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  1. MOP, S22 Thanks!
  2. I agree with this. As cool as it would be for more spells on runes, I think this could also make inbreeding a bigger trend. I pride myself for my lack of inbreeding on my farms (and we have a Nahjo in the village that can cast Genesis if any bad traits do occur).
  3. @Rocklobstar - they were thinking of you! (Also, excited to see how your marble deed will look with this!)
  4. Thanks for the clarification Alectrys! Closing the topic now that that's been cleared up!
  5. I'm not sure what the reason for limiting it is, but I don't see why we couldn't have at least 2 beds per tile... as well as allowing a bed to be on the floor above another bed (though I understand this could be abused by breaking the floor to increase the bed-per-tile count)..
  6. It may be hard to tell from the picture, but the flowerpots are sitting at different heights on grass. There are a couple spots around the outer parts of the tile where there seems to be an invisible hill in the middle of the sides, where the flowerpots rise up and float above the ground. There also seem to be spots where it is below the ground. Does not seem to happen on packed dirt?? Not sure if this happens with other items, it doesn't appear to (though I only tried with a satchel). Also happens with empty pottery flowerpot.
  7. Yeah!!! Show him how it feels!
  8. [14:45:33] Seedlings rotated the timber framed arched wall. They are usually in present not past tense. ie: Seedlings rotates the timber framed arched wall.
  9. Tried on 2 female accounts, the hands are going through each other or something. Male character seems fine. 2 pics linked below
  10. With a stone brick active, and a packed tile in the select bar, some 'buttons' are checkerboards with a blank hover-over message. I never even used the select bar until yesterday, funny find. First checkerboard is round cobblestone nearest corner, the second checkerboard is rough cobblestone nearest corner.
  11. Updated, thanks!
  12. CLEARANCE SALE!! SUPER FUN! No more fun!
  13. Cannot drag and drop the Small bedside table from inventory --> large cart. Cannot drag from inventory --> corbita Can drag from large cart --> corbita. Can drag from corbita --> large cart Cannot drag from corbita --> inventory. Not sure what the intentions are, but it seems inconsistent to me?