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  2. [14:21:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you.
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  6. Sure. Who should I send to?
  7. Hello. Selling a few bits today. Potions. Rares. Rare carving knife 91ql c96 w95 8s Rare rake 95ql c93 w93 8.5s Rare grooming brush, Oak 92ql c93 w96 8s Enchanted. Large rat pelt 100ql c96 w98 2s Large rat pelt 100ql c94 w93 2s Plate. 1x 70ql sets 2s each. 2x 80ql sets 3s each Choice of Basinet or Great helm for all sets.
  8. 86.53 ql 99 WoA 4s CoD to Veneficus please.
  9. 81QL Supreme iron knapsack, CoD to Veneficus please.
  10. Bronze Libilla 27,87ql(58%) 25,77ql(54%) 25,23ql(54%) 21,63ql(51%) CoD Veneficus please.