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  1. Is that slate texture accurate? It looks like a bad version of stone rather than slate... The others are great.
  2. For easier navigation, added background colors according to the horses' colors. New offspring added.
  3. TO ADD: I need to get this thing moved to another pen and branded but I can't seem to be able to do either since I can't charm it, so support would be nice.
  4. So, I found a champion crocodile today. After spending a lot of time luring it, charming it and bringing it home, I finally managed to pen it. When I left its status was "The Venerable Champion Crocodile acts loyal.". From charming other animals, I know that that should last quite a while and keep it my pet. When I relogged a while later, it was untame. Fortunately it was now penned so couldn't leave. I waited and casted charm again - with the support of guards from the tower to tank it for me. I was prepared to grab it and run out of the tower range as soon as it was charmed. However, as soon as I had completed the Charm spell, the crocodile disappeared. The guards stopped attacking, and the crocodile was gone. I had no Pet options. I relogged real quick - no change. I relogged for /lotime and the crocodile was back, although now untame again.
  5. Ages updated, new colors added! We now have the first piebalds and blacks as well
  6. Working on updating this post at the moment. Budget for months added, so you can see how long you might have to wait for the sale
  7. In my experience it varies with region. I have 8 deeds on Xan, one has a natural overflow of oak, the other Linden, and the remaining ones (all grouped up together into one complex) Chestnut. I'd assume that some trees are more rare to find - and I have yet to see a full natural fir forest but I have definitely seen natural looking Pine forests as well.
  8. Kissmaster
  9. Fixed, thank you!
  10. Bought my last one for 15, maximum I've seen them actually sell for lately has been 20 Just FYI!
  11. Not sure about the PC but I"m still looking for one of those so if you would like to discuss a possible sale with me feel free to pass a PM