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  1. BIG Thank you very much !!!!!!
  2. Big THX
  3. No 25% damage bonus on 40 faith plus 40 favor. I test it several times on players and mobs.
  4. Hello, can someone pls tell me at which faith point a Nathan priest get the 25% damage bonus? 40 faith is not working. Thx
  5. There is a post deleted from this thread for sure. Oh boy its going getting better and better. This is how you treat your own customers?? What a shame! It would be the same if you going in a restaurant and order a meal. Then you and all costumers in the room realize the meal taste like ######. You ask for the chef. The chef comes out of the kitchen and telling you that you have to "shut up and eat the your meal"! - I really lose interesting be a part of this forum. - Its not fun for me anymore to play this game (PvP not possibe, doing missions/senario makes no sense, doing Rift not possible bc you need 20 Kg source salt) - I really lose interesting to be a HOTS. WHY ???? WHY should I keep playing this game? And Why should I be playing as a HOTS?
  6. F uck the "lore" NOBODY really care about the f ucking lore. Just give all Kindoms the same Gods, and all is fine. Ballancing done, even no work for you guys.
  7. I guess different HH colours are way more importent then save a whole cluster.
  8. can devs please change "kingdom tabard" into "group-of-people tabard" for us HOTS player asap.
  9. slowly I ask myself, why I keep staying HOTS............... and then I start to ask myself, why I still play this game and pay for it?
  10. Hello, how much source salt is needed to start a rift on Epic cluster ? Is it 1 Kg? Cheerse Allie
  11. no dont open it in kitchen, can is under pressure. LOL. In some Scandinavien Airlines its forbitten to take it on the Airplane.
  12. Yes ofc, but they eat it wrong way. lol
  13. Thx you guys, in my graph I already swapped the line studded/chain with a paint programm. So my and Icebash graphs are correct. What you mean with WCS potential? Is a 90ql Chain better then a 90ql plate when you have an enemie weapon that do cuts? Bc of the glance rate? But what is with a Steel-Chain-Armour? Is it useless bc it has the same DR like Iron-Chain?
  14. both links a very old and not correct anymore. Look at the new "DR Pic" I post.