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  1. Hahaha its funny because jakerivers rides a moose irl, true story. And ofc +1
  2. Im gonna test it later, but it looks awesome! Gj
  3. Im gonna test it later, but it looks awesome! Gj
  4. Ls is casted or blank?
  5. For me the hard if not impossilbe part is with frying pans as you cant cook up breakfasts for all. So far the with meat and veggie it kinda works, but not very well.
  6. I got it to working in a way that i look which affinity i want and add stuff to get the needed number.
  7. Everything works for me upto 137, after that something goes off. For example: Minced tough gives mining affinity which is 44 on the list and onion gives me bowery which is 103 on the list. My offset for veggies is 4 so this should be total of 151 aka 13th affinity which is mauls but it gives an affinity in Farming which is 33 in the list. Not sure where i am going wrong.
  8. Only 59 catapults, 2 Eeku
  9. can i get 5 of the higest ql rift crystals sent to Thunderstruck! Thanks!
  10. As the title says, looking for multiple nahjo batteries. All i want is 70 faith and nothing else, pm me what ya got!!
  11. Always open for different solutions and upgrades
  12. Sent you a pm a few days ago, not sure if you noticed.
  13. Jotz link is not working, just a FYI!
  14. Steppes spawn wild horses and wild hhses. Usually when u get to the badlands steppe i spend a few good hours of nonstop hunting of them, after that the spawn kinda dies out and respawns fully in a ffew days. I think you have been unlucky nit seeing any. Steppes are supernice spawns, miss the steppes from chaos
  15. Is he sotg again?