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  1. I used strawberries, way easier to get tons of them and make juice
  2. 240
  3. Im gonna be honest my PC for Tuanta would be around 600-700€, sadly the value of tomes and stuff does not stack up. For others i think 300-400€, don´t see the value. The market is in a bad spot and the seller knows it so i don´t have to sugarcode it. I have seen much better accounts go for much less. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Thanks, didnt see it!
  5. what sorcery items?
  6. Roj told me he give me booze if j bump this(he didn't but now has to #winningfreealchol) also please like his auction threads, heard he really likes that.
  7. That is worth 300? Its morning so i must have missed something... (double checked, no idea where the 300 comes from) was worth less on a good market
  8. comic relief

    Thank god this slaying was done quietly and the loot was private, who need scale/charges or stuff anyway!
  9. comic relief

    Hmmmm, 3 days in a row all the meditation ticks, pretty normal. Or I really like the fact that i randomly dont get meditation ticks so the 2 minutes i waited and watched the timer go down was for fun!
  10. Hahaha its funny because jakerivers rides a moose irl, true story. And ofc +1
  11. Im gonna test it later, but it looks awesome! Gj
  12. Im gonna test it later, but it looks awesome! Gj
  13. Ls is casted or blank?
  14. For me the hard if not impossilbe part is with frying pans as you cant cook up breakfasts for all. So far the with meat and veggie it kinda works, but not very well.
  15. I got it to working in a way that i look which affinity i want and add stuff to get the needed number.