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  1. We could remove them from crafting process, so we get only lock. Then just add crafting item: UNFITTED KEY Person who can manage locked cart/ship/door/container or any locked object in general, can activate unfitted key and right-click on object and choose: "fit key". From now on this key opens only this lock and cannot be fitted anymore. As an addition, key can have name: key to the <object name>. So if we fitted it to door named "Kitchen", then key gonna be "Key to the Kitchen". So when we change name of the object, key will be renamed automatically. There should be an option to fit any number of keys to locked object. But what if the lock will be removed from the object? Then there could be few options (don't know wich should be better): - key is destroyed automatically - key is turning back to unfitted key - key stays somehow connected to the removed lock (not object), but that would be probably too complicated.
  2. If You were famous blogger or youtuber they would. Otherwise no candies for common players. On a serious note, it's just a game, with pixels and data. Why just not change someone's gender if player would feel better after that, would enjoy game more? Of course, after that change there would be more players who would like the same, but again, why not? Just limit it to 1-2 times for every account and move on. It's just a game.
  3. Buildings mostly or tall fences, often on some different angles and different height differences. But probably didn't occured this level of difficult wich can happen on advanced deeds with pits etc.
  4. I'am not an expert in catapulting, probably my experience in it is slightly above average, but I catapulted things many times and do not see any big problems with it. Catapaulting by myself rather fast, cannot imagine what could be done with 10-15 people catapulting in the same time. Walls should go down very fast.
  5. Put large storage unit under the bridge, cannot move it couse got info that place is too crowded with decorations. There are only two hanging bronze lamps planted on the bridge, above.
  6. There was some hidden fix-nerf? 80 ql house walls, wich I destroyed in 1-2 hits, now need 5 hits (around 20-28 dmg in one hit). I'am mayor, walls on the second floor, not the bottom.
  7. Nice!
  8. Follow the white rabbit
  9. Maybe keybind for closing mouseover window? Then you can bind any button to close window cursor is on.
  10. Main gate of Wolfheart
  11. Still do not understand why I can bash 80ql house wall in 1-2 actions (0,5-1 minute) and must bash tall stone wall fence by 8 minutes, when the house wall is stronger in all terms. Not to mention that I can just "puff" whole house at once. wogic at full power
  12. I would like to read/listen such guide, would be very useful.
  13. So large bonus or 1 hit? For me neither of them is true. To the 60ql parapets I do usually about 12-17 damage in one hit.