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  1. More sales are completed. Make sure to grab your desired items before they sell!
  2. Yea for sure. I wanted the list out there this morning but I'll sort it tonight
  3. Looking for a PC for this character since I'm looking at selling him. Path of Insanity. Can Fill. Vynora Follower Can Queue 6 Actions Never been warned Has Basic Epic Skills Currently not premium Will come with a Knarr. Please give me PC's or pass me a PM if you're interested in buying
  4. I am joining the rares craze and I'm looking to buy materials at fair prices. I am not greedy so keep it coming! You can CoD any of the below items to Yldrania at the provided prices without asking Please make sure that items are full weight, undamaged (ask before sending damaged items) and correctly priced. If you have materials not on my list, please just pass me PM and we can figure it out. Prices in Blue are for Rares, in Light Blue for Supremes and in Purple for Fantasticis. I AM WILLING TO NEGOTIATE ON THE PRICING. JUST PASS ME A PM AND WE CAN DISCUSS IT! CoD to YLDRANIA - You Do Not Have To Ask! Clay 25C / 50C / 300C Stone Bricks 25C / 50C / 300C Colossus Bricks 10C / 20C / 200C Gold Lumps 10C / 20C / 100C Bronze Lumps 15C / 25C / 150C Stone Slabs 15C / 30C / 200C Metal Bowls 25C / 50C / 300C Mortar 15C / 30C / 100C Marble Bricks 20C / 40C / 100C Logs (FULL WEIGHT) 15C / 30C / 150C Wooden Beams 10C / 20C / 50C Planks 25C / 50C / 300C Large Nails 30C / 60C / 200C Furs 20C / 40C / 100C Cotton Sheets 20C / 40C / 100C Small Nails 25C / 50C / 300C Marble Slab 15C / 30C / 100C String of Cloth 25C / 50C / 200C Rope 15C / 30C / 200C Bucket 30C / 60C / 400C Square Piece of Cloth 25C / 50C / 300C Shafts 25C / 50C / 300C Yarn 25C / 50C / 300C Square Piece of Wool Cloth 30C / 60C / 350C Iron Ribbons 25C / 50C / 300C Brass Ribbons 15C / 30C / 100C Pottery Bowl 20C / 40C / 100C Large Chain Link 15C / 30C / 100C Huge Bell 50C / 100C / Offer Bell Cot /Offer/ Pumpkins 15C / 30C / 80C Seedlings 25C / 45C / 100C Tar 15C / 30C / 100C Wires 15C / 30C / 80C Eggs 15C / 30C / 80C Rivets 15C / 30C / 80C Cordage Ropes 15C / 30C / 80C Mixed Grass 10C / 20C / 50C Dirt 10C / 20C / 50C Large Brazier Bowl 40C / 80C / 350C Brazier Bowl 35C / 70C / 320C Brazier Stands 30C / 60C / 300C Sand 10C / 20C / 50C Scythe Blade 20C / 40C / 80C Spring 15C / 30C / 80C Bow String 10C / 20C / 50C Wemp Fibre 10C / 20C / 50C Handle 20C / 40C / 80C Scythe Blade 20C / 40C / 80C Peg 15C / 30C / 80C Small Wheel Axles 25C / 50C / 100C Leather Strip 30C / 60C / 100C Diamond Offer Ruby Offer Sapphire Offer
  5. Sale still going on for a few more days! Grab your stuff now!
  6. Moved to Want To Buy
  7. Welcome to the Shadowfly Alliance's First Midsummer Sale! All the money earned from this sale will go towards improving our alliance, building our capital and making sure that we continue to grow and flourish! We hope you enjoy our offers! Any Non-Mailable Items Will Be Delivered To You For Free Courtesy Of The Alliance Regardless of Their Value (To Coastal Locations on PvE Servers) Make an offer on anything you want via reply to this thread, PM here on the forums or PM ingame /tell Yldrania or /tell Mirabloodarc Supremes Rares Materials Miscellaneous Items Event Items Gems Tools HOTA Statues Horses (Xanadu Only) === Yldrania, ==Shadowfly Alliance Leader
  8. 2 more horsies have found their forever home. Grab yours now!
  9. Here's what I'm looking for: Colossus Fo Colossus Mag Colossus Vyn Colossus Guard Tower Obelisk Spirit Gate Pylon Shrine Temple I will pay well for any unfinished rares of those, or even better for supreme. Prices will be discussed with the seller depending on their expectations and the exact item. I will buy an unlimited number of all of those, so keep offers coming whenever you can. If someone wants to take orders on those I'll pay extra for people to specifically try to make me one of the above items. Note that unfinished items have to be in a condition to STILL BE MOVED in order for me to buy them. Will pick them up from any coastal PvE area.
  10. Character prices have dropped a lot since more and more people have good characters. What used to be a great character is now the expected standard and the prices have adjusted accordingly. Additionally with the player gods, the prices for priests have lowered even more - I don't even want to try to get a PC for my Fo priest at this point. Unfortunately the character market is something that will keep dropping except for the super high characters with 100 and 99 skills I'm afraid.
  11. Honestly with this one I think it depends on the buyer but it makes a good alt. I'd say ~120-150 due to the channeling. It'd be a lot higher with some other noteable skills but I think that the 100 euros are a little low, while the 180 seems too high for what you're getting compared to other characters that sell for the same price.