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  1. 35c
  2. +1 It's a great way to advertise PvP on PvE servers too. Maybe one of my neighbors shows up in a PMK tabard one day, and I find out I have a friend on Chaos I can visit, etc. Or as mentioned, you can see people work together at Rifts and potentially get to know a few and feel more confident venturing to Hell On Wurm Chaos.
  3. K. The fact that something is mentioned in the OP doesn't mean that's the debatable part of the suggestion. What I mean is, scavenging dead deeds on Freedom is indeed viewed as acceptable behavior. I'm not suggesting that it is or isn't, I'm merely stating the fact that it currently is. It's labeled Background because that's all it is, just some background that explains what was in mind when I thought of the suggestion. That's a suggestion. It's a bold one that I'm sure tempted to answer, but I don't because I don't want to come back tomorrow and find this thread has ballooned to 23 pages about something that is no longer recognizable as the original suggestion. Raiding on PvP involves live deeds, with current inhabitants. I have no desire to raid anything. If I come upon an area that is not deeded, not locked, but clearly has no decay or maybe has some fresh crops... obviously someone is living there and I don't touch it. At most, I might clean up a rotted crop and replant a fresh one to help them out. Lockpicking on PvP involves actively stealing from someone. I have no desire to ever steal anything from anyone. That's why I live on Freedom. This is simply me looking at a locked item that has long ago been abandoned and will cease to exist very shortly regardless of what I do. It's just like times I've looked at a nice lamp on a long abandoned deed, realized it was so decayed and no longer planted that I could pick it up and breathe new life into it. That's all I have in mind here. This was never about doing anything that would intentionally harm another, and I suggested a very high level of damage to try and avoid any loss of sleep that I have unintentionally harmed anyone. I hope that makes sense.
  4. I wrote the OP. This is not about raiding or looting. This not related to Player vs. Player. There is no versus. This thread may be closed to prevent further derailment. Thanks.
  5. Please stick to the topic at hand. You are free to create a suggestion thread for what you are suggesting as it is beyond the scope of this thread. Best would be if you edited your post so as to allow others to stay on topic. As for 10 new mechanics so the actual topic of this thread is not abused, that would not be the case. Only 9 would be needed at most.
  6. I got nothin'
  7. And then sail it back to Freedom?
  8. If you're worried about a non-existent ship market, I can understand that and support your concern. However, your insistence on this "lazy people," "make it yourself," "too cheap," rhetoric is just some self-righteous, clueless bs. You know nothing of the people you're disparaging, so yeah, yet again. As for the suggestion, no one in a survival situation would ever pass up an opportunity to salvage what has been abandoned by others.
  9. Doh! Never knew that, thank you
  10. My thinking was really just that since we can pick up planted lights now after a certain amount of damage(all planted things I believe), this would be a similar thing. Must not be as similar as I thought though, since it's looking like not many see it that way. If the consensus is that this is too open to abuse, then I'm lacking imagination and it's a bad idea. My evil mastermind skills seem to have atrophied with age I'm getting the feeling that the darned BSB is going to poof without my ever satisfying my curiosity Such is life. Has this suggestion come up before? I had searched when looking to nail down the rules, but didn't see a convo about this. Link if you think it a good read? @PashkaI remember dragging a sinking corbita along the entire southern coast of Deli, then north about halfway up. It was named "Lady of Winter." I can't even tell you how long it took but I was so excited to salvage that darned thing! Never really knew why they did away with that, but they did. My intent wasn't to mimic what they decided to take away. I can't quite figure out how I would go about the abuse situation you're describing, but I appreciate the example.
  11. 45c
  12. Mission creep... always a concern, true. Someone arguing 80 would be enough wouldn't mean the powers that be have to agree, but the danger does exist. What about secured items currently going unsecured at a certain point though? Same could have been said when that was implemented. Is the lockpicking the concern? What if the lock falls off at a certain amount of damage?
  13. Which is entirely possible but if you could expand on that with a "for instance," that would be very helpful. From where I stand, the thing's going to poof and be gone either way. I'm pretty sure we can't just bash someone else's cart until it is damaged enough to pick... right? I've never actually tried. Would that be the problem? If so then yeah, if anyone can just take a large maul to any bsb off-deed, that pretty much kills my suggestion rather dead For now I'm going to consider it just "mostly dead" until I can better understand the abuse you're envisioning.
  14. Kind of a suggestion though not sure I know enough about lockpicking to think through all the ramifications, so will need input. Background: The spot I deeded on Xanadu had an abandoned, locked BSB on it, and an abandoned, locked small cart. I pushed those two items off my deed, and into perimeter so I could carry on terraforming, building, etc. without their being in the way. I also pushed a loom off-deed as I wanted to build my own. The BSB is now at 80+ damage. The small cart is at 95+ damage. I am letting them decay. Suggestion: The small cart is going to poof shortly. I will let that happen. I'm wondering if there is any point to not allowing us to lockpick such an item, given the imminent destruction of the item? What if at 90+ decay, containers on Freedom are allowed to be lockpicked? Or, with that much decay, the lock falls to the ground. Considering lamps with heavy decay become unsecured, I had assumed the same would be true of locked, abandoned containers at a certain point. Scavenging abandoned deeds is accepted practice (as noted in the recent hunting thread), and this would give a little value to lockpicking skill on Freedom. Thoughts?