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  1. This bsb was: - empty - without a lock - damaged
  2. Any chance for diagonal paving?
  3. Any chance for diagonal paving?
  4. In first day was gathering all trash (troll clubs/meat/fangs/scraps etc) I found on the ground, couse thought that there will be ingame trader somwhere, who would buy all of this for some coppers.
  5. Planted deed, removed bsb, disbanded deed, hoooray......
  6. +1 for planting range pole but also + 1 to leave old system, in some places it's more convinient when other person is holding range pole, so You don't need to run forth and over (some big craters, other side of big water etc)
  7. To see slopes You need borders. That probably would require of change whole underground system.
  8. Even those shoulder, wich match the plate set, still does not match exactly by color.
  9. +1 Don't know if wind sounds are also tied to very high areas, but once got a deed on almost highest point on the continent and got loud wind sound almost constantly.
  10. But there are account transfers already so what's the point for -1?
  11. Seller puts his character on the Wurm character auction service -> Buyer is buying silver from shop -> Buyer pays for the character in silver -> Buyer gets the account -> Buyer confirm that everything is ok with character -> Seller gets silver/euro from CC (Seller can choose)
  12. I think that everyone need to ask himself question: "Am I able to sacrifice some stats/progress/items to get whole pvp community together and possibly bring back inactive players prior to merge?" I know I'am. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I also have bought an account, wich I progress by 2 years.
  13. Nah, you can check only when you build/remove building, or add/remove from building or pave inside building. Then add extra parameter to to pavement tile, so engine will recognise it.