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  1. I was thinking about this. This is a great idea too, for instanced events and such, I don't see why it's not used more often.
  2. rng

    It does get very tedious as most MMOs do, but when you feel like you NEED to log in to tend fields/animals/structures it starts to feel like a second life. I can log onto Guild Wars 2 now and do my dailies in about 10minutes... Wurm: tend fields (20mins) with a reasonably sized farm.
  3. I'm just hoping to play a lot less of this game next year. Already haven't logged in for a few days. Happy New Year!
  4. Gratz! now let's see if you stick with the game... I've already started to slowly part with it...
  5. yeah, so much for a 'picnic basket'... it's more like a lunchbox
  6. just don't drop anything else on the tile with it... it actually gets sucked into piles of items
  7. Whatever you want to believe... amphoras require quite a bit of skill to even attempt... racks were made for the winemakers who needed some place to put their wine/new drinks. runes are just a "feature" some dev came up with to add to the nonsensical magic on magic on magic part of the game,(rifts are there to get players excited to do, so they don't lose subs). decay changes don't affect objects inside furniture, so you still have to keep an eye on them when they're not used often. I still haven't seen any confirmation as to WHY they were removed.
  8. which one? there's a big structure over Crystal canal, but it's doesn't look like a bridge
  9. Yeah, Slickshot's great at building bridges!
  10. I want less complicated systems, and less chores..
  11. are we gonna get L-shaped stairs soon too?
  12. Here's a fairly recent one of Kswords and I in a trolley in San Francisco. Guess who's who
  13. That's basically it though, Nahjo is like a cookie-cutter meta priest. Who really uses the original gods extensively anymore? You don't see people asking for a Mag priest for Strongwalls anymore, he's almost useless since Nahjo has his good spells. Fo? nah, you got Courier and Genesis on Nahjo added to the Mag spells. Vynora? She's still good for CoC, but Nahjo has some great spells for quick channeling compared to her, go Nahjo for Light Tokens and Dirt, then switch over and join a sermon group for Vynora (if you can find one) There is no 'added flavour' of spells. It's a pre-randomized list of spells that are already in the game. Giving multiple sought after spells to one priest removes the need of the other priests, ruining the balance. The player gods should have had their own fresh spell list to keep the game from where it's at now, but the devs have their heads too far up their own asses that they can't even see the real issues and try to add their own ######. I don't know how long you've been playing, but the original 4 were good as they were. I'm sure in the next year we'll have an epic mission list that fills the window because of all the player gods. Epic should've stayed on Epic. If Rolf gave it more attention, I'm sure it could've turned out great, but he let it starve, and it died. There was no need for any of it to be on Freedom.