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  1. Grats, it does not answer any questions at all, since you can't understand how someone can hit the fatigue wall, obviously you are a inefficient skill grinder. Just because you can't do it hit the fatigue cap does not mean other people can't hit it. Take your 100 bs and crawl back under your rock.
  2. You say you know how to grind, yet you are unaware of the time required to take a skill to 99 and beyond, or even believe how people can actually grind harder than you. There is no way anyone will run out of skills to grind in a few years, again your lack of knowledge is showing. You also accuse people of cheating (botting/shared accounts) and having no life, etc etc in which case you are just making assumptions based on your own poor gaming playstyle.
  3. why don't you just move on, this has nothing to do with you, as you do not understand the issue at hand, your attempts at trolling are falling short
  4. Okay in a item pile 2 floors directly below where I had them stored, this:
  5. Seriously? How am I supposed to know that, and see it happen, have you seen the stuff I have piled up at my place, will look around the floor, do they fall through floors too? As I left the eggs in a dredge in a coffin on the second floor of a building.
  6. So with my accounts I ended up with 4 Easter eggs, now I assumed that to get the stuff out of the egg you must let the egg decay, so far 3 eggs decayed and 3 goose eggs layed, yup, zip, nadda, zero. My last egg I shoved into my lmc as I just as well save it as let it rot to nothingness. Wish I had known from the start that these eggs were just decorations.
  7. Okay, while using the ram to remove the 1st floor walls, on the east side of the building I have a bit of slope going up from the house, 17 slope to be exact, I took out one wall this way, the very next one please note in the picture how it removed a second floor wall and no damage to the first floor wall. Moving the ram ahead just one tad put it onto the 1st floor wall.
  8. Which is fine for some, but not everyone plays the same way.
  9. There is no load option for a battering ram for loading it into a knarr. Also there is no option to cast circle of cunning on this device. [18:20:48] You can't work with the battering ram. This area is too crowded. (in this case beds on a floor above were preventing the use of the ram)
  10. Since the latest change we can now mine out the ceilings between your buildings using traditional scaffolding, just build wood structures. A few hundred planks and you can clear out those icicles! Scaffolding be nice to have, but I am content with the current system better than the option we had before which would of required 100s of bricks and mortar.
  11. I ran into this a few days ago while renovating a little building, never thought much of it at the time, was just wood shingles so I bashed them out and rebuilt them after the walls went up.
  12. There are plenty of kitty decorations, just follow me around exo and pick up all those run over kittys! You can use them to decorate your deed.
  13. I left out fences on the deck, so when its time to head out I just hop over the edge and onto the cart.
  14. Was just using the unstable for a bunch of screen shots on the deed, noticed a lot of flickering on horses and hell horses, like a beacon flashing every once in a while. Colors sure are rich though, very nice.
  15. More playing with arch's, shop reno into phase 3