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  1. Bump, happening everywhere still. Even if the toon is not moving. Hard to fix and hard to endure when it keeps causing a players death in different situations, where many times we have to pay from our own pocket to restore what ever stuff we lost when we died for a glicth. Oh and then for example if its a horse after we relog, we need to disembarq it, lead it again and embarq again, since after we relog if we try to move, it just turns not leaving the same place. Try to do that in combat tough....
  2. I reproduced this on my deed. Even asked a GM to remove it since it was in the center of a reinforced tunnel. What happen was I fully colapsed a tunnel to surface mine above it. Then like a couple hours later I reopen it as it was but at a lower level. 2 of the rock tiles I colapsed turned into sandstone My theory is lol when Wurm launched the sandstone veins, it didnt checked for open holes inside the mines, open mine tunnels. So if u colapse a hole that was a open rock floor ,and that tile got a sandstone vein when they were launched, instead of it becoming a rock tile, it will become a sandstone vein. Can always be wrong tough lol
  3. :s Maybe then cause one of the tiles that creates a border with the tile that Im trying to mine on deed, its off deed?
  4. So I was fixing a old tunnel inside my deed where I am the mayor and found a reinforced wall that I had to mine out. Just for the fun of it, I selected my mallet and clicked on the new option to build a wood clad cave wall just to see how it looked. It changed a third of the reinforced cave wall, becoming a Unfinished Wood Clad Reinforced Cave Wall. Then I only had a option to finish building it. Nothing else. So I did, hoping I could remove it after. Now its a Wood Clad Reinforced Cave Wall. If I try to mine it, it gives me the info "[15:10:43] The rock is too hard to mine." I was later told by Staff that it should be removable with a crowbar. So I crafted one and tryed to remove the reinforce just to find I had no option to do so with the crowbar activated. Seems Im not able to remove them even on deed being the mayor?
  5. I dont think they ever said what they looked like in the examine message. Retro is on it now [13:51:41] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. The hota statue (lit) has been firmly secured to the ground by Tuga. Colors: R=112, G=0, B=0. Ql: 99.0, Dam: 0.0.
  6. Many of my hotas have been replaced by new ones at least in the visual aspect. I got a Dragon that looks like a Nogump. A Stag that looks like a Lady of the Lake. A Stag that looks like a Bear VS Man.
  7. 1silverino
  8. Rare Small Maul, Iron 4s8i Cod to Zaz pls
  9. 1 Stone brick weights 15kg, so sending just one now actually costs 3copper per?? 1 Log costs 4 or 5c per since it as 24kgs? Any other ore with 20kg now costs 4copper? Just wow.
  10. So... Everything that is bigger then 5kg like for example a rare rock shard or wow so much stuff will cost 4 or 5c??? Not like u can uncombine it to reduce the weight. Stop being greedy peeps and turn down the cod costs again please. Great change with the runed mailboxes to send bigger items, shame, big shame on this move from the team.
  11. Also would like to add that even with The WURM team not being able to do something for me, saying that no matter the money he got it from, it was a legit bought.... AND I could not call him a thief cause it wasnt really a theft.... Im glad we have a small but good and awsome community (with a few exceptions, points at Zilbar and Hashi) that helps each other in many situations just expressing the goodness in mankind. Yea, the Gms could not help me in this game, but a Chaos kingdom did. Thanks again @Rudie and The Cruzaders.
  12. Yes, I was a bit lost still by their action, trying to find the right words in my mind. Still a bit stunned... Many thanks for The Cruzaders for replacing my huge axe with a new +90ql glimmer huge axe, in a situation they had nothing to do with, and me even belonging to a different kingdom on Chaos (JK). They said they were aware of it and they decided to replace it whit out making a difference the kingdom that I belong to there. And, they did :s lol Many thanks to all the leaders and members of the The Cruzaders kingdom for providing it, I really appreciate it Love my new axe hehe
  13. I come here to say this guy stole again. This time from me from my home, due to a error from my part. He enter my deed, enter my home by a unlocked door that I had unlocked a few hours be4 to allow a friend of mine to pass and dumb me forgot to lock it again. I had recently used all my glimmer to do a huge axe and imp it to 91ql, then I payed to have it casted, then I used a rare bone on it. Was my baby, my signature on it. I had to drop it in a merchant to do some stuff and completely forgot to set the price tag on it. But hey usually my home is locked 24/7 and who enter other peeps active deeds and homes to see what they can STEAL? So yea that guy enter my home for the few hours it was unlocked and bought my Rare Glimmersteel Huge Axe that is worth more then 50s for like 20copper, or what ever was the price auto set by the merchant..... A few items went missing, since he hited at least 2 traders. He had to enter my home, go up to the first floor where was my bedroom, then go down from there to the ground floor again in another part of the house and there he found the merchants where he stole from. I know it was him cause only one day later he was asking for a pc on one of my items that got stolen with his alt Tera. From trades: 02:36:44] <Tera> (Xan) PC Rare 91ql Glimmersteel Huge Axe With:Dragons Demise,N95,F94,94coc,MS94. And Zink rune to reduce weight 10%. Was my baby, used all my glimmer I had and a bone and its gone now. Thanks to @zilbar. Still tryed to pm him, but he ignored me. Also heard his application to join a kingdom in Chaos was declined cause he is a know thief. Pfff U never stopped dude. U are still a thief and one of greatest Wurm's cancers!