature mods. The functionality is there, would be better to ask the custom creature modder to add bounties or an option for them in. All you need is to add: new BountyMod().loadBounty(templateId, bounty); example: public void addEncounters() { if (this.templateId == 0) { return; } new EncounterBuilder(Tiles.Tile.TILE_GRASS.id).addCreatures(this.templateId, 2).build(1); new EncounterBuilder(Tiles.Tile.TILE_CAVE.id,(byte) -1).addCreatures(this.templateId, 2).build(1); new BountyMod().loadBounty(templateId, 500L); }
  12. Come join us on Mythmoor, Lots of work in progress and releasing soon! Come join the server where you can craft all of the kingdom flags, wagons and banners. You can craft a Julboard, you can craft artifact model weapons, you can craft most anything, and more to come rather than buy them Things you can purchase on the server are all an option, should not be something required to have to play. There are some fancy things for supporters only, like vanity mounts. This is something custom modded into the game for server support options. Our skillgain and action rates are 7.5x and 3.0x which is a nice balanced pace for most all steam gamers. It is not so fast everything is instant, it is not so slow it is a headache grind, but it is that perfect balance of get things done but still feel like you accomplished something. What are you waiting for, log onto Mythmoor today!
  13. Funny how I am talking calmly but the 3 of you are quoting and pitching a fit. Maybe you should take a chill pill?
  14. Perfect? If you say so, have fun every update.... Better to use Ausimus' actual real mod.
  15. the pmk's aren't in the database until you create a pmk.... kinda the whole problem lol. Yes, they HAVE to be in the client or they couldn't be used at all, so the graphics are there.