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  1. Make it just the top portion, so we have the option of pushing a regular bed underneath for bunk beds, or using the space underneath like a college dorm style loft?
  2. My amusement stems from the idea that Rolf would flip such a switch... and then go home for the week-end. *facepalm* RoooLF!!! what were you thinking man! Kind of like I still laugh at an old friend who once walked into a raucous party we were having to politely, softly and even shyly let us know that the couch on the back porch was on full-on fire and starting to light up the side of the house... *facepalm* mighta been a good time to make a fuss man! type-o'-thing. I'm not laughing at the fact that we nearly burned down the house. ********************************************* Really appreciate all the responses from everyone. It's been really informative, not just regarding this particular event, but also shedding light on how Wurm's servers used to be organized. Even got a glimpse of Rolf's original vision in his own words. I'd also really like to thank everyone, and commend everyone, for not letting these old wounds devolve into present-day arguments. There's no turning back the clocks, and the opportunity to look back through the looking glass has been even more interesting than I had hoped. All of you who were there, and are still here, have taken quite a journey together. It's nice to sit around the campfire sometimes and just listen to the ole timers. They may not have teeth, but they sure have good stories. Keep on Wurmin'
  3. It's always seemed a bit muted inside a house for me, not sure if I might have something set differently? It's subtle though. +1 for immersion indeed.
  4. You think that's bad, taken a look at the bench on the stone oriel? The horror! Sorry
  5. If we include public, expiring deeds will be cleaned out within minutes of expiration. Coming across an abandoned deed with something cool has sometimes been a fun facet of Wurm. I've had deeds expire, and I hope it was fun for whoever happened to come across it. Aside from that though, +1 Might include a setting for "trusted friends," as well.
  6. Cheating rocks! badumbum... pshhht... sorry, moar coffee needed asap.
  7. @Chakron mentioned in another thread Rolf once turned on PvP and draining on PvE isles, then went home for the week-end. I was not around back then, but I remember hearing of it after joining. Being reminded now made me laugh, particularly "going home for the week-end." I can only imagine Rolf was pretty upset with the PvE folks that day In any case, this thread is intended to be a general call for first-hand accounts of this event in Wurm's long history. If you were playing when this happened, I'd love to hear some stories of how it went for you. I can only imagine it would have been a momentous occasion, not to mention mayhem. Thanks ahead for any contributions. Look forward to reading if anyone has the experience and time to share. **only intended for entertainment purposes, not to be interpreted as a suggestion, admonition, recognition or anything other than history and humor. Failure to comply will result in a brief though extreme electrostatic shock delivered through your mouse. Carry on.
  8. whoa... That's an impressive haul, and one heck of a knife! Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  9. I was under the impression that butchering skill does play a part though. Perhaps not in QL directly, but don't people let the person with highest butchering skill do the butchering in group situations? Pretty sure that's a thing. I think the higher your butchering skill, the better chance you have of getting everything from the beast, be it meat+fur+teeth+etc. At low skill, you will get less meat, run the risk of no pelt, might even be no meat unless you're using a rare butchering knife then you are guaranteed at least 1 meat. I think that's different than other gathering skills, isn't it? Mining = guaranteed an ore of vein type no matter what. Skill capped QL. Foraging / Botanizing = guaranteed to get something from action if tile works. 100 skill, 1 skill, doesn't matter, tile dependent. If there is something to be found, you'll find it. QL is now like mining (I think, right?) Skill capped QL. Gardening (flowers?) = guaranteed to get something. Not skill capped, but QL/damage affected by skill which will then affect planting. Forestry (sprouts?) = guaranteed to get something, eventually. Not skill capped, but QL/damage affected by skill which will then affect planting. Milking = guaranteed to get something, QL always 100? Can't remember, been a while. Skill capped QL? Woodcutting = guaranteed to get something. Skill capped QL. Harvesting = guaranteed to get something. Skill capped QL. However, Butchering = not guaranteed to get something. Higher skill = better chance of actually getting more stuff(I think). QL random (completely random? not sure) Guaranteed 1 meat if using rare butcher knife, random QL, that's a tool thing, not skill related. Others like this? = could be, I'm hungry, think about it later. I know you're hoping for an answer from a dev, and maybe that will happen. Would always be interesting to get an inside perspective on their thinking process... but in the meantime, guessing is free. Thoughts? Corrections? Lottery Numbers? sidenote: if they were to tie QL to skill when butchering, it seems they would then have to make it guaranteed that at least 1 of everything drops each and every time a butchering action is taken? Not sure that's a trade-off people would support. My money is on not.
  10. ok, that made me laugh Foraging and botanizing is a little more involved than just stepping on something man! I may see an arid patch of cracked dirt... local who's been there his whole life and taught by his elders comes up and finds 20-some different roots, critters, etc. Drop me in the Arizona desert and I'd only have a vague idea that some of them cacti have potable water... someone with more skill is drinking margaritas by sunset. So, in RL, low skill doesn't necessarily mean low quality... it just means you'd never find it to begin with. That would be a harsher reality in Wurm than tying ql to skill. At least the new player can still have a chance of finding everything, but to reward those who spent mad time raising their skill, they get the higher ql. Take mining for example. I can bang on an utmost iron vein til the cows come home, still never going to get anything higher than my skill level. (correct?) Not asking for butchering to change, actually not asking for anything at all, just participating in the conversation.
  11. Wait, we have temperature as related to weather? Checked wurmpedia but not able to find anything about that Sorry if it's a joke that went right over my head. Just curious as temp would be interesting.
  12. The idea has a lot of potential though. Doesn't have to be intrusive. Could be opt-in for religious perks, or Nicedream's special mob if made non-aggro so players have a choice whether to attack, etc. Tying it to Rifts would also somehow make sense to me, though I couldn't tell you why. Architecture too, though I think that's usually more tied with solstices. Could all be tied together... build a stonehenge-like structure out of portals and pillars, ebil mob shows up at eclipse, turns players who enter the structure into minced meat. Add garlic, pinch of salt, serve searing hot. @GreyfoxYou're mean
  13. Wouldn't be the first time a troll makes a fool of me when I give it the benefit of the doubt. Sure hope that isn't the case, but it's a possibility. Kind of a fail troll though, wouldn't it be? If one detaches from the immediate and personal consequences, how skills are linked and function is actually a fun thing to think about. From that standpoint, if this is a troll post, I've enjoyed the positive outcome.
  14. It's about gathering skills. You're listing manufacturing skills. Far as I can tell, reason is uniformity of function. Incentive is likely more palatable to devs than current players. ymmv.
  15. I can see where Clatius is coming from in terms of uniformity. If A and B are similar in practice to C, shouldn't C function as A and B? To a new player starting from scratch, and not already invested in wogic, that kind of uniformity is kind of expected. Gives a sense of cohesiveness rather than hodge-podge. I mean, if folks really want to "think it through," then that has to involve more than, "wow, that would really suck for me personally." Which it would, mostly, suck for me personally. Them's the breaks though. Not against mechanics being revised but I think foraging and botanizing are different from butchering in terms of dependencies. No tools involved in foraging and botanizing, for example. In 90% of reported cases, 87% of pharmaceutical companies would disagree with you. **warning: in some cases, reading of that sentence may result in diarrhea, constipation, constipated diarrhea, and loss of appetite followed by hunger leading to diarrhea, constipation, and constipated diarrhea. Consult a physician before going swimming in the ocean.