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  1. wouldn't fit inside a catapult m8
  2. had this happen on epic just a few weeks after ele reset
  3. logging in while inside a mine causes all guards to ignore you and does not trigger the deed alarm as soon as you leave the mine everything returns to normal
  4. all you have to do to even the balance is make hhs the same speed as normal horses HH pros: >100% uptime on speed traits >occasional breath attacks cons: >massive pain to tame >massive pain to maintain tame >requires 31 bc to ride >occasional breath attacks >required to be tamed to ride safely (unless priest perk) which means mobs will occasionally target it normal horse pros: >ezpz to ride, only requires 21bc >does not require to be tamed to ride (also means you can take a tamed pet with you) >no breath attacks cons: >speed traits have poor uptime >no breath attacks pls I just want to see people ride on normal looking horses instead of seeing 20 players pile up on eacother with their fiery hellbeast orgy ###### that makes the whole scene look terrible thx
  5. Does anyone have any better numbers for how much bc/h you gain now from archery? I was getting about .25-30 bc an hour while using sb at around ~40bc before the change
  6. I tested stealth a long time ago so my memory is fuzzy but I think it was based mostly on body control and mind logic 99 in both lets you spot stealth players from miles away
  7. for how long will you be able to redeem this key?
  8. I'd rather the devs fix the wall limit issue instead so we can enjoy a greater variety of walls in the future
  9. pls my poor eyes
  10. I wasn't sure where to post this since it's related to the forums and not the game reading the wurm forums in the dark or at night can be quite straining for my eyes most other forums offer an alternative dark theme but this one doesn't do any others here suffer from the same issue? is there any possibility of a dark theme getting added? thx
  11. ? first time i've heard of this this is the only option I agree with affinity potions already exist in the code also so I don't think it would be much work to add them to the unique loot pool
  12. the distance bonus damage for ballista didn't do anything at all when I was testing it back a few months ago I can't get on to test it but I just wanted to point it out to see if a dev or player could take a quick look at it thx
  13. I don't see why you would think it's related to pvp at all I was sitting at a nice amount of about .3 bc an hour with sb when I was around 40 bc It goes up really fast