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  1. For testing purposes the dev's doing the coding should just replicate a typical war deed from chaos and then try to hit some inside walls with these new crazy mechanics. Can't you duplicate the chaos server (to save time on building wardeeds front scratch for test purposes) and do this on your own without having it open to the general public for testing before you go to a live test. I think its crazy basing the range on skill and cata ql, if anything these factors should determine your chance to hit something and how much damage you do rather than the bloody range, it would be a nightmare for someone trying to put a rock on target with these factors.
  2. Plus since we have no means of scaffolding, at the very least allow us to build wood buildings as well, I have so many icicles hanging off my ceilings its not even funny.
  3. Oh and I love the new wall types, please please please so many times over can we have them for underground dwellings? The current choices honestly suck, no windows and everything built ends up looking the same, I can say this as I have a deed under my deed.
  4. I hope they will test the feasibility of having a catapult shot damage output spread among decorations. It is a nice thought to be able to damage everything in a area, but the main objective of catapulting a deed is not to destroy things you may want to loot, but rather destroy the walls and fences in your way of being able to access a deed to loot things and get a drain on the token.
  5. newly born ready to ride 5 speed hell horses added to the merchant at TOC Traders in the Great Northern Desert, 1s each
  6. trick is when you are on deed you have to nerf the insta push, so run your stamina down really low, turn on climb, start a push action on your bsb and walk out of the mine before the action ends, the bsb will follow you out, same way to get it inside too alternative get your wagon runed and just load it up and haul it out
  7. I quest to lag out exodus has met with success!
  8. Potlady, shame she is a 4spd though
  9. was curious if that was being changed as well
  10. So if one kingdom has 3 champs of a particular player god, no other kingdom can have the same champ?
  11. the percent chance means squat really, but with my nat subs at 67skill I find making concrete lovely now, at about 5/7 chance it seems to make the stuff
  12. what this guy said -1 to a feature that already exists
  13. Imp the lamps over 50ql, they not going to keep stealing them, takes 20 or more minutes to bash just one lamp like that. I know I have bashed a few rare ones and at the end I have to say, was it really worth the time? Now a simple solution to this is, and I am assuming you are doing these lamps along a highway if its to help folks during the night. The GM's could simply add lamps to the highways rule and that stealing blessed lamps off of highways is against the rules.
  14. I will install the toll booth at nomads though!