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  1. 50c
  2. best chances!

    Thanks again Thor for getting me fix up there. Great service and really nice guy! Got a tour of his deed and it's awe inspiring in the work he has done in building it.
  3. rift

    Had fun if it was abit long of a fight. Got Phenomenal which I think was pretty good for low skill FS. And only died twice!
  4. So need seedlings or keys for back tracking? lol
  5. best chances!

    Thanks! Planning to make the trip this weekend then.
  6. best chances!

    Where is your deed located? Interested in getting two zinc mag runes attached to my Knarr (speed) and one for my wagon(volume? bsb loadable).
  7. Ok question, what kind of satchel is that? An event item?
  8. According to the guidelines no. Only two or more wide tile roads will be considered a highway now.
  9. Wth, spawns are getting to be in the same areas all the time. Not far from the wonder deeds again....and last one was not far from the crater deeds....again.
  10. I understand that reason for the token to be where it is, hench it serves as a marker on the games server to show where to place marked squares or spots in the program for "renting" pixel space. But the idea of a alternate "bank box" like spirit mailboxes might be a good alternative. Could place them anywhere and all the did was gave access to bank functions for deed.
  11. Gimmie longboats!
  12. Implementation of the Depth Drill. It functions similar to prospecting, but worked on corners of dirt (or any non-rock surface). It would use your prospecting skill to give you an "analyse" type of output for the ores around the area, as well as the depth to get to rock. This allowed players to "prospect" areas of the map without having to tear up the terrain to get to rock. plus one these idea!
  13. Oops. Posted that to early. It showed up after reloging.
  14. Even if it was just the elevation map, anything to give a better idea of the area around you so you can navigate better by landmarks.
  15. The missing mob called Phantom maybe? No one has yet to see one, but evidently it exist.
  16. Added borders and tile corners to caves Nice...
  17. Hmm can't see pic but yeah it's a common thing, ran into it last year. Gotta remove the fence then modify then rebuild fence.
  18. Still taking in new and old players, got some nice already built houses needing owners or you can build from scratch! And with the close proximity to the Amish Market and Sanctuary can do some shopping while skilling up your priest (if you got one) or yourself if your a priest needing some more Faith during the Sermons that are starting back up.
  19. You made that design in WU? Nice, need to pass that along for WO. lol
  20. Yeah good question, we push all the old carts, bsb, fsb, chest, etc. of previous players that left or moved on into the perimeter and I notice they decay abit faster than off in the "lands of wurm".
  21. yeah, it's messing up now. I tried rotating the stairs last month to get that border edge and it only now works with the spiral ones it seems and not the wide stairs.
  22. Plenty of room for more players looking for a place to stay while learning about all the fun stuff Wurm has to offer!
  23. Bump, got plenty of room here for more villagers and close by to nice big Amish Market!
  24. Nice, just got power back at house from being down due to storms for 12 hrs and missed it too.
  25. lol this is like the 3rd Rift to pop in that area I think.