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  1. Just curious, why does it matter who deleted it? The author would know if a mod did so. The mods would know. If I'm not mistaken, this is limited to people moderating themselves. It's true that words don't fly back into one's mouth, though some have been known to eat their words. Things can disappear currently since anyone can already edit their own material at any time. I guess I'm just not a big fan of other people having control of what remains by virtue of quotes. I just prefer the notion of someone's words remaining their own, rather than possibly commandeered by someone else. Just my 2c for posterity. I don't expect to change the mods' minds as they have already chosen to -1. I have been known to go back and erase something I quoted from someone else when they chose to erase their own content. Brash I think it was. So even if I can't benefit in the same way, I can still allow others to maintain control over their own words if they wish. That's not something I'm personally opposed to.
  2. More like cartography than automatic updates (never played minecraft so not sure). I know cartography has come up a few times over the years... maybe someday. I think almanacs were suggested and argued a very long time ago, and here they are today, so I think never say never with Wurm (sort of). I do still want to keep @Cecci's thought on maintaining Rolf's over-arching vision for the game he lovingly brought to life over many years though. Not to keep it from evolving, but so it stays what we all fell for to begin with at heart.
  3. While I can appreciate what the professionals are saying, I'm going to +1 this. I think it is nice for people to have control over their own content, and words. Sometimes a post is made in the heat of the moment, or simply misinterpreted and causing offense. Currently, once that is quoted, people can edit their original content in hopes of righting a wrong, but the quoted content remains as is. (I think.) It does not update. I realize the most ideal would be for everyone to think long and hard before posting... and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm certainly human. If I speak out of turn, I can address it further down in the thread which does maintain the integrity of the conversation itself. However, there are times it would be preferable (at least to me and my conscience) to address the matter more directly and thoroughly. Perhaps that is what would be considered abuse, at which point I suppose I am a potential abuser and proof it should not be implemented I also realize Steveleeb suggested this with regard to double/triple posts... there I would suggest it best to assume the root cause of that problem will be resolved, rather than patch in a band-aid.
  4. Hmm. I don't know. Good thinking though. If that's the case, then you're right, best to have it done once at restart and downloaded by players at login... I think. As a layman, I'm kind of thinking the map could be stored locally on the player's computer? So when a player updates his/her map, what they're adding would be added to their map like the waypoints are now. So it wouldn't really be the server having to poll tiles and update, it'd be the player making alterations to their own file. In the end, not all players would have identical maps, but instead maps showing what was relevant to their own travels? Maybe that's too different from what you had in mind though. No idea if any of that is even feasible Just kind of guessing.
  5. Using Firefox and it's actually a lot better for me today. Some posts go through immediately, a few still got stuck at "saving" for a while. Haven't really detected a pattern. Nothing has changed on my end though, so guessing something improved server-side.
  6. It's come up several times. I guess if it were to happen, I'd rather see something like the almanac that is updated by players. As it is though, there's also all the different types of waypoints we can set and share with village/alliance. I think that's probably more than Rolf would have envisioned to begin with, and there is such a thing as mission creep. WU servers do have mods for this, but I kind of like the idea of WO keeping some of its roots. On a funny note, long time ago it was considered a plus when a game had resources outside of game. I remember opening up a "science station" on a laptop next to my desktop when playing space simulations. Then again I also thought sixteen whole colors on a laptop the thickness of a college textbook was RL science fiction.
  7. I've been renovating using pottery bricks lately, whereas others have told me it seems too labor intensive, so I can understand, but my primary concern would be the slippery slope effect of doing something like this though. There have been suggestions for saw mills (for example) and other ways to quicken things up. We can take it on a case by case basis, of course, but it seems to me choosing one shortcut while denying another would be kind of subjective. For example, not stone bricks because they're chipped... but yet one mold spits out 20 bricks. Doable, but consider whether or not you'd be willing to carry this forward to materials important to other people as well. Just curious, get skill gain for 1 brick, or 20? No preference otherwise.
  8. This reminds me a little bit of the recent suggestion about dogs in particular, so I'll link it for reference: Budda mentioned some work he's done on creature AI during his free time in the May Roadmap. I think it may be mostly related to combat ai(?), but still. It may not be a big jump from that to other functionality once the ground-work is laid out. Or at the very least a smaller jump than before he dug into that part of the code. From the new animal list, I'd be partial to Snow Leopards. I had one of the transparent ones in WoW and loved that thing. Also rabbits, for cooking purposes. To some extent, creating new animals would be mostly art team, right? I presume working on animal ai would be another department, but not sure. I do think expanding the current functionality of the animals we have, and the taming system in general, would be very very cool. I'd also like to see sort of a "dog house" or "stable"... anything we could check in one tamed pet and pull out another. Considering we can only have one pet at a time, that would still allow us some variety just for the fun of it. May not be very wurmish, in a sense, but don't ask me to choose between a snow leopard and a dog
  9. +1 If I'm not mistaken, it seems to already work that way for the older wall skins above ground, but not for the new ones. I'm able to see tile borders and corners under wooden walls, timber-frame walls, but not pottery brick or rendered. All above ground though in my case. Nothing underground for me to play around with just yet.
  10. It's not the fix you want, I know... but it still seems to me increasing the pool of fatigue to a point it no longer makes any difference would be preferable to you than having your stamina cut in half. Somehow you'd rather live with that, than have your fatigue cap become irrelevant over time. Can't quite make sense of that, but certainly your prerogative. You keep missing the rather pertinent part where a dev tells you the system is not considered broken. I honestly don't think people completely ignoring what a dev tells them is really going to lead to any progress. Arium had a very interesting point regarding the recharging code. Perhaps we'll learn that will be improved upon. Somehow, though, I don't think that would be enough to help you. I know I've seen quite a few people say fatigue does nothing to stop macroes. I believe you, simply because it sounds like you guys know something I don't. I don't know how you know this, and confirm it. Either way, it doesn't seem to be how the devs look at it currently. I think how the devs look at it should be part of the equation when working out something that removes this impediment from your game-play. There have been plenty of games in which my sense was the Devs had no idea what they were doing, but Wurm is not one of them. Perhaps that is something we'll never see eye to eye on so mutual agreement on a solution to the trouble you're experiencing isn't possible. Unfortunate, but such is life. At least I'm pretty comfortable it's not for lack of trying at this point. It could be that next month, Devs will come out and say fatigue was removed. Cool with me. If they come out and say they've decided it remains, how to mitigate that for trusted players may become more salient to established players. One shall see. I'll still be here happy to discuss it, rather than just "giving up." "Plus he's doing worse than you're understanding" Thanks man, that's swell. Keep in mind, we're talking about players who have no need whatsoever of a loyalty system. That incentive isn't the point at all, as it isn't needed. I'm not proposing extending the bonus to newer players, but rather to established players who need no incentive. I hope that isn't worse than what you've understood thus far. Sure, I don't think spending 24hours straight on the same tile banging an anvil sounds fun... at this point in my life. That's why I don't personally play that way. You keep saying you don't judge other people's play-style, but then knock a system that allows people to "play ~16hours a day straight, w/o the need of any breaks or moving a pixel away from work tile, amazing, right?" If it's amazing to them, then it's amazing to them. Doesn't need to be amazing to me. There will always be people more advanced than me, in every game I play, even if I get in on early release. That doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to throw the ethics that keep me from using macroes out the window. I'm 100% certain I'm not alone in that, and I'm fairly certain people don't macro out of necessity. Yes, common ground is where it's at when people are actually interested in moving forward. Hopefully everyone is interested in actually moving forward, and not just bouncing the same intractable, rigid ideas at each other. PingPong did mention on the first page(or 2nd) that one of Rolf's original assertions was just as you say, to limit people with more time than others out of fairness to people who have less time. I believe him that Rolf said this. From that standpoint, yes... if the designer says, "this is how I want to design my game," to me that's game, set, and match. Ultimately. On the other hand, I don't think there's any harm in people working out a system that respects the designer's vision, while tweaking it to make some members of the community happier. Particularly members of the community who have been around a very long time. What common ground are you willing to share? What compromise are you offering? How do you empathize with the people hitting the fatigue wall, and what do you propose to offer them some relief? Again, particularly the players that have been here a long time and have earned consideration.
  11. Why would you want your stamina cut in half because of your play-style? That's not an acceptable solution. Why would you even go there, especially considering how cooking affects stamina and your thoughts on cooking... Clear your mind of our past interactions for a minute, just for a minute... I'll go back to that at the end of the post, promise. 99 hours would work for you? Great. No sense having all that fatigue time if you are not premium, correct? I know you are taking a break right now, but you were premium how many consecutive months before the break? I'm guessing many months. Is it game breaking for you if a brand new player to Wurm has 12 hours of fatigue, as the system exists today? If so, why? My rationale is New players are the most likely culprits when it comes to macroing. That could be wrong, of course. You may believe otherwise, but it is my rationale I'm explaining. New players are unlikely to be binge leveling Blacksmithing, for example. A new player has to be involved in every facet of Wurm. A bit of farming, some woodcutting, carpentry, foraging and botanizing are likely big ones... Villagers could be an exception but not really a great way to introduce them to wurm, is it? There are alts, let's skip that for now for the sake of progress. Let's deal with your main first. To me, new players are where fatigue, as it stands, makes the most sense. You don't think fatigue makes sense at all. I know. Work with what we've got though. The devs have fatigue in the game, assume that's somehow important to them and try to work with it. So... players most likely to be affected by fatigue have been playing a while. How long? I'm going with 3 months. You might say 1 month. Just an example. A detail to revisit later. A player that is not premiumed has no concern with fatigue, they cannot skill above 20. Correct? It is offensive to established players to have others suggest they are macroers. Correct? One would imagine that after such time in the community, trust and benefit of the doubt would be the rule. Right? I know, fatigue doesn't stop macroers. Whatever. We're working with what we've got. It would be wrong to remove any bonus immediately after missing just one month of premium, covered. Now tell me, how is what I suggested a few posts back an assault on your play-style, a referendum on your play-style, telling you how to play, or looking to impose upon you in any way? Can you see how the system I threw out there would eventually get you and others to 99+hours of fatigue pool? If so, what's the problem? Nadroj suggested 24 hours. I'm suggesting no limit, theoretically. It's not immediate, or quick enough to ramp up? Thought of that. Hence saying 3 times that the numbers are examples. Had to use some numbers to flesh it out. Also, mentioned retroactive implementation to respect the fact that we already have established, trusted players and shouldn't make them wait from the start like a newb. ******************************************************** I'm not giving up because I think it's more fun, and more productive, to try and see where the common ground lies and how to work with it as Hailene suggested. She got slapped around for it. So yeah, I slapped back a little, that's what people do when there's slapping going on. ******************************************************** Ok, back to what you know of our past interactions if you'd like. I'm not helpful, you're so critical, pew pew pew.
  12. Ok, fixed it for you.
  13. Okay, certainly didn't mean to troll. Not entirely sure how calling you caring and conscientious is trolling... but sure, why not. Sorry you are unsure of how what I'm suggesting works. What I'm suggesting obviously doesn't work as you think it does, since nothing I said involves fatigue recovery time. Fatigue recovery time is clearly a related issue, but I consider that separate and in limbo until we have more information regarding what Arium found in the code. Maintaining the effects of fatigue for newer players while removing fatigue for more established players is also apparently appeasing to neither side of the issue. Even when I expressly suggest retroactive implementation so that the relief would be immediate. Fair enough. Was worth a shot. All or nothing doesn't sound like a promising prospect to me when it leads to an impasse. Fallacious arguments not addressing the underlying root of the issue certainly seem like a waste of time, and we've had a lot of those. I would have thought my suggestion would be more palatable to people like Greyfox than having their stamina cut in half as he suggested, but apparently not. Go figure.
  14. True. Similar to the issue you found in the code affecting the recharge rate, but not the overall pool. You are right though, if there is a leak in the recharge rate, that needs to be addressed so that over time, more water is going into the bucket than leaking out. Otherwise this doesn't help, I think. The math would need to be looked at more closely if deemed worthwhile. Increasing the pool is an idea backed by the very people bringing up this problem. Over enough time, people would have such large pools of daily fatigue time, there wouldn't be enough hours in a day to run out. Particularly since we're talking about people who stick with Wurm a very, very long time. Obviously we can trust people like Greyfox, Jake, Naj, You, etc. Folks like you are known entities by virtue of being around so long. Making it so you never have to contend with a fatigue wall in the first place shouldn't be much of a risk. In a way, we'd be fading out fatigue over time as players become known, trusted entities... I think? It's the new, unknown players, and perhaps alts that would need to have the brakes on. Alts will get push-back, naturally. Not saying that has to be the case, but that would be an outcome. Also not meant to be a complete, encapsulated suggestion. If addressing what you found doesn't bring recharge up to acceptable levels, surely that can be addressed as well. ps. One other thing what I'm suggesting doesn't address is people sharing accounts and running them 24/7. Don't know if that's even a thing, or considered a problem, just saying that empirically it's not a consideration accounted for... if it ever even needed to be. EDIT:: pps... another thing that might be a negative, or positive, depending on who's looking at it: Accrued fatigue time might become a selling point for accounts. No opinion on that, just pointing it out as something to consider.
  15. Lighten up, Francis. You keep shooting yourself in the foot. Yes, I had a facetious tone in what you quoted. How dare I speak to your holiness that way! Never said anyone should play my way, that's just ridiculous. I've actually said the exact opposite Anyway, when (if) you cool off from my insolence, perhaps you'll come to understand my desire to help people get the heck away from untenable and ridiculous arguments in favor of one simple argument that would probably work. You see, Wurmians are fair-minded folks. Not some of the upper echelons that think they're gods, I know, but most people are fair. If the conversation gets to promoting one play-style over another, then people will likely reach the conclusion that just isn't fair, and you can get the help you're looking for. It's like pulling teeth though, and getting slapped around by people like you in the process. Lovely. Sorry, but false on staff replies, here's just 2: Also, dude... why do you keep thinking it's "+6 hours in the end?" There is no end. What I was suggesting would literally kill fatigue for trusted players in return for something they're already doing. You're right though. That apparently isn't good enough and I'm telling people how to play Bah... whatcha gonna do.