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  1. I cant wait for my turn
  2. BUMP!
  3. Do not do reserves, better put all your cards on the table, so only those who can afford would bid, saves time and it is less hassle. I personally do not even read through what is for sale if I see "reserve" - here, ebay, other bidding sites. Anyway, nice account, probably good price for it too and good luck in your future sales. Please note, this is only my opinion.
  4. .

  5. Just repaired few fences with 70+ repair woman. Only took a film and a half to do so... +1
  6. WTS Great Helm, adamantine 85+ ql - 20s Thank you.
  7. .

  8. .
  9. Thank you
  10. if you say so Sir.
  11. I have chose slabs because how difficult they are to make and I can bet not a lot of us will chose to spend so much time for making them. That makes my little place different from others. Money side do not bother me. I would not be happy to see 50 actions to be squeezed into 1 though.
  12. The reason of playing WO is to slowly see my time go to waste. If I wanted a quicker version I would go to one of those WU x100 servers.
  13. I would like them to be a luxury thing, yes.