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  1. Just going to comment here and say that I personally wouldn't pay 17S for a rare boat if you can get rare cogs for 3S more and rare sailboats for 3-8 silvers more. I personally think it's a little overpriced for a rowboat, but I hope you find a buyer anyway
  2. -1. I enjoy that you actually get a reward in terms of speed when grinding your body control enough to be able to ride one of those.
  3. Moved. Patience Everyone's annoyed by the current forum situation, and those in charge are doing their best to fix everything. We'll just need a bit (or maybe a lot) of patience
  4. A log of trades would be really great in some trading situations as well. Transactions and logs could be proven rather than a pending trade being a secret as soon as it happened. One would be able to prove exactly what was paid or received at what time, who got paid after the last cod if you weren't sure you sent it to the correct person, and help us prove scams when they do happen.
  5. I did ask As for the rest of the comments.... I honestly don't feel the need to respond to any of what you said.^^
  6. I run the stable client, and I have a keybind for mining forward.
  7. I've got cases of both on my deed
  8. 100%. Ive never changed the mines I targeted, turned around or moved a single bit - in the end it started working again but it was definitely all the same wall. I'm aware of deed permissions so that was the first thing I checked after I encountered the issue.
  9. After mining on someone's deed for hours, permissions suddenly stopped working - apparently without someone changing anything. Then they worked for a minute, then they didn't. Repeat Character name: Birdwatcher Deed name: [02:03:30] This is within the village of Karak. Nobody changing permissions: [02:04:29] <Birdwatcher> Are you messing with me? XDDD [02:04:42] <Birdwatcher> Cause I'm about to post a bug report on the forums lol [02:04:44] <Kalafast> No, I have done nothing nor even know how. Additional Information Added based on Comments: I run the stable client. I mine using a keybind. Mine_Forward on the button H It was on the same tile all the time - when it started working again and stopped working again there was no difference between the tiles. I was mining MARBLE. Maybe, if this isn't a bug, someone can tell me what is causing it.
  10. Damn that's one under-priced dragon pad.
  11. Oh, right. I misread. Sorry
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5evRFXJXhXONkktVjE4MUJaYjA/view?pref=2&pli=1
  13. Vinyamar is now the main breeding location