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  1. This would seem to back my theory that the fatigue system is not about anyone's health, or particularly developed to catch botters. If it does accomplish either of those, they're ancillary effects. I still say the fatigue system was designed to promote a certain way to play the game, while limiting another way to play the game. If that's the case, and we can all get on the same page about it, then the discussion could move forward as to how we feel about that in particular. So happens the way it works now totally works for me as the way I play is not at all affected. That doesn't mean I want to see other play-styles affected negatively though. I also pay for the game, I just think paying for the game and making design decisions for the game are two completely, unrelated things in the long run. I'm not an investor or shareholder in the company. Their decisions are still their own regardless of my entertainment budget. Personally, I do like the idea of a game rewarding a more balanced play-style for once. It does sometimes seem like every other game out there rewards those who can spend the most time on it at the behest of people who cannot. However, I'm also not going to throw a hissy-fit if it's decided this is bad for Wurm going forward because what my neighbor can or cannot do doesn't change what I can or cannot do. Wurm Online can be very social, and yet also promotes personal freedom. That's a good thing. Perhaps Rolf wanted to limit the power leveling then in turn selling accounts that had one or two very high skills for RL money? Just spit-balling here. Or, perhaps it's some grander life philosophy? Has anyone else watched this: with Amy Poehler's brother Greg starring? There are tidbits that may explain why it may just be a philosophical decision to have introduced a mechanic to promote slowing down a bit and smelling the roses. Just a theory. The Swedes among us will know better of course I would kind of imagine that wouldn't fly with people hitting the fatigue cap, as most are hitting it while leveling as efficiently as possible, aka as quickly as possible. Continuing to play while not leveling would be pointless to them, I think. Nice to see a new idea put forth though
  2. a certain way, apparently. *************************************************************************************** Not directed at you Nadroj, but generally speaking:: Maybe Rolf designed a game for people with ADHD who can't sit and do the same exact thing for 16 hours straight. Some games ... actually a lot of games... do reward people for grinding to the top asap. One of the reasons I like Wurm is that it does not necessarily reward this as some of you are defining it. Everything is relatively inter-connected. Doing X raises B which will in turn help when you're doing Y. It is built from the ground up with the notion of doing many different things in one play session. Every game has a set of constrictions to play within. After reading through this thread, I believe the fatigue system is a design choice. It's not about your health. It might be useful in catching botters. Ultimately though, there is a specific and particular play-style it punishes, and that is by design. "but...but...the design is stoopid!" I disagree. You may not like it, but stupid it is not. "but...but...I'm just so good at the game!" Yeah? Nice! So why do you keep hitting the fatigue wall, particularly when you're fully aware it exists? "well, clearly the system is broken." Maybe. Though just as clearly you're doing it wrong. "but...but...I'm so much more efficient than all these lil ppl!" Grats! How's that workin' out for ya? "gah! I hate CCAB!" That's a bummer, man.
  3. Uhm... could we possibly find some kind of homeopathic solution? I mean, I dunno, some kind of Belladonna tea or something? -1 to sharp objects ... well, you know...
  4. Nobody is contesting that. People are contesting your original suggestion of wanting fewer steps because at your level, simple meals don't fill CCFP. That's the part that people don't want. I honestly don't think anyone is suggesting right-clicking be the rule of the day. In other words, yes, +1 to a cool UI for cooking. +1 to adding more things to FSB if that doesn't go against what Devs were trying to accomplish... And furthermore Perhaps I misunderstood your original point, but seems to me everyone else did too so I do have that going for me.
  5. What disadvantage? What can you not do if you don't have full CCFP? How does the way you play the game have more of a point than the way I play the game? Chef Online, Hello Kitty, Sims... honestly there isn't much people could throw out there that I haven't read on loads of other forums before. I liked cccdfern's solution to your problem from the start, and I'm glad you amended your suggestion to it. If the devs don't have a particular reason to exclude certain ingredients from FSB's, then sure, throw them all in there if it helps. I'm not contesting that. I was actually going to suggest the same thing on account of new players prepping food for those who don't want to do it. So clearly I'm amenable to finding a solution to your problem. What I am not amenable to, is people saying there's too many steps for them at level 58 and things should be made simpler. That is not acceptable to me. Spoiler tags for recipes please.
  6. I guess I like "above the sky" mechanics. If filling pan after pan with 1 veggie + 1 filet of meat is something you enjoyed, that's awesome man. You can still totally do that. There is nothing in Wurm that requires a full CCFP. It's just a bonus for people who actually do enjoy the latest cooking upgrade. I'd probably enjoy it even without the CCFP perk, to some extent, but I'm really happy to have the CCFP perk. It's nice to have in-game incentives to do things aside of wanting to chill out. After a hard day of working the stead, I like coming in and perusing the ingredients in my FSB. Chop up some of that, mash some of this, maybe try mincing the meat tonight... Or maybe I get hungry while at the forge (happens a lot actually)... think I'll cook up some stew and dumplings over here real quick rather than start the oven... oh look at that, something about it tastes different than before. Well, of course it would actually. *freakin' genius Rey* There are still plenty of things you can do in Wurm while watching Netflix even if you don't like the more active cooking mechanics. Like mining, for example.
  7. Just some ideas: In the one of the female warrior and cat, I would probably make the cat bigger, more prominent. Just a thought.
  8. I like this solution. Might allow for hiring new(er) players as sous-chefs. Instead of 1k bricks, have them prep all kinds of ingredients. I really don't like the idea of simplifying or making it "REALLY EASY." @Greyfox @Finnn If I were to make a thread saying I don't really like mining, but I want to be using 90+ QL ores anytime I want, without having to pay for it though, and without putting in the effort or time anyone else might for the privilege since not everyone wants to stare at a cave wall for hours on end... what would you guys suggest?
  9. That's a great looking porch! Never knew we could do upper floor wells like that too. Very cool. I tried Pottery Brick T's with rendered stone fences at my place. Don't have pictures handy but I like how the brick column juts out a little bit. Fun stuff Edit:: Still need to replace the older stone walls and all kinds of other stuff Wanted to show off the marble brick and pottery brick courtyard too Edit#2:: while I'm at it, @Retrograde, if I go up to the brick T arches+ rendered fences and press against it right there, I can see through it still. Just fyi.
  10. I think a rare farming action will yield an extra crop at harvest... don't quote me on that though, not 100% certain. Looking at Finnn's picture up there, might actually be kinda cool to keep rare trunks around (with the option of not doing so of course)
  11. Yeah, but they were being so patient and polite in explaining it to everyone, I kinda felt like someone should jump up and down about it.
  12. It wouldn't really be that much better. There's little difference. You either apply the brick to the wall, or to the free reinforcement beam you get after the first one. All anyone has to do is build one single support beam. Just one. That's it. Build One Single support beam. Add desired effect to support beam (ex. pottery brick) step up to the reinforced wall you wish to amend. stop just short, or you will see dark dungeons. Use the pottery brick support beam on the reinforced wall. The still-reinforced wall will now have the pottery brick look to it. Check your inventory. Notice the support beam in it. No, seriously look... at... it. Do a little dance of joy. (Do not attempt to skip this step.) GOTO Step 2. You're not really re-reinforcing as the reinforcement itself is never removed. It never ceases to be. The wall will spend 0.000(repeating) seconds not reinforced. It is continually reinforced, without interruption. The devs foresaw the issue people would have with the introduction of this new awesome feature people wanted. They came up with a solution to the issue (people would have) before even implementing the awesome new feature people wanted.
  13. I'm only starting to experiment with these, and while they can seem a bit awkward, there's probably better matches than stone and wood. Or slate, whatever that is Jake is using. Might require a bit more aesthetic design to put together but I'm sure some creative coolness will come out. Yldrania's point makes sense imho. I hadn't thought of it. I didn't really have a problem with things way back with multistory first came out and people were building modern art, but in retrospect the decision to limit buildings to something more realistic was the right decision. Wurm's world would look a bit too much like Second Life of old otherwise. Can't think of anything that could really pass as logic (programming-wise) within walls currently. It'd be cool if it existed, as maybe then these center columns could be built in deeper water and serve as stilts For now though, kinda seems like we could collectively work with what we've got than be looking for what's missing. Just a thought.
  14. The cow seems overly aggressive The bull must get in the choppah The Champion Blue Ribbon pig will yield much bacon
  15. Could maybe include Bison. Not traditional farm animal, but could apply in Wurm. +1 in general though.