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  1. Hiya. Just wondering if there will be a proper fix implemented at some point or is this .jar "the" fix and we wont be getting a proper dowloadable hotfix ? thanks. Valiance and Kaylie.
  2. Thanks guys Yes another Winter has now passed on Mystic Highlands. We have another Auction event coming up this Sunday ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  3. Hey thanks all ! We are really happy that you enjoy playing on Mystic Highlands as much as we do Valiance and Kaylie.
  4. Hi Malena, if you want NPCs to stand still, the only way we know is to use a guide, but the downfall is they are all male and cannot be clothed differently, but you can name them. Valiance and Kaylie
  5. Was a fun event, well done to the winners After the event was over there was a free Easter egg and cake for all ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  6. Good work Bdew Valiance and Kaylie.
  7. You could create a focus zone and make it use the massive house option in there. Then shape it to your needs. that would work. Have fun ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  8. lol nice ! Thanks a lot Retrograde...so easy *bangs heads together* Valiance and Kaylie.
  9. Hello all, is there no way for a GM to give a player a no drop item at all ? Anyone know a way to do this please ? Thanks. Valiance and Kaylie.
  10. Best of luck Malena, We both adored and still do adore Ultima Online We created and run Mystic Highlands server, if you ever need any help or anything, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to see how this goes ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  11. We have an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday 16th April starting at 6.30pm BST. Should be a lot of fun with some good prizes ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  12. Thanks all for your kind words We are still adding new things to the server at all times to make it better and better! Anyone is welcome to come join in the fun. Valiance and Kaylie.
  13. Winter is over and Spring is here, everyone is travelling around and being super busy now after weeks of being by the fire ! Good work to those that survived the winter ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  14. Everyone seems to be coping well with the winter this year Good stuff ! Soon over though ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  15. Now this is what we call an update to look forward to ! Those new walls will be superb thanks ! Shame there was no log walls though, log cabins would be so nice to build ! But hey, still super happy ! Valiance and Kaylie