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  1. The Crusaders are still recruiting! Regardless of how many members join we're closing off recruitment July 1st and will start back up when needed. Join us at this exciting time! We're currently looking to expand farther into enemy territory and need your help doing so! Like I've stated before, we can supply you with any tools, armors or weapons of your choice so that way your Chaos experience is seamless. You can apply here or message any Crusader of your choice!
  2. The forums are very buggy. Sometimes posting from a phone or slow internet connection can cause posts not actually to post. @Wurmhole
  3. Ching Chang Chong this thread has gone to long. The appropriate people have got to express their feelings in a public manner to shame this individual. The damage has already been done. At this point everyone here is just fighting personal opinions.
  4. Like looking at dragons? Here is a few of ours we keep on deed Bless up
  5. No -1
  6. Now give us more PvP content 😘
  7. Sweet ty my bb Rory
  8. COD all these items to Pedro for the prices listed. I will be returning the items to the people you took it from.
  9. I don't feel Enki is needed in this situation. It is a sandbox game, unless he abused game mechanics to steal the items then yeah GM's should be involved. This doesn't mean I stand by what he did at all, but if he obtained these items without abusing bugs or an exploit he shouldn't be punished by the GM's. Like I said before it's a sandbox game so you can do whatever you like inside the official rules.
  10. Bad time of year to buy my man. Wait a few months and there will be plenty floating around. Stuff is interesting so people are actually using their accounts
  11. Just an FYI it's not the Chiry forum name, it would be under Mickaell. He potentially still owns the character Chiry who is in the kingdom of Wurm University. This part is based off of speculation due to his shadyness so if it could be confirmed if he still owns it by WU players that'd be cool.
  12. He was a sketchy person in BL when he played with us. Constantly taking small things here and there. We warned people about him once he joined WU etc. Pretty sure he still owns Chiry as well unless it was actually sold. Placebo that is
  13. That's what I'm saying, they own the code, they can implement an anti cheat/macro guard for those sneaky snakes out there.
  14. Fresh out of the GV portal? No problem, come get started with the most PvP experienced kingdom Wurm has ever seen. We can supply you with everything you need or want! Also if you're tired of the humdrum freedom life or tired of your empty kingdom we'll give you the best Wurm experience ever! Also we don't lie about our stock of weapons, drake, armor or tools. If we have it we'll hand it out!
  15. Bump! Tons of fun, you can join a group for PvP or solo on your own. Easy to grind your account and build a small town or cave to jump straight into pvp.