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  1. WTS a Supreme Rope Tool: Starting price : 10smin increase : 1sReserve : noneBuyout : Offer one cannot refuse.Sniper protection : 30mins
  2. close - moving to auctions.
  3. WTS a Supreme Rope Tool: WTS a Supreme knife: - offer Thank you B
  4. WTA Supreme Knife, Silver: Chop your veggies at better Q! Starting price : 15smin increase : 1sReserve : noneBuyout : Offer one cannot refuse.Sniper protection : 30mins
  5. bump
  6. Looking to sale some rare tools/stuff: 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 7 -- 8 -- 9 -- 10 -- 11 -- 12 -- gone 4s 13 -- 14 -- gone 2s 15 -- 16 -- 17 -- 18 -- 19 -- 20 -- 21 -- 22 -- 23 -- 24 -- 25 -- 26 -- 27 -- 28 -- 29 -- 30 -- 31 -- 32 -- Pickup Only: (dont think can be mailed) 33 -- Thank you B
  7. yes Sending frying pan to Gavias and cauldron.
  8. are you using the normal client or unstable client?
  9. +1 for statue lol
  10. [BUG] pushing items from a bridge directly into a house. If you push an item ( BSB in my example ) from a bridge that ends into a house, some reason the server doesnt realize it left the bridge. I pushed it so far that I can no longer move it or access the BSB I just get the msg: [22:44:54] You need to be on the same bridge in order to do that. Please fix, thanks! And how do I fix my bugged BSB? B
  11. you providing the materials or materials required with a source to heat it up? side note: you moving back from chaos?
  12. Not sure if it was some issue with the patch etc, but causing delays on certain islands (Chaos and Exodus) to be exact.
  13. I think he meant he dislike how they look in game
  14. +1
  15. Actually there is a huge difference in delay (ingame only) based on a server that was just rebooted or a server on for 16 days. I dare you to let Xanadu go 16 days without a reboot and people will be complaining hard. I can move to one island which was rebooted a day ago and go to another island on day 16 and see a big difference when you are crafting / imping / using wurm assist to track skill progression. Obviously there is a issue someplace in the code ( memory leaks ? bad driver? Old version of SQL ? ) but weekly reboot windows give you repeated attempts at resolving the issues. It is difficult to ensure you resolve a problem without a weekly maintenance window. What is the size of the tempdb on 16 day servers? Is it growing above it's set perimeters? Could be a query over time causing tempdb to get too big.
  16. [06:56:02] The server has been up 16 days, 15 hours and 31 minutes. Can we please get weekly server restarts? 16 days the latency issues and delay's at this point is getting horrid. Thank you
  17. so you are saying current existing tiles will stay the same? and only new looks effect new tiles?
  18. This is why we keep this guy around! Never says never! Thank you Saroman
  19. "Who needs Spam, when you got Unicorn in a can!"
  20. "Attenia is going to kill me....."
  21. I played it, loved it. But man what I really respect is they, bioware development team, take the customers feedback both positive and critical and acknowledge them and work to improving the game for the best. "We've received quite a bit of feedback, some of it positive and some of it critical," BioWare wrote. "That feedback is an important part of our ongoing support of the game, and we can't wait to share more of our immediate plans with you on Tuesday, 4th April." GOLD! A++ , more info if you care to read :
  22. witcher 3 all the way. Such a great story line .
  23. This path already exists in game, just gotta cultivate and drop sand, and u got a path
  24. Hey I am just trying to be honest, if you got 3x my price check in a pm, i would say definitely sale your character for that. That is an awesome deal for you. good luck on your sale.