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  1. I refuse to wear a tabard when on freedom.
  2. It is not impossible, it is done all the time.
  3. Some latency? Every post I make since the switch requires a refresh for me to see if its posted. Every one. I must add this is the only forum host I have ever had this problem on.
  4. client crapped out for no reason edit; so just closed out everything for the night and just realized I can hear water laping at the shore. So maybe it is a crash such as this that leaves the background sound running after everything is shut down? Was sailing into a mine when it happened.
  5. Its catch 22, allow people to fix roads that are messed up or make it so no one can touch it, can't have both. For the most part this system is good, as it will make it harder for someone to take out a highway on a whim, sure they can grief it, but that will have consequences, what it will do is make it very hard to remove entire sections of highways for someone that suddenly decided they wanted a deed in that location and the highway is in the way of there carrot patch.
  6. where else would you sail it to?
  7. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/tennessean/obituary.aspx?n=robert-haggard&pid=165550745&fhid=7056 maybe?
  8. playing around exploring possibilities of rope bridges on the test server
  9. bridge bug

    2nd test bridge on the test server at gertrudes mystery, same bug Alectry's can you ask Tich if a collapse in a mine can take out a bridge?
  10. I was curious about this line in the google doc; I like being able to paint the waypoints, but please allow the use of dyes rather than runes only, addy lumps should not be wasted on painting items and colors are so random.
  11. -1 let it decay want a new boat, build your own/buy one, or head to chaos and claim a boat
  12. Can the waystone to mark the deed just be the first few perimeter tiles to work?
  13. it would lead to abuse