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  1. The Great LAG fest of TOC is a must see. Contact myself for a tour, most of the deed is closed to the public. Nad's carved out mountain is worthwhile seeing as well.
  2. I like the ivy but why could it not be an add-on, give us something to use all those ivy seedlings laying around in bsb's to apply ivy to any wall type.
  3. I am not sure why it has to destroy withered tree's, blew up quite a few of my apple tree's while doing the wild growth on blueberries the other night. And imagine if you could wild growth a trellis how you may end up blowing out withered trellis's.
  4. I have a question Tich that pertains to the almanac, thanks for the extra hops harvest offer too. Why is the almanac so heavy, there is no way I want to lug this around so I jammed it into the bottom of the trunk of my ride, also there is no room in this thing for spare pages of info I have been collecting for my friends, can only make a few folders inside this and each folder can only hold 5 of the 0.01kg pages. I think making this a container kinda was a mistake, but its a container so what the heck, lets make it hold more than 25 pages! (in the meanwhile I have been dumping all my extra pages into a satchel which easily holds 4-5x as many pages as the almanac can)
  5. Yeah good to dust this off and bring it back up, I mean really it can't hurt at all to have this on chaos. Even with permissions on branded animals be no different than it is now when raiding a deed, you can't use it, then kill it.
  6. That would just lead to new bugs, I am sure they can fix it, just a matter of figuring it out.
  7. I have it happen most often on wagons, but when I am using a wagon I am building and hopping on and off it a lot. It is not consistent, I can go 2-3 weeks without ever seeing the bug, then bam I will have it happen several times in a row. It happens with boats, carts, wagons and horses, boats are the least and wagons the most.
  8. It seems to have a higher chance of happening if you are moving when you embark or standing still but moving the camera and embarking. To avoid the bug its always best to stop all actions for a second before jumping on board. It is so random when it happens its hard to reproduce, but if you are a very active player doing many different things you will have it happen very often. If a dev can't reproduce this or ever has it happen they are not playing the game. I should add that I have never been able to reproduce this bug on purpose, but I have had nights where I have gotten the embark bug multiple times in a row while just being busy.
  9. I admit I suffer from long term planning ocd, and this change fooked up my plans completely, I worked my arse off to get my gardening skill up to a point where I could harvest a decent quality of hops to make the beers I want to make. This was the harvest I had planed for to get the hops and crank out my beers, but now its all down the tubes cause the change came just before the hops harvest and now to get my hops I wanted I have to wait another 6 weeks. This is something I have been building up to since the cooking update came out, getting the gardening and beverages skills up to pull this off. It is a serious let down, and is why I am so cranky about it, if the change happened next week I would of been like meh, okay whatever. Now I am looking at a harvest that involves 700 hops trellis sitting mostly at the young stage with zero harvest and a handful at mature which will yield a grand total of 1 hops. I am sorry for ragging on the dev's for bringing this change about, surely you could of timed it a bit better than slamming us just before the seasons started but it is what it is, in the long run it will be fine. There is no need to maintain a trellis plantation as it will be no different than a massive tree farm, once things smooth out come harvest time you will have the usual amount of trees at all the various stages and no big deal as you have so many to harvest you are going to get what you want out of it. For the role players it will make no difference as you will care for your handful of trellis's just like your tree's, pruning them when needed so they are always at there prime. =p
  10. I think you doing better than I will with my 700 hops trellis, as mine all show 'young'. I waited 42 days for this!
  11. You know what the problem with wurm is right? The game does not have a business manager, its all part timer's trying to run a full time business.
  12. The fact that I am willing to pay deed upkeep for a vineyard should be reason enough to not nerf the hell out of something. I thought as a business model you would want to encourage customers to spend more on the game. The funny thing is, there is absolutely no point in having that many hops as the recipe for making beer requires a single hops where wine making requires many grapes, which I did not know at the time. So you all pretty much failed on that part why add a feature with little to no use, its the same as the bee's which was a amazing feature when it was added, but as it turns out there is no bulk use for honey or bee's wax that would require constant harvesting of the beehives.
  13. soon as you make an intelligent statement you will get some respect, for now buzz off
  14. Failed for using birchwood!
  15. You are being a moron, there was nothing broken with the system. Nor was anyone 'taking advantage' of anything. I have no idea what wealth you speak of from harvests. If you want to use hops for something, all you need is one or two trellis, there is zero market for 1000's of hops. As for grapes, anyone can spend time gathering them in the wild by the tens of thousands, there is no 'advantage' to having trellis's other than maybe convenience of being at your deed.
  16. Hey you saying that the hours of gathering the bloody seedlings and then even more hours of work creating shafts and making nails should not have some kind of reward for the effort, well F you, cause this change is nothing more than a big F you to whoever put the time into making this.
  17. Here is where the jokes on you. If the trellis yard goes to shriveled or young the day before harvest, there is nothing to be done about saving this crop, you are expecting us to prune all this for weeks on end for that one day where the crop is ready to harvest, this is no where near the same as farming a crop where there is no harvest season to co-ordinate your corn patch with. hah, I repeated what davih said
  18. The mechanic created made having a vineyard possible, why did you people go to the trouble of creating a system where you could plant 4 trellis on a tile in neat orderly rows if you didn't want anyone making something out of this system? Because of your change the hours it will take to prune this makes this entire system obsolete and nothing more than a fancy decoration now.
  19. How the hell was the trellis a flawed mechanic?
  20. Why do you even care about extreme's? I mean I made 700 trellis before I found out that it takes one hops to make a barrel of beer, I mean okay so I didn't need 700 of these to make beer, but I had something I liked and looked forwards to harvest time. If you worry so much about how many hops I get per tile how is this any different than someone who plants a ear of corn and gets 20+ corn after a few days time? Are you going to nerf farming next and make it so max yield will be a few? You have been coming up with some great additions and improvements to the game, why are we back to these knee jerk reactions without asking how the player base feels? I don't expect you all asking us about every single change but when you decide my hops trellis farm is over powered for whatever hair brain reason you have you better bloody well ask me how I feel about it. I am gonna rain on your parade.
  21. Don't tell others how to play the game, it really is none of your business if I want 1000 trellis's or 1. This was a mechanic that worked fine and was changed on a whim later on without any input from the player base.
  22. Well you just turned my hops area into wasted space, plus the grapes I started adding, roughly 1000 trellis's that I am not going to be spending hours on end 'tending'. The worst part is they are all ageing at the same rate and I don't think I will get much of anything on the next harvest that is coming up soon. You realize how much effort it was to make that many? At this point it looks like the best option for me is to pick them up and drop them on the lava pit and save the frame rate on the deed.
  23. It must be on everyone's mind, why? Why the change, was there some reason for it? Other than making something more of a chore was there a single valid reason for doing this?
  24. Could be that wood walls and timberframe are thinner than the tile border itself, where masonry walls are the full size. I never really paid much attention to that before though.
  25. So once you build that fence you no longer have a tile border you can click on for planting a lamp in a corner border or say a trellis on the main border. If you want a lamp planted or trellis added you need to plant these items before building the fence, or tear down the fence and then plant them and then rebuild the fence. Only option currently is to eyeball the placements and even that does not work well with the fence sitting in the way. In this picture my lamps were all willy nilly and I started building the fences and ended up tearing out the first one when I realized I had to replant all the lamps to sit nice and neat on the corner tiles.