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  2. Terrific starter account!
  3. Auctioning of this rare spear Starting bid: 4s Buyout: 15s Buyer pays COD (will be mailed)
  4. Auctioning off this serll chain set Does not include a helm or chain cap. Starting bid:10s Buyout:40s Buyer pays COD Have fun let the bidding begin!
  5. I typed up a response to this and deleted it. My opinion means nil when it comes to this subject. I just hope the devs make the right choices that could effect a cornerstone community.
  6. I'd recommend posting this in the suggestions thread otherwise these seems like a big troll
  7. Do the bumpity bump
  8. At this point SOTG nerfs aren't relevant anymore, nearly everyone has SOTG that bitched about it 3 years ago. I feel like there are more important things to look at besides nerfing a meditation path that nearly every PvP player has who takes PvP seriously.
  9. What ql is the drake set?
  10. Rare anvil to Pedro please
  11. 10s
  12. 7s
  13. Indy is a good place to start. Plenty of old lands to claim or start a new deed. 2nd most populated Freedom cluster server around too next to Lagadu
  14. #4 5s