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  1. +1 Ship, to be heavily damaged needs a lot of time. It means that previous owner just don't care for it anymore.
  2. +1
  3. We have a sandbox game, so all extreme actions can be punished by community itself. Someone killed? We could kill him. Someone gain trust and stole the goods? We can go, retake stuff and flatten his deed. No need for GM intervention at all or forcing artificial rules. Freedom got all these option limited. I guess it's called FREEDOM ironically then. Freedom is just half-sandbox. Only main problem is the possibility to transfer goods from pvp server to completely safe freedom deed, where none can retrieve them.
  4. Pavings changed to slate, on bridges, tunnel and ground,
  5. Completely separate server. All other are the same, except on Freedom You cannot harm anyone in any way.
  6. Must have been real bargain. Normally on epic rare forges/ovens/smelters/floor looms etc sell for 5s.
  7. So Chaos goods to freedom = OK Epic goods to freedom = NOK Maybe then separate Chaos from Freedom?
  8. milk

    Everytime, someone disturb Enki with stupid topics, one line from new updates list vanish forever... ... and ever ... and ever ... and ever