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  1. Got my chainsmithing, body strength and blacksmithing 5h affinities. thanks!
  2. This is now in the game LoL I was too late to comment
  3. YES! My unicorn suggestion got added into the game
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  5. Shoes sent. Enjoy Teal sorry Holar asked for those first so I sent them to him.
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  7. [08:13:55] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Shoes sent. Enjoy
  8. closed
  9. Steel Staff is actually worse in PvE than in PvP. It is a mauling weapon and most creatures you come across in PvE has either studded or leather armor. Glance funtime! Other than that, it has great dps, short range, great parry, nonexistant critical chance. If you want a different weapon (than hugeaxe), if you look for efficiency and dont mind if it is not steel staff, I would suggest twohanded sword (unless you only hunt in caves and deserts of course, then by all means go for the steel staff).
  10. Steel Staff is not bad if you feel more immersive using it. However, If you want it based on efficiency alone, it is not one of the best choices to say the least
  11. And you can just ride your glorious unicorn impaling your enemies left and right, without lifting a hand. That pointy and long horn is there for a reason
  12. I have both vyn and paa so I will test this throughly with a variation of similar/same enchants, with 1ql tools, with high skill, same ammount of total actions on same stamina level and queues. Also going to throw some weapon enchantments on some of them to increase the number of enchantments to see how that works out. Not going to post any conclusion, just results. EDIT: It is simply taking too many actions for any enchant loss to happen, so I am giving up on testing this. 3ql iron pickaxe 27botd havent lost any after 500 mining actions, neither has the coc woa counterpart. 3ql 23botd went down to 19, 3ql 25coc 30woa 50frostbrand went down to 24coc 25woa 49frostbrand. I prepared a lot of pickaxes to test this, but at this rate I dont want to go any further since I wont be able to get any reliable results unless I mine thousands of times with each of them. If I continue to test some of the pickaxes, I will put the results here
  13. It does take a lot of time to do most things in the online version, and it is not a demo by any means, it is the main game. Wurm unlimited can be much easier (depending on server preferences I guess) You sound like you already know the game, and just want to trash talk about it When a new player (or an old player for that matter) has a question, there are so many ways he/she can get an answer in a very short ammount of time using ca help, gl freedom, freedom chat channels ingame. People are very eager to help, has always been. I always got an almost instant answer whenever I had a question about anything If you arent a troll and really a new player, you can ask me anything ingame. Just write /tell Simyaci hi
  14. Not everyday you see a troll so devoted, so determined