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  1. Waiting for Camelot Unchained. Sandbox pvp with open world, 3 kingdoms and many races and classes.
  2. Rolf advanced to Ultra God and his level of intelligence makes impossible to communicate with human beings. For example: try to talk to ants
  3. Yellow potions could be required for making resource tiles. Some sort of alchemy recipe. Since they supply is limited, it would not be overused and also would benefit people who could sell them.
  4. I tried many times and never get any problems with fatigue, BUT, I got rather good skill levels and did not spammed actions constantly, by hours, like some people suggest. So low skills couse character to be tired sooner? Seems logical In my opinion.
  5. You are able to spam 1 sec actions constantly by 4 hours? ok
  6. +1
  7. Those tree missions could be set to be outside of perimeter, so people could just expand perimeter to preserve what's in it.
  8. Hello As in title. Because: - deed location would not show up in missions description - there would be no cut tree missions near deed (I got beutiful tree forest wich took me a lot of time to plant and grow, all cut in one mission) In before: "Don't want your trees to be cut? Deed it"
  9. I'am afraid You won't have a chance to enjoy it again, couse they are planning to remove tree stuck bugs before turning tree colossion ON.
  10. I remember it wasn't bad, only wide trees like oak etc were annoying.
  11. I know that this will make travelling through wild harder but +1 - it would benefit people, who know the area well, no more easy running/chasing on autorun - immersion - creating and maintain of roads will become more important
  12. Those things you listed, would be P2W if they would be available only by game shop, where you need to put real cash. If they can be optained by paying ingame currency, they are available to everyone. In wurm, real cash just speed up the process. It's Pay to win faster : P
  13. Inn?
  14. It would be nice if all new UI graphics were just jpg/png in some wurm local folder, so we coulde edit them if we want to.